baby shower gift

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HisQueenB Posts : 94 Registered: 2/6/08
Re: baby shower gift
Posted: May 28, 2008 4:15 PM Go to message in response to: Love2u

The Dominos card is really great idea.  If you get diapers... don't get newborn sizes mainly because if she has a bigger baby they will not be able to wear them. My daughter was and I had to carry every pack of newborn diapers back to the store to exchange for a size one!

The Floppy Seat is a great idea.  You can never have enough wipes.  Books are also a great inexpensive idea.  One girl brought a big basket that she put togehter with diapers, wipes, a picture frame, a bear, rags, shampoo, soup, a baby loufa, a spa giftcard (great for a pedicure before the delivery) pregnant women just cant reach their feet) and bottles and such. I am sure she spent a pretty penny but make a smaller one! Good Luck!


JodiMarie Posts : 185 Registered: 3/5/07
Re: baby shower gift
Posted: May 28, 2008 5:17 PM Go to message in response to: savex389

How about a studio photography package. You can get $50.00 packages at places like the Picture People. All new mothers love to have pictures of their babies but many can't afford to have them done, because they are too busy buying other things like pampers and formula. I did this for a good friend and she loved it and used it too when her daughter was born and of course shared the pictures with me.

Also maybe a subscription to something like Golden Books or a child;s book club.

I'm also a big fan of the Leap Frog thing and many parents I have talked to rave and rave about it. I'm all about the educational toys.

You could also get something for her like a nice gift certificate to a spa or get her nails done or something it's a nice pampering gift for after she has the baby. 

Other than that you could always get the traditional a sleeper set or something, in yellow, white, purple or green, neutral colors if you don't know if it's a boy or a girl.

Just my thoughts


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BrideChica Posts : 2,300 Registered: 12/25/06
Re: baby shower gift
Posted: May 28, 2008 6:06 PM Go to message in response to: JodiMarie

I'm not a mommy, but I know that my friends who are mommies complain about not gettting enough of the basics (and too much clothes).  Diapers, baby powder, baby lotion, etc.


ALX412 Posts : 7 Registered: 5/12/08
Re: baby shower gift
Posted: May 28, 2008 8:27 PM Go to message in response to: CaribbeanBride08

CaribbeanBride, I just saw that you were at Sandals Grande the same time we were on our honeymoon 4/15-4/22!!! Congratulations to you and your husband! That resort is fantastic and your pictures are beautiful.


monitor Posts : 1 Registered: 4/30/09
Re: baby shower gift
Posted: Apr 30, 2009 5:37 AM Go to message in response to: HisQueenB

babies are like angels

Baby Gear[/url]


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laura8 Posts : 1 Registered: 5/4/09
Re: baby shower gift
Posted: May 4, 2009 5:49 AM Go to message in response to: savex389

One of the best things we got for our baby girl was a playmat that folds in half and zips up. (I don't know any other way to describe it) Anyway you unzip the thing out and there is this arch that goes accross the middle and you dangle things for the baby to grab and kick. They absolutely love it! And best thing is thay only cost about $25. For the parents it is great also, just zip it up and take it everywhere you go. Your baby doesn't need to be put down on other peoples dodgy carpet. Ours was even waterproof on the outside, which made it good for outdoor use too.

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BreAnn Posts : 600 Registered: 11/28/07
Re: baby shower gift
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Though I'm not a mommy, I have been to a ton of showers!! My Aunt said the best thing she got (and something she now buys for every babyshower she goes to) was baby "first aid Kit," it had things like tylenol and OTC meds for babies. Other than that, I say either the floppy seat or a boppy. All the moms I know swear by their boppies. The last shower I went to, my mom and I went in on gifts together, we bought them a humidifer (one of the cute animal ones from Target) and thermomator that you can use in the ear. Each of those was around $50.


savex389 Posts : 506 Registered: 8/10/07
Re: baby shower gift
Posted: May 4, 2009 11:39 AM Go to message in response to: savex389

Thanks Ladies, the baby that this was for is almost a year old now :) For the shower I got a baby bath tub and filled it with items that would be needed for a bath. The mommy to be loved it and the gift card.
My friend is having a baby in July and I'm starting a quilt for her (I only do quilts for close friends since they cost so much and take a lot of time) I'm excited to get working on it! :)


kelleyiskelley Posts : 11,590 Registered: 7/2/06
Re: baby shower gift
Posted: May 5, 2009 12:47 AM Go to message in response to: savex389

savex whats the deal with this thread popping back up out of nowhere with that random "babies are angels" message? lol. So bizarre. The thread is a year old lol, dont people notice the dates when they post on things? I dont get it. Too funny.

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BirdLover Posts : 2,834 Registered: 3/30/06
Re: baby shower gift
Posted: May 5, 2009 11:11 PM Go to message in response to: Love2u

I would NOT buy diapers for her, unless you find out what kind she plans to be using! Some people (like me, lol) are very picky about what brand they want; others feel very strongly in the cloth vs. disposable debate. So unless you can find out what kind she's planning to use, I would avoid that.

I would also avoid buying bottles, again, unless you find out what type she wants to use. I plan to only use glass (paranoia, I admit it) and a few people got me plastic bottles...not sure what to use them for (but i WILL find a use!)

If you do go with clothes, I agree with those who suggested onsies and sleepers (or sleep sacks) as you need many of those...I would also avoid buying anything in newborn size...I'd maybe get the 3-6 months sized stuff, since new moms often end up with WAY too much newborn clothing (Not me, but I've heard this from many people!)

A great gift I got goes along with what someone else said: someone bought the baby bathtub I wanted, and put bath/diapering related products in it: shampoo, body wash, vaseline, washclothes, etc. You could also find a little baby bathrobe as well!

Bouncers are great - I'd put the gift recepit in just in case someone else thinks of the same idea. Also, if you get a bouncer, maybe buy some of the batteries it uses? Battery shopping was something I almost forgot about!

Another suggestion (you could also add this in addition to another gift) - children's books! Think of old favourites! Dr. Suess has one called "Oh baby, the Places You'll Go!" I recommend that one :)

A had a registry, but about 1/3 of my guest list did not buy from it...and some of the surprises were the best! So don't stress too much over it! Unless she's a jerk, she'll appreciate whatever you do! (P,S, great idea on the food-related gift card too!)

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