March 2009 Brides

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CocoaPaige Posts : 1 Registered: 12/13/08
Re: March 2009 Brides
Posted: Jan 28, 2009 4:01 PM Go to message in response to: Kimi09

I feel like I am so far behind! I'm getting married on March 28th. It just keeps getting closer and closer! I do have my dress and the bridesmaid's dresses. I think I may have finally found the venue where it will be. I'm going to check it out this weekend. But besides those few things, I still need to get everything!

Everything will turn out great, though, I hope. It will be worth it when I get to walk down the aisle.


bridegonegreen Posts : 1 Registered: 2/18/09
Re: March 2009 Brides
Posted: Feb 18, 2009 8:41 PM Go to message in response to: CocoaPaige

Buon giorno fellow March 2009 Brides!

My wedding is March 29, 2009 and coming up quick! I wish I had been on these forums long ago! LOL We just did a 180 on our wedding this week and changed the location and theme. Still purple my world purple is forever so at least the bridesmaids won't kill me since they all have regency purple dresses from DB already. We are doing as eco-friendly as possible and switched our local to the beach...see my profile for the dolphin story.

I just found out last night that my honey has never really been to a real wedding. This explains SO MUCH!! Thank goodness he has at least seen Bride Wars, LOL. HELP My mom is a great help but I still feel all alone in this sea of weddingness that my brain can't shut out. :)

Much love my dears...
May you have glorious weather on your wedding day and throughout your marriage!!


hearts2halo Posts : 34 Registered: 11/12/08
Re: March 2009 Brides
Posted: Feb 20, 2009 5:38 PM Go to message in response to: bridegonegreen

dont feel alone!! i cant wait for it to be over. 10 months almost 11 of planning it gets old quick!! dont get me wrong def looking forward to it but after a point it is like come on now is it here yet? most everything is done just some of the small things. My fi has hardly put any thing in to it he picked out the venue and i love it but everything else he's like ok, thats fine, i dont care.... He wants the wedding to be nice but just doesnt care to give input. But kinda at this point i am like that too. I didnt go cheapy on my wedding but I took alot into consideration, why pay a ton on invites when they are just going to end up in the trash the day after the wedding any ways. I can count on one hand who all will keep them. So we chose the diy ones. Then the napkins we chose cheaper ones because what does a napkin do? Wipes crap off of peoples mouths then ends up in the trash. Things like that I just decided werent worth the money nor the time worrying about them. I am very much looking forward to being at the reception, not so much the ceremony because i am second guessing some of the music but oh well it'll be fine I am sure. Good luck with yours!!


Dropdeadred Posts : 7 Registered: 5/26/08
Re: March 2009 Brides
Posted: Feb 23, 2009 12:37 AM Go to message in response to: hearts2halo

My wedding is March 29! I am totally feeling the need for it to be here...NOW! We got engaged in May also and I had the wedding planned so quickly, we couldve done it last fall. We are doing black and white damask theme. The only color is in the flowers and it will be pink and orange roses. We are DIY all the way! I made my own invitations, we are doing most of the flowers ourselves, the bridesmaids are even picking out their own black dresses! It can't get here soon enough! I am ready to have all of this behind me and actually be married. I feel like we can't start our life until after the wedding, so its like being in limbo. Either that, or I just want it to be here now so we can go ahead and get to Jamaica lol.


Kimi09 Posts : 30 Registered: 2/28/08
Re: March 2009 Brides
Posted: Feb 25, 2009 12:19 PM Go to message in response to: Dropdeadred

Girls, I am the same way. I keep getting yelled at for it too. I just can't wait until it's over! My mom says that she will be depressed once it's over because it's taking so much time and I have to drive the hour to get to her house every weekend and I most likely won't be doing that once the wedding is over. I'm very much looking forward to everything, especially the reception, but I definitely want it to be over. I still can't believe there is less than a month until my day!! Good luck girls, you will all be beautiful. Those of you getting married this weekend or next, let us know how everything went. Congratulations!!

Future Mrs. Gibbons





TRACYJOHNSONBRA... Posts : 42 Registered: 2/8/09
Re: March 2009 Brides
Posted: Feb 26, 2009 5:23 AM Go to message in response to: Kimi09

Hey all you March Brides

i finally decided to post something. I am one of these crazy March Brides who get engaged Nov '08, blow off eloping in December and started planning in January one we found a minister and set a date of March 22. My dress was easy to find however the bridesmaids have been another story. I am having my sisters as maid and matron of honor. I turned the project of hunting for them overto them and they finally got them ordered this week.
I have done the invitations, most of the flowers, decorated the unity candle and the cake serving set ( with the help of my fiance) myself. I finally got my cake ordered from one of the local grocery store bakeries and ordered a couple of flowere arrangements from a local florist. I am having the reception at my parents' home so once I finish the last flower projects I am working on, I will probably turn everything over to whomever is decorating the house and say have fun.
I don't know how all you who have been planning your weddings for a while stay sane. But then again i wanted to keep it small and simple. That includes keeping the decorations for the church simple since we are getting married on a Sunday afternoon and I am scared doing anything too elaborate will get ruined during Sunday morning services.


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