What got you motivated?

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Re: What got you motivated?
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Hey Girlies!!!

Happy almost-Friday!

FMS- Now I see, you guys have your eye on a big purchase so even though plenty of money is coming in, your FH still doesn't want to spend any. That's a tough position to be in. I wouldn't do well with that either! Good for you for finally getting into your Pilates DVD!!! The first time is the hardest to motivate for. I put it off for....weeks? months? But now that I am finally doing it, it comes much easier. My next thing is to try one of the Pilates classes at my gym. Usually a "full" Pilates class feels like a lot to me (my DVD is 20 mins, the classes are an 45 min to an hour) but I also think I could pump up my results with some more challenging classes. I will give it a shot next week. The DVD I use is the Windsor Pilates 20 minute circle workout. I used to have another version of it that I think I liked slightly better, but I lost it and could never find it again so I bought this one. Her DVDs are generally good though. To answer your question about dress shopping, YES I am getting so excited!! Two weeks from tomorrow (oh my god!). I really want and need to be at my goal by then, otherwise I will feel that I have let myself down. Just 5 pounds from where I was last weigh in...I am going to weigh in tomorrow to see where I am. Hopefully down two more pounds, so that I only have 3 to lose in the last two weeks! Anyway, for dresses, I have appointments at Pronovias, Prscilla of Boston/Melissa Sweet, and Kleinfeld's. The first two have their own bridal salons in NYC, and Kleinfeld's is a big NYC bridal salon that carries tons of designer. I am hoping to find something that first weekend, but if I don't, I have some other places I will check out at another time when my mom can come back in. But these ones are my main interest. I will def post some pics when I get back!!

Kens- thanks for posting bigger pictures, we can see MUCH more! You look GORGEOUS!!!!! Congratulations. I have to say, FMS is getting married September 12th and you are getting married the same day as me, September 19th, and you guys both HAVE your dresses and I haven't even gone shopping yet, nevermind picked one!!! Hehehe. I do think I will find one that weekend though, I just have a feeling I will. I will have my mom, my sis, and my best friend with me, we will be staying in a hotel and making a big event of it, and I have three appointments at three bridal salons that I already know carry the designers I like, so I think the circumstances will be very conducive to me picking my dress that weekend. As for your "skinny bitch" comment, that really made me laugh....and smile :) I guess all I can say is Thanks hun!!! But I also have to remind you of how tall I am....at 6 feet 1 inch, I promise no stiff wind will be picking me up and carrying me off anytime soon! FH is 6' 1" too, so in the photos you can't tell how tall we are because we are even. Seriously though, thanks for noticing my progress, your compliments made me feel even more excited about where I am :) As for your proposal, boy oh boy I hope that is coming soon....and I think it is good that you voiced your nightmares/fears to FH and he consoled you; sometimes we are under a ton of stress and begin to get depressed/have anxiety/whatever, and it's good to be able to talk to you partner and let them bring you back down to earth and reassure you. We all need that sometimes.

Well guys, things have been good this week...some stress, though. We are having some family issues...I won't get into it, but my mom is embroiled in a big fight with her sisters of colossal proportions. They live in different states, and they won't speak to her, so this has been taking place through email. So I have been talking to my mom a lot about that. She is not in the wrong, so it hurts me to see her hurting. Also, we had a friend over for dinner last night, and for the past two years that she has been with her bf she has taken literally every single opportunity when we are hanging out to turn it into a huge, drawn out debate over whether or not they are right for eachother....basically I have had enough. He is my friend too (he wasn't there, they are long distance) so it is already a tough position for me to be in when she does this, but I also think if you've been debating if your relationship is working for the whole 2 years you've been together, that should tell you something...anyway I have gotten to the point that I have no more advice to give and began to get frustrated, and then she got upset with me and started to cry and we had to have this big conversation about her needs in the situation. She feels she is not ready to make a decision about breaking up with him, but also not content to just ride it out and see what happens, and yet she wants her friends to be able to listen to her endlessly debate about it every time we hang out...oh my goodness it is so frustrating. She stayed here until after midnight talking to me about it, so FH and I didn't get enough sleep last night. So....yeah. A lot of emotionally draining stuff these last few days. I am also on my period, so today I ate sugar for the only the second time in weeks! I had some dark chocolate and also some granola that had sugar in it. I kinda regret it, but have decided that as long as I stay within my calories for the day, I don't need to feel guilty and worry about weigh in tomorrow.

