Has anyone wish their proposal was different?

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Mrslinnben Posts : 2,285 Registered: 6/4/07
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 8, 2009 10:50 AM Go to message in response to: paralegal05

OP, don't worry, my proposal was semi on the fly. It was the night before Easter and I was at his house and I gave him his Easter present, no big deal. He told me to wait in the living room because he had to do "something" in his bedroom. I was sitting on the sofa in my sweat pants & baggy sweater, and he was in his jean & sweatshirt and he comes out and gives me a card, I read & it cry (he writes the best messages), then he hands me a box. I"m thinking oh good a pair of earrings or necklace. I open the box and there was my ring, I started to shake and asked him to get down on one knee & ask me. Of course he did, we huged, cried & celebrated with soda (he is not a drinker).

Of course I wanted to call everyone that night, but he said, no, let's tell them when we get to your sisters house for Easter dinner. Well of course we did. When we got to my sisters, I was wearing a necklace that I hadn't worn in a while and my mom said to me "Lin is that a new necklace" and I said "No, but this is a new ring!" and of course there were tons of hugs & kisses!


LinzZ Posts : 683 Registered: 12/13/07
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 8, 2009 10:58 AM Go to message in response to: paralegal05

DH and I are the opposite. HE is the one who wishes it went differently. He thinks he should have done more. I think it was a surprise, a quite moment (just the two of us), and involved everything I wanted it to. I had told DH I wanted to be dressed up, have a phone near by (that had service), and to be able to get together with my family sometime that day.
We were alone on the beach skipping rocks and watching the sunset, we were dressed up for dinner, had my cell in his pocket, and met up with both of our families and some friends afterward to share the news. DH thinks it could have been more romantic. I don't think it could have. I didn't even know he had the ring. He went ring shopping with my cousin 2 weeks before but they both told me he didn't find anything he liked that he could afford. I was shocked.

My cousin on the other hand. I'M mad at her ex-fiance for the way he did it. She also wanted to be able to at least call her mom and me after it happened. He took her on a four-wheeling weekend in the Hills of WV with HIS family. Proposed the morning of day 2 (no cell reception) and she wasn't able to tell anybody until 2 days later. I think it was very selfish planning on his part. He didn't like our family though, so I could see him planning that to piss US off not her. I'm glad they are no longer together.


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cdub09 Posts : 15 Registered: 2/15/09
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 8, 2009 1:11 PM Go to message in response to: 2009ToBeMrsV

I wish mine was different, but then I remind myself that it isn't the proposal that matters, it's being together. But it would be nice to have a great story to tell people.
My FH and I had looked at rings numerous times but he always found an excuse to not get one and propose. Well he got my ring on valentines day (told me he went to town to get milk, but was picking up the ring after it was resized). I had no idea and he just kind of handed me the ring box. I was shocked, but was like um aren't you going to ask me to marry you. He's like oh will you marry me. It bothers me that it wasn't all sweet and romantic, it's every girls dream to have it perfect. But we are happy together, and thats what matters.


mrspinky Posts : 3,773 Registered: 3/14/08
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 8, 2009 1:38 PM Go to message in response to: 2009ToBeMrsV

At first I had wished my proposal was different but now looking back on it, it was perfect. We were both living with a couple friends of ours and working at the mall and taking the bus. We had both gotten home late and he took me into the back room and gave me a Valentine's Day cookie and got down on his knee and asked me then. I had always pictured him doing something super cute but now I realize that it's about love, not about the story. He was so in love with me and just wanted to ask me and make it official. No cheese needed. He does super sweet stuff all the time so I'm really over it not being a big deal. We're married now and that's all that matters. I love him.

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2009ToBeMrsV Posts : 256 Registered: 12/30/07
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 8, 2009 2:00 PM Go to message in response to: mrspinky

Thanks ladies for sharing your stories. I want everyont to know that I am more happy then anything to be engaged and looking forward to our wedding, I don't pressure him to give me the perfect proposal. It was something we had discussed and even he said it didn't go quite as planned, but then again he didn't have a plan. I know our wedding day will make my dreams come true and being with him is what matters most to me.

I'm just the hopeless romantic type and always dreamt of something more romantic than sitting on a curb in front of a bar and him dropping my ring on the ground LOL. I only wish he'd have chosen a different location then planning to ask me at the bar, that was the one thing I told him not to do, and I think he feels bad for that.

But all that matters in the end is that we are together and we are getting married and what is what makes me happy. I just had to get it off my chest and see if other ladies were in the same boat as me and it helped to hear everyone elses stories.


