Unique wedding favors

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Re: Unique wedding favors
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How do you feel about this: I wanted to give a living plant of some sort.  My mom makes these plants in vases and water.  It's a specific plant that can live in just water.  But for the wedding she is making one of those single 3 inch bamboo plants placed in aquarium rocks in little glass flowerpot shaped votive candle holder.  We'll attach a little something about love and growth...I like it.



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Re: Unique wedding favors
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We're still toying with ideas... Apricot Vanilla Jam (my favorite!) in small jars, homemade of course; or caramel apples to go with our fall theme.

Or, to go with the donation thing: FH and I are both really active with the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. His parents run the one for our community, so he grew up with it, while I run the one at my college campus. We have both been touched by cancer that we think a donation would be appropriate, especially since the cause reflects us as a couple. However, I don't really think that this is the place to do it...

Shameless plug: If you do feel like donating to the ACS' Relay For Life, check out our website! There's a donation link on the home page! ;) www.acsevents.org/relay/il/monmouth

Re: Unique wedding favors
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Walmarts carry the pails your looking for!  go over to the fake flower section and there you will find them! 

Re: Unique wedding favors
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we haven't decided for sure (wedding is still 5+ months away) but i'm thinking ... a candy station with all sorts of candies in cute containers and little bags so guests can fill them up with whatever they like. and if there's leftover candy who cares - we'll just eat it later! :)

i talk to FH last night about having a photo booth. we saw it at a bridal expo and thought it was the cutest idea. and it doubles as a favor as well. it's all digital so the photo comes out with their 6 pics and our names and wedding date in the middle! and we get an album as well with all the pics from throughout night. it's $1600 which is a bit of a splurge for us, but hey - weddings only happen once - FH says we'll make it happen!


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July 21, 2007

Re: Unique wedding favors
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I just saw that photo booth ad a bridal show.  Its fabulous.  The one we saw was also about $1700 but they come with scrapbooking station.  I wish we could have it.  I've settled for taking those little pics with the izone poloaroid cameras and setting up a station for guests to create a well wisher card with thier picture. 



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Re: Unique wedding favors
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Beach favor are very happening , you can easily get unique beach wedding favor on wedding store, like coconut shell candles or try sand and shell candle holder with votive, it will look look.



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Re: Unique wedding favors
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I agree about the donations. That is what we are doing, I might attach a small bag of chocolates to the card. Honestly, I feel that people would be more appreciative that the money went towards something useful, then to something that they are stuck lugging home and possibly collecting dust in their house. My fiancee and I have rescued two dogs recently, so we are gonna donate to their rescue to help aid in the food and vet bills of homeless dogs searching for a home. Our families are big dog people and I think that they would really like it. In all honesty, if some one ever told me that itr was tacky that I donated to aid helpless puppies instead of purchasing wine stoppers for them, then I would have no problem telling them how selfish they sound. A 2$ favor to a person is disposable, but helping feed a dog, or give them necessary medical attention last alot longer. I guess you can tell I am very passionate about animals. ;)

I also love the candy station idea. I was just at a wedding that did that and it was adorable. They color coordinated the candies to be green and chocolate. Rock candy!! My absolute favorite.


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Re: Unique wedding favors
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I also want to have a perfect wedding so you have to look for unique wedding favors. You can look at this site if you want. http://ericasweddingfavors.com/

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Re: Unique wedding favors
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We're doing a DIY "photobooth." Details are at this link. We will have various small favors (magnets, bookmarks, pocket planners). We will insert the guest's photo into one of these items, and give the guest that as our favor.

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Our wedding planning page and items for sale after 10/9/2009


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Re: Unique wedding favors
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First off, congratulations!

Depending on the theme you would like for your wedding, there are
almost too many options out there. I've recently become so overwhelmed
with the selection, that I wonder how I am ever going to decide on one
favor! :) I still think it's best to look around, check out all the wedding
sites, favor sites, etc. This will give you an idea of what you may or
may not want.

If you are working within a budget, it may be best for you to make your
own favors. I've heard it's a nice project, working on DIY favors with
your bridesmaid, and it saves so much money in the long run. I did
come across a site, www.craftsnfavors.com and they actually have all
the supplies any party giver, especially us brides, to use to make our
own favors and even decor material for the venue. I was impressed with
the selection they had.

I'm am a huge of the favor boxes though. I think they are plain, simple, yet can be dressed up easily! I love the idea of leaving your guests with one of your favorite treats. These can be anything from jordan almonds, to hershey kisses, to other nuts and/or chocolate treats.

Silver Favor Boxes-100pc

Once you decide on your wedding colors you can purchase matching favor boxes and include a ribbon with another accent color.

Hope this suggestion helps and best of luck with the planning!
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