As for working out, yesterday I went to the gym and I did 20 minutes of upper body weights (I did lower body the time before Tanis! :) and then 45 mins of cardio: stair climber for 5 mins, 20 mins treadmill intervals, 20 mins of arc trainer intervals. I am going to go again today to fulfill my 5 times a week requirement, and also do my Pilates DVD, which will make 4 times this week. I had aimed for 5-6, but it didn't work out that way. Before this it was none though, so I will take 4! We leave tomorrow to visit my family for the weekend for my mom's birthday (bad timing with the fight with her sisters huh??), so I really want to see a good weigh in tomorrow before the long weekend vacation! Wish me luck girls!!

And good luck to you FMS if you are weighing in tomorrow too!! I KNOW we can lost our 5 lbs by January 31st!!! Keep at it girl :)

Oops, sorry this is so long!!!


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Re: What got you motivated?
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I promise, this'll be the last one!!! This one shows the beading better, plus you can see a little of the veil I chose, and the necklace I'm thinking of wearing. But my left eye is all squinchy for some reason....oh well. It doesn't usually do that. And this is basically my hair and makeup too, it'll just be a bit more "refined." What do ya'll think???

Sunshine- you're 6'1"?? Holy crap!! And I'm soooooooo jealous that you're going to those bridal salons!!!! I wanted to try those designers and there was nooo way I could have afforded them. You go with your bad self girlfriend!!! Kleinfelds...wow. I hope they aren't as "get them in, get them out" as they are on the show Say Yes to the Dress. Be sure to take a TON of pics and post them all!! I want to see all your choices!!!! How exciting!! As for already having my dress, I miss the whole shopping for it experience! My one piece of advice would be to keep an open mind. I know you have definite ideas about what you want and what you like, but if the consultant brings you a dress she thinks you should try on, and you don't think you'd like it, try it on anyway. I NEVER thought I'd go for a dress like mine, but fell in love with it once I put it on. Did that with my prom dress, too. Just keep an open mind, like I said.....ya nevah know! And I know you'll meet your goal honey!! Kickin' ass and takin' names!!! Sorry to hear your Mom is going thru such a hard time. That sucks. Hopefully she'll still be able to enjoy herself on your shopping trip! As for your girlfriend, I hope she stops laying all of that on you. If she needs constant assurance about the relationship, it's not a good one for her. We all know that, now she just needs to figure that out...on her own!!!!

Sorry about the abundance of pics....I don't really have anymore to post tho! teehee!


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Re: What got you motivated?
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Hey Girls!!

Kens- your dress (and you in it!!) looks prettier in every picture! I can definitely get a better sense of the beading now, and it's just lovely. I think that necklace is great with the dress, especially because it is really beautiful but it doesn't overpower the dress. Since the dress and veil both have embellishment, and the dress has a lot of beading, you wouldn't want overpowering jewelry, so I think that necklace is elegant and perfect. Your makeup and hair also look really pretty! So exciting to watch your look coming together!!! And thanks for the advice on the dress shopping. Yes, I totally agree with you, I have resolved to keep a completely open mind even though I have some specific styles in mind because EVERY bride I have ever talked to says she came out with something different than she expected/thought she would like going in. My sister would be literally the only exception to that rule...she went in with 7 or so pics of dresses from magazines, and chose one of those actual dresses that day. But that is different, that is very "her". She does not like to make a big task about these things, she's very cut to the chase :) SO yes, even though I do want to try on my current dress picks just to see, I won't be surprised or disappointed if I wind up going with none of them and instead something the attendant picks out that I wouldn't have thought of. As for Kleinfeld's.....hehehehehe. Some of the rumors are true; it's an interesting place. It's like high end designers meet crazy bridal shopping spree. But I went through it with my sister and it wasn't as dramatic as they make it seem on TV from what I have heard (I haven't seen the show). She had a totally calm and decent experience there, but it was a little intense. Then again that's the only experience I have had too, because she only went there and picked her dress at the first appt, so I have nothing to compare it to. I guess we shall see!! I promise I will post pics of our finds :)

