What do you think

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lianetdiaz Posts : 7 Registered: 11/2/09
What do you think
Posted: Nov 6, 2009 12:07 PM

This is my first wedding, so I'm very excited,but I don't know whether to have a small wedding or a big one. The point is that we have to save a lot of money and now days that is kind of difficult. On the other hand I would like to have a beautiful, gorgeous wedding. I was thinking about a relatively small wedding, but still I want to get marry the latest two years from today and we haven't save money at all.
Please give me some advice about it.
Please any reception ideas!


CheetahAngel Posts : 2,017 Registered: 11/29/08
Re: What do you think
Posted: Nov 6, 2009 12:25 PM Go to message in response to: lianetdiaz

Hi, congrats..

So this is your first wedding, hopefully it will be your last :) I would come up with a budget and figure out how much money you and your FH can put down each month towards the wedding. Then find out if any of your parents are willing to help with the costs. Once you decide on that you can go from there. Look at reception options at venues. You can go cheap by having finger foods or just cake and punch. Another way to save money is to keep the guest list small. It's really up to you and your FH who to invite. Sit down with him and make a guest list. That should give you an idea on how big or small to have the wedding.

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MrsS2010 Posts : 336 Registered: 5/25/09
Re: What do you think
Posted: Nov 6, 2009 12:33 PM Go to message in response to: lianetdiaz

Hello lianetdiaz! (hope I spelled that right). I was in the same boat as you for a little while there when we were first trying to figure out what we can realistically do and what we've both dreamed of. LIke you, we didnt have much saved up and it seemed that every time we managed to get a little in that savings account, something came up! Drives you crazy - I know!! lol. So what we've come up with is this: we are only getting married once - we dont want to look back on our day and think "I wish we had this or I wish we had that". But at the same time we dont see it being reasonable (or realistic for us and our financial status at this time) to throw out ridiculous $$ on ONE DAY. So we agreed on what areas we do not mind splurging on (PHOTOGRAPHY) because we find it to be worth it in the long run, and what things we can cut back on!

With that in mind, we decided that if we have a smaller, more intimate wedding, we actually have room to budget in more of the little details that we actually want and still not go broke at the end of the day :) ... Kind of the best of both worlds for someone in mine and your situation in my opinion. There is ways you can cut back on ANYTHING. Its all a matter of looking for those great deals, going the DIY route on some things, and staying realistic throughout the process :). Also this would be a good time to look through your contacts on your phone and within your family - there might be people in your life that have just the right talents/sources you're looking for and will be happy to provide them for you! Good luck and happy planning :)


MrsS2010 Posts : 336 Registered: 5/25/09
Re: What do you think
Posted: Nov 6, 2009 12:38 PM Go to message in response to: lianetdiaz

I also wanted to mention (as if I havent already given a super long speech lol) that if you are looking to do an approx 2 year engagement period this actually gives you time to book all the bigger stuff and form a payment plan with everyone thats willing to work something out with you so that you are just making smaller payments throughout the 2 years instead of shelling out the big bucks all at once - makes it much less stressful and A LOT easier to handle :) its like breaking it down into "little goals" vs. the big (and expensive!) one in the end (as lame as that sounds it works, lol)


ArtBride Posts : 4,838 Registered: 5/9/07
Re: What do you think
Posted: Nov 6, 2009 2:23 PM Go to message in response to: lianetdiaz

LOL at your first sentence about this being your first wedding. I'm sure second-time brides are also excited, but I hope you don't ever have to be one!

Anyway, if you're open to a 2-year engagement, you have plenty of time to save. Very few people have tons of money waiting around to spend on a wedding, so you're not alone. Basically, you and your FH need to make a decision. What is your priority: getting married sooner or having a certain type of wedding?

If you don't want to wait to get married, you'll have to determine how much you can save before w-day and that will be your budget. You may not have time to save enough to pay for the wedding of your dreams, but that's a sacrifice that you have to make in order to get married sooner. If you decide that having the perfect wedding (or having a big wedding or anything else that would drive up the cost) is more important than when you get married, then determine how long it will take you to save the amount that you'll need for the wedding you envision and then plan your wedding for after you'll have saved enough.

There's no magic plan that will give you the money you want on the date you want without having to work for it. It may be impossible for you to save the amount of money you want to save in two years. If that's the case, re-evaluate your plans and decide whether you'd prefer to wait longer to get married or get married sooner with less money for a wedding.

The best plan is to sit down with your FH and come up with a savings plan. Be reasonable about it - do not plan to save more than you can realistically save, or you'll end up stressed later when you can't do it. Open up a special wedding savings account (ING accounts give good interest) and figure out how much you can each put into it per paycheck. Multiply that by the number of weeks before your wedding and you'll have your budget. If it doesn't look like enough, you'll either have to rethink your wedding date or your savings plan.

Good luck! Saving money can be tough, especially in a crappy economy, but it's a good habit to get into. Once you're married, you'll be used to living without the cash that is going into your wedding fund now - continue putting it away and you'll have a nest egg before long!

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JerseyGirlVA Posts : 311 Registered: 9/17/09
Re: What do you think
Posted: Nov 9, 2009 7:29 PM Go to message in response to: lianetdiaz

lianetdiaz as others have posted, it is your day and you should make sure that it's everything that you want it to be. On that note, I have to mention that I'm not the kind of girl who needs to be the center fo attention & have a big fabulous party to celebrate something, even my new marriage. The important things to me: having close family and friends who adore myself and my FH together. Just trying to keep things in perspective. Goodluck!


lesasue86 Posts : 75 Registered: 9/8/09
Re: What do you think
Posted: Nov 11, 2009 6:24 AM Go to message in response to: lianetdiaz

If you have two years fromnow then you can save enough for a gorgeous wedding. Plan what type of wedding you want, and where like in a church or some where else. What kind of ring, flowers and many more. All of it depend on what you want.
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