buyer beware. . . my experience with JeanM

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buyer beware. . . my experience with JeanM
Posted: Sep 2, 2009 1:46 PM

My fiancee and I decided not to go with a traditional guest book but with the well wish cards and vase and then put them in a wish book album. We looked all over the internet and finally found an album we loved on Jean M. It was quite a bit more expensive, but you only do this once right! (If you aren't familar with well wish cards, they are usually a little bigger than a bussiness card. so the slots are about the same size and they sit in hte album after the reception). I noticed the demisions were a little bigger, but it was a nicer album, so we bought it. A week later I get the book. On the front plastic cover it said Photo Album, which is not what I ordered, I open it up and sure enough, its a photo album. It even had spaces to write memories on the side of the picture slots. And the slots hold paper the size of a snap shot photo.
I didn't freak out!
Next day I call and tell then I thought they sent me the wrong item. I told them the iteam numbers were off and that I had ordered a wish book and got the photo album. The woman on the phone was super nice and told me they had made a mistake and would send the correct item out right away and if I could use the album to keep it. I asked her how to send it back and she said since it was their mistake it was our gift. I got off the phone so pleased.
A week and half goes by and still no wishbook. So I decided to call and check. When I talk to the customer service rep she said she was confused because no one had placed a new order for me. She then talks to Diane, the lady I had talked to a week and a half ago. Diane says, she told me to send the book back and they would refund my money. The girl said she would send me return info through email, but that they sent me the right thing and there was nothing else they could do. I was so mad that Diane had lied to me when I had gotten off the phone I called back to talk to a supervisor.
When I called back I asked for the supervisor and the guy on the phone asked my order info. When I told him what I was going through he offered to pull the product and look at it himself and call back. When he called back agreed that it was in fact a photo album, and that is was missrepresented on the website. He was wonderful and very helpful.
All I ever wanted to do was return the stupid photo album. There was no reason the lie and say they ship something else, if nothing else exsisted. I was fine sending it back. But I don't know if Diane thought I would forget or what, but it was a horrible experience. Being called a liar by someone when it was Diane who was the liar. The item was nothing like what I wanted, and that's fine, but to lie and say it will be fixed keep it, then say the oppisite, to much stress for me. So if you call and get DIANE, ask for a different rep!!! Im not saying the company is bad, It was a beautiful photo album, but deffinately not a wish book. And the customer service I received from those two women was way less than par. search for product number JW213194P check it out for your self.


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Re: buyer beware. . . my experience with JeanM
Posted: Sep 2, 2009 2:34 PM Go to message in response to: FutureMrsGillum...

While this is important info, I do have to say that I dealt with JeanM, and had a very happy experience.

I guess it all depends on who you get on the phone.

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