Best Budget Breaker: My Day of Coordinator!

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Best Budget Breaker: My Day of Coordinator!
Posted: Jul 21, 2009 10:45 AM

Hi, I'm Dar,

Some of you may remember me from my many snarky posts in the Waiting for the Ring forum ...ok you probably don't, since that was quite a while ago. Simultaneous wedding planning and house buying stole all of my posting, blogging, tweeting time away, but I'm back and VERY excited about my best wedding splurge ever -The Day of Coordinator!!

As a total type-A, do it all myself perfectionist, hiring a full on wedding planner was absolutely out of the question...not to mention that fact that I'm unabashedly tight-fisted and determined to plan this whole shindig for under 10k. However, not wanting to spend my wedding day checking for flower wilt or personing my own candy buffet (well I can't very well man it. I'm not a man, man), and neither do I want my family and friends doing it.

So enter Myriam, the most fantastic (and VERY affordable) day of wedding coordinator! Met her for the first time last night and she is FAB...not to mention armed quite literally with some wicked biceps. Jealous I am, indeed, but I digress.

Myriam put the wedding day in prospective. She ask me about details I hadn't even considered, and wouldn't have been able to take care of on my own. From organizing décor tranfers from the ceremony to reception, wrangling errant groom's attendants, to keeping my candy buffet in order, she is completely devoted to keeping my day on track!

Anyone else using a DOC?

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Re: Best Budget Breaker: My Day of Coordinator!
Posted: Jul 21, 2009 12:18 PM Go to message in response to: digwriter

I had a DOC, and it was the best wedding planning decision that I made. I really wasn't obsessive about any of the details, so I didn't hire her to make sure things were perfect - I hired her so that nobody would bother me. And yes, she did keep things on track, but not in a drill sergeant kind of way (that's how I imagine some wedding coordinators) She simply made sure I didn't forget to do stuff. Like our first dance. I was just excited to be at the reception and literally would have forgotten to do the first dance if she hadn't reminded me. And cutting the cake? Forget it. I'd probably STILL be there chatting and dancing if she hadn't reminded us when to cut the cake. I had no concept of time whatsoever, so it was nice to have someone to remind me that we'd planned to do some key thing.

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digwriter Posts : 25 Registered: 12/19/08
Re: Best Budget Breaker: My Day of Coordinator!
Posted: Jul 21, 2009 1:00 PM Go to message in response to: ArtBride

It's funny, I hadn't even heard of a DOC until a few months ago. Now I'm wondering how anyone managed to get married without one.

Love to hear that you had such a great time and lost track of time. That's the best way. Just living in the moment and enjoying yourself. I hope to have a day just like that.
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