So I am weighing in this morning ladies.....down 1 pound! That's down 19 total. I am so damn close I can feel it! 1 more pound to reach 20, 4 more pounds to reach my goal. I only have two weeks left, so at this point, I would be ok with 3 pounds if I have to be. No less than that though, so I have to work HARD. This week I was hoping to be down two pounds, and I worked out hard and stayed within my calories all week, but I am also on my period, and I had a big loss last week, so I am thrilled with the 1 pound down. This coming week I am going to take my calories down just a bit...it occurred to me I haven't readjusted them in a while, which you are supposed to do as the weight comes off, so I am going to go that and see if that helps. We are spending the weekend out at my parents house celebrating my mom's birthday, and going to a big dinner party tomorrow night for it with other festivities throughout the weekend, and it will be the usual...lots of food, drinks, etc....so I will need to be extra careful. But I know I can do it! I am going to do a gym workout today for sure. Yesterday was so gnarly and freezing outside that I skipped the gym and stayed in and did 45 minutes of Pilates for my workout instead. The plus side: last night in bed FH was playfully tickling me and then he stopped and pressed down on my stomach a bit and was like "Whoa, you're getting really firm here!" So that made me feel really great, because abs has ALWAYS been the area I slack on. FH has been really praising my results lately, and I am really thankful for his support, because it's flattering coming from my partner but it also makes me feel extra motivated! I also found a more challenging Pilates DVD that I had forgotten about yesterday in all my stuff, so that's the one I did yesterday, and I am going to do it again today and work up to doing that one more often, alternating it with the other one. I gotta knock off those last few pounds and tone up! Bring on the dress!!!

Chat later ladies :)


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Re: What got you motivated?
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Sunshine you should totally try to be on the show!!! You have a good story(weight loss). I think you should call kleinfelds and ask if they are taping that day. If they are, you only need to sign a waiver to be filmed. I am completely obsessed with that show and am devastated I no longer have tivo because I am exhausted by friday night and usually go to bed super early! It would be so fun to see you on there!
I weighed in yesterday and I was 166.5 Crap I forgot how much I weighed in at last week!!! Anyways, I hadn't gone to the bathroom at all the day before(sorry for the tmi) which is not like me. So I weighed in this morning and was 165.5. So I am taking the smaller number. It is more accurate, even though I ate a very heavy dinner late last night! So that is my story. I am off to go to the gym.




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Re: What got you motivated?
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Hi ladies. Its been a very busy, but productive week. I worked out Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Today. Wednesday and Thursday I worked doing manual labor for florists at an event, and it was like a very, very long workout. There were people there 10, 15 and even 20 years younger than me that looked like they were done in half way through the day so i felt good that I was perfectly fine at the end of the day. For my workouts in total for the week I did 40 laps or about 2 hours of walking and 2 hours on the bike which means is close to an hour of cardio per session as well as all my usual weights. I do feel frustrated that I am not "seeing" measurable changes. I stopped to compliment this woman in the gym. She actually look good running and nothing on her moved at all! So I told her she looked great and her response was "Oh I've seen you here before. You work out really hard." Now there is nothing wrong with that, but I would have preferred "you look good too or you have nice ____ or even you are really strong but I am the "woman who works out really hard" and sometimes I wonder if people look at me and wonder why I don't look better/more fit/slimmer considering how hard I work. It's just momentary frustration that hopefully I will use as motivation. So kens thats what I meant when i said I wanted to give you a little smack. lol. I don't really want to smack you, not at all.

I agree with FMS. Sunshine it would be so cool if you were on "Say yes to the dress". I would be so excited for you and for myself. lol. I'd probably be yelling at the tv "That's my friend!" You are so close to your goal!

FMS I would take the smaller number too. Um glad you had the "situation" resolved.

Kens you look so pretty! i really like the necklace too. I agree that is pretty but doesn't overpower the dress. Some brides can get a little crazy with the bling.

I am off to meet my client and do a site visit at her venue. Its being set up for another event so its a great opportunity to see it all done up.

Hey where did all the newbies go?


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Re: What got you motivated?
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just a quickie here as I have to buzz off to work.

Down a total of 5.5 lbs. Can't remember what I was last week and forgot to write it down. I am amazed as I don't think I did that good of a job. I would love to see 20-30 lbs before the end of April. Going to have to work hard to even come close. I am happy so far!

Have a GREAT week all!!!


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Re: What got you motivated?
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Hi everybody!
I am new to this part of the forum!
FH and I are both a little overweight so we are going to work off the pounds together!
We are going to try and run a half marathon which will be hard since both of us are so out of shape and it's just in June!

Today we ran for 7km and I pretty much wanted to die...it almost took me an hour.

I am 5ft6 and 158 lbs

I look my best at around 135 so I am planning on losing around 25...yikes...


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Re: What got you motivated?
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Hey sunshine that's great that your FH is going to work out with you!!

Mine always talks about it but then ends up sabotaging me with bad foods... lol

Anyways for