my mom hates the dress i love

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my mom hates the dress i love
Posted: Nov 13, 2009 10:45 PM


i originally found the dress online, but didn't know the maker. so i asked you guys! and you wonderful folks figured it out! and so i went to that maker's web site... and found a dealer in town that carries that dress!!!! so i tried it on... AND I LOVED IT!!!! but i didn't buy it yet

so today i tried it on for my mom (expecting to leave the dress shop with one less thing on my wedding to do list). and her exact words were "huh. well... look at that... this is the one you love?" in other words, she hated it. so i didn't buy it.

now, i know that if i love it, that's all that should matter. but i really really really wanted that "oh my god, it's gorgeous!" reaction from my mom. i'm really bummed out... and had to complain to someone.

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Re: my mom hates the dress i love
Posted: Nov 13, 2009 11:10 PM Go to message in response to: BrideofFrankens...

Well, if you trust your Mom's taste (you've had a lifetime to get to know that!), then take her reaction into account. However, if you usually don't agree about fashion, then you probably won't agree now, either. Take a trusted friend to look at the dress. Make her/him swear to be brutally honest. If you still love it and your friend loves it, then you'll just have to decide how much you want to please Mom and how much you want to please you. By the way, is Mom paying? If she is, then obviously she'll want to have a say.
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Re: my mom hates the dress i love
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my mom and I have really (REALLY) differing fashion sense. To the degree that for my first wedding, (and I so hate to admit this) when she bought her MOB dress, I took one look at it and said "NO." (she didn't clear the thing with me and it made her look 30 years older than she is. If my grandmother had bought that dress, I would have thought it amazing for her.) Mom was upset and wanted to know what she was supposed to do with the thing, and I told her she could wear it to the rehearsal, but it was NOT going to be in the wedding photos.

We went shopping and found an absolutely beautiful suit that I loved, and she was okay with. It looked great on her. Post wedding, guess which outfit she wore more often. The blue suit I picked out for her. The other thing (note: "THING") got worn once. I saw my mom in that blue suit a lot. She gained a lot of weight....but she kept her beautiful blue suit, hoping to fit back into it. She actually lost past it and didn't try it back on in time. She didn't keep the "thing"

However, my mom and I have EXTREMELY different fashion sense. We've pretty much agreed over the years that she is not to buy me clothing, since anything she buys me I will hate. Conversely, things I buy her she would never have tried on (She usually loves them...she just wouldn't have tried them on. She buys herself clothing that is too old for her!)

That being's important to know how your mom feels about your normal fashion sense. Does she like it, or does she think you're a touch out there? My mom thinks I'm out hair freaks her out (I tend to dye it all sorts of things. I put a purple streak in on my wedding day--she nearly flipped), but that is who I am.

However, if your mom and you usually agree on clothing, think on the dress a bit more. If you still love it, get it. Mom may just have a completely different vision of what a wedding dress should look like.



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