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NessaRae615 Posts : 675 Registered: 9/23/08
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 8, 2009 2:34 PM Go to message in response to: 2009ToBeMrsV

In ways I wish my proposal had been diffrent, or well actually had one. We were comming up on our 1 year aniversary, and I had kept telling him all I wanted for christmas was a ring, and I kept bringing home bridal magazines. (and no I was not pressuring him, we had already discussed thats what we wanted) So christmas came and my present was a beautiful diamond necklace. I was a little bummed, but he told me he had gone to every jewlery store with in walking distance and didn't see anything that said me. So I was hoping he would surprise me around New Years, still nothing. Then valentines day came, We had discussed it, but again he couldn't find a ring 9Mind you he is a perfectionist and will not spend the money on something that isnt perfect) So I let the subject drop, we didn't have the money to try and pill off a wedding any ways. Couple months pass and I start getting antsy, so a friend and I go to the mall to look at rings.....Didn't see anything that REALLY jumped out at me. So he told me to look online. I found something I absolutly fell in love with, but WAAAAY out of our price range, I showed it to my mom and she said I could have her diamonds from her set since she can't wear it any more. I looked at the ring, and the diamonds she had and it was perfect. So she went to the jewler her and I used to work for to see if they could make it, or order the setting. While she was there she noticed something in the case.....The ring I had picked out 6 years before when I worked there! So she called me all excited (scared me because I was in school and she knew that so I thougth something bad had hapened. She put my ring on layaway. Before that, one day FH and I were sitting on the couch in our jammas (I think it was the dat after I went to the mall with my friend) and something came on TV about the little mountain towns around here, and we started discussing where and when we wanted to get married. I hopped on the internet and found our site, we set up a meeting to look at it, and he, my parents, and I all fell in love so our date was set, we had a site and a cateror, all before he got to actually propse. So christmas starts to roll around again my ring is still on layaway 2oo miles away, we pay it off and have it mailed to us so I could wear it when I meet his family. By now I have my dress and stuff to. We get home and I am cooking dinner, he comes in with the wedding band part and I giggle at him he goes back into the bedroom, I hear something fall, oh crap out of his mouth, babe come here. I come running in the room and don't see him anywhere, I look in the corner and hes on one knee holding my ring out. I think it was so perfect for us...

And apperntly a long story, sorry


PrincessDee Posts : 58 Registered: 1/6/09
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 8, 2009 7:17 PM Go to message in response to: manderz421

Manderz, lol, I did that too...except I think my question was, "Are you sure?" Heh. Luckily he was, and I of course, said yes.


MrsWilliams2008 Posts : 1,431 Registered: 7/19/07
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 8, 2009 9:22 PM Go to message in response to: PrincessDee

I don't wish it was different but I wish I had been surprised. I honestly had no idea he was gonna do it, but as the day went on, I figured it out. I just didn't let on that I figured it out. I was still very happy though!!!!!

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rubyred1 Posts : 968 Registered: 8/9/07
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 9, 2009 12:12 AM Go to message in response to: MrsWilliams2008

FH is not able to hide anything from me. I knew he was going to propose, but it was so cute, he did it at our favorite place and it was very us. It is so funny because we 're-enacted' the proposal when we took our engagement photos, and we were trying to clear people out of the way so that the photographer could get a good shot. This one lady actually thought FH was proposing to me for real! It was great. I'm just glad that he finally asked me, I don't care how he did it.


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VickiLynn84 Posts : 20 Registered: 3/1/09
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 9, 2009 5:37 PM Go to message in response to: 2009ToBeMrsV

I sort of wish it was different. I wish he would have said something other than "will you marry me" would have been nice to hear an I love you or something along those lines. ...but all he did was ask.

and his mom practically gave it away beforehand. I wasn't feeling well and they all went out for a bit and I stayed at the hotel we were staying at and took a nap. When they came back, His mom starts asking me questions like "do i like white gold" and what would i think of a "3/4th carat ring" and then later on when out to dinner, she insisted it be my choice where we all went. oh and she made my fiance dress up more because she thought he was too dressed down.

I figured it out before we even got to the place....but thats ok. I acted surprised anyways.






BenjaminsWife Posts : 1,069 Registered: 1/11/07
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 9, 2009 5:54 PM Go to message in response to: 2009ToBeMrsV

I know what you mean.

But it was my fault that the proposal was ruined. DH and I decided it was time to get engaged so we went to get me a ring and all that fun stuff and then he insisted on holding on to that ring until the formal proposal (even though he had no idea what he wanted to do). I was soooooooo upset because I'm like we already decided we're going to get married.....you have the ring...so why can't I wear it and announce the news! So by the next night...I was sooooo mad and I was crying....he felt bad so he proposed right then and there. I didnt want to take the ring because I felt bad about throwing a fit but he insisted I take the ring. I think he was tired of me nagging him.

