Custom-Made dress from China? Thoughts???

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Custom-Made dress from China? Thoughts???
Posted: Apr 11, 2009 5:50 PM

ok...I am seriously considering ordering a custom made dress from a chinese company...(gasp!)
I have found a dress I love, but after ordering it, it would still need extensive alterations to fit me because I am very petite. So by the time all is said and done, the gown would be over $1000. Which may not be a lot to some brides, but to me is really pushing my budget. I could go with a less expensive gown...but I love this dress and really don't want to give it up! Also, because I would be customizing, I could change a couple small details to be more to my liking.

I have done A TON of research into this and have narrowed it down to 2 companies that are very highly rated. I have spoken with the Better Business Bureau about both, have contacted previous customers, have read about them on several different wedding boards, and have gone so far as to contact them about making the dress. They appear to be equally good at what they do.
SO, now I just need to decide which company to go with. (also has an ebay store named Cinderella's Bridal Shop) has quoted me a price of $300 which is amazingly low. Their customer service included all the materials that would be used, the exact amount of time it would take them and a very detailed measurement sheet to fill out when they sent me back the price quote.

jeffliu8000 (ebay store April Bridal) has quoted a price of $169. The customer service has not been as extensive as Milly, but I think this is a smaller operation. He has however, sold over 3,000 dresses on ebay and i have contacted previous buyers who are all very happy.

These are the only two companies that I have not heard horror stories about...but i'm wondering if they're out there. Do you have any advice on who I should go with?
I'm tempted towards Milly b/c their customer service has been so easy to work with, even though they are more expensive. But I also worry that if this turns out to be a bust, I might be better to go with jeffliu because I would be out less money.



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