Problems in the bedroom..

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LilTuffGirl Posts : 301 Registered: 11/4/08
Re: Problems in the bedroom..
Posted: Apr 7, 2009 8:20 PM Go to message in response to: Nalamienea

But your ex seemed to have a bigger issue. Hers seems to love her and want to be with her. I mean she needs to let him know she's going to back off and not pressure him but she needs to stick with it. I have been turned down by my FH before and it was a VERY bad feeling. It actually caused me to back off. He said he didn't mean to he just figured we were about to head out blah blah blah. So once in a while I jump on him and start it all but most of the time it's him starting it... every damn night i'm home.. lol

My FH and I have an agreement.. he keeps me happy and i'll keep him happy. If he is stressed/depressed pushing for something else from him wont help any. But if he sees you're trying to help him feel better and he KNOWS you want sex.. the least he'll do is try to please you regardless of how he's feeling. At least thats what I do for the FH.

But talking to him is the key factor. Not constantly talking about wanting sex but letting him know you want it but will back off.

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TheFutureMrsL Posts : 59 Registered: 10/14/08
Re: Problems in the bedroom..
Posted: Apr 21, 2009 2:25 AM Go to message in response to: LilTuffGirl

I was just wondering if anything else has come of this issue. I never posted because I didn't have any good ideas for you but I followed it and am hoping things have turned around for ya


HamzicBride Posts : 178 Registered: 12/28/09
Re: Problems in the bedroom..
Posted: Mar 5, 2010 11:15 PM Go to message in response to: Nalamienea

It's true some people are just like that.

I myself had my own problems. Though I wanted that intimate moment with my boyfriend, I couldn't find it in my to spark something up because of the past I carrying along.

It took someone truly incredible(my current boyfriend, soon fiancy and ultimately husband), to reteach me about love and life. It took patience and time and a lot of talking to bring me back to what I am now. Things couldn't be any better.

Instead of confronting him(in your words), why not sit down with him and talk about what is going on. Express your emotions and feelings of the situation and let him explain his side. There could be more you don't realize, and maybe there isn't. It might just be the way he is. Maybe he doesn't realize how much this is affecting you.

A couple's intimate life really does affect their relationship, and I would rather you figure things out now, rather than later.


Sunnijoy Posts : 32 Registered: 3/19/10
Re: Problems in the bedroom..
Posted: Mar 23, 2010 2:30 PM Go to message in response to: pinksummer13

I am relieved to hear about you ladies whose guy cannot be intimate when he has a tasks to complete- be it work, errands, or an appointment the next hour because my hubby is the same way.

The way I approach intimacy is: I was a virgin for 27 years (until I got married) and now is my time to enjoy intimacy. I am of the mindset that just about everything can wait or be postponed- unless one of us has to be at work at a certain time.

My husband says that he is one who gets done everything not fun- chores, work etc- first and then relaxes.
Sometimes I want to call baloney on this because my husband puts off a lot of tasks until the last minute. But my husband is one that worries, so I can believe that if he determined something had to be completed that day, he could obsess about it until it was done.

A frustration for me lately is that my husband and I have not both been in the mood at the same time- so it has been awhile since there have been fireworks, though the time together is always nice. Up until now I have always been in the mood, so it is weird and a bit concerning to me to suddenly not be so frisky all the time.
I get in the mood and if my husband and I connect then, then it's all good. But I find that I cannot sustain a mood that hits me at four in the afternoon until my husband gets home from work at nine- although in the past I could no problem.

Sorry OP, I don't really have advice for you since I am in the same boat. Just know you are not alone in your frustration.

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Re: Problems in the bedroom..
Posted: Jan 4, 2013 3:25 AM Go to message in response to: pinksummer13

Maybe you need to spend some time flirting and teasing him like doing a sexy erotic dance and wild. Men love to be titillated and teased his way to ecstasy. You might as well use some range of toys, massage oils, lubes, games for couples, sex novelties to spice things up. You might like to use some of their stuff here -

Hope it helps.


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