So yeah..it's my fault. But I love my DH and he loves me so thats what is important.

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bunnybear05 Posts : 157 Registered: 1/7/09
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Apr 9, 2009 11:31 PM Go to message in response to: 2009ToBeMrsV

I think his family wished he would have did it differently. I on the otherhand, thought it was perfect. He always said it would be when I least expected it. Earlier that week he mentioned that he had a gift to give me. I assumed it was a Xmas gift and he has NEVER gotten me a X-Mas gift that much ahead of time. He always waste till last minute to go gift shopping. Of course I nagged him if i could have my Xmas gift early and he said "No". But a coupel days he mentioned it again, another thing he usually wouldn't do because he hates when I nag for my gifts early. Fianally I told him to stop bringing it up if I have to wait because I am too impatient. I thought it was wierd that he kept bringing up a gift and had a inkling that it might be a ring cause he was really excited about his "gift" for me, (DEC4,2008)
So it was a Thursday night and I was in Victoria Secret Pink lounging clothes and he was dressed in a suit cause he just came home from work. I made a pot roast for the first time and ran downstairs to get pop for dinner. I come up from the basement to see him sitting down at the table telling me that I messed up the potroast and it tastes funny. I told him to "shut up" and "it taste fine" while rolling my eyes at him feeling annoyed. He knew I have never made it before and felt he should be a bit more supportive of my attempt. I am not a huge cook and normally he wouldn't insult my cooking and is just happy that I am cooking him food! So, I go to sit down and eat the potroast on my plate and there I see it, a ring box opened on my plate! He laughed and asked me to marry him. I believe looked at him and laughed and called him a "dork" and said yes and kissed him.
Apparently, he loved the potroast but figured he would make me really mad, just to turn around and make me really happy.
His parents were a tad disapointed that he did it like that. His mom gave him a bunch of ideas and his sister wanted it to be more of a grand gesture. I am terrible at telling stories, so when people ask me how he did it, it never ends up sounding right.
I think it was fitting for us, I loved it cause I thought what he did was funny. I wouldn't have wanted a big proposal infront of a bunch of people because I would've hated the attention.

One thing I do wish went differently was that right after he gave me the ring, he kept telling me that this is only a temporary ring. He said he couldn't afford the original ring he wanted to get me, but didn't want to wait any longer. I swear he said that like 3 times that night. Eventually i told him to stop because he was lessening the moment. I love the ring and I don't want a new one. We compromised and I'm keeping the original diamond, but changing the band to one with a bit more bling to it. (The main reason I agreed to even that was because the white gold band started showing more o the yellow gold tone which I really don't like.)

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HilaryNYC Posts : 5 Registered: 6/24/09
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Jun 30, 2009 1:37 PM Go to message in response to: 2009ToBeMrsV

I personally think that your proposal was wonderful, because it was so completely unexpected when he actually did it. Sometimes we have a picture in our heads of what we expect things to be like, or what we feel would be the most perfect thing. But sometimes it's even better when it's NOT 100% what you were expecting, or when it's a little out of the ordinary. To me, I would rather have had my fiance propose spur of the moment on the curb of the sidewalk than in a cliched way during dinner. I don't mean to invalidate your feelings at all--you have the right to be disappointed. But just think how much more interesting your story is than "he asked over dinner and i said yes."


ToyToy09 Posts : 224 Registered: 6/3/09
Re: Has anyone wish their proposal was different?
Posted: Jun 30, 2009 2:10 PM Go to message in response to: 2009ToBeMrsV

Congratulations that a) Mr. V even had the courage to ask {3 times for that matter} and b) congrats on your upcoming wedding! I think that society hypes proposals and weddings to be these over-the-top, flashy productions that make us ladies dream...and FORGET the important things...the things that matter. So he asked you in a rather relaxed way...is he a 'relaxed' kinda' guy? Would it be out of character for him to hire Justin Timberlake to fly in and serenade a proposal (extra exaggeration here)? There are a lot of women on this site who would cut there legs off with a butter knife just to have their boyfriends ask them and your beautiful man asked you three times. So he's not an expert at wow-ing you, but it sounds that he loves you beyond measure and that is wow-enough for most grown women. Be concerned with having a LASTING marriage...that way you can let the haters who frown at his way of proposing choke on that for a little while. Again congrats to you! I can't wait to be in your shoes, with my wedding day just a few months away! Enjoy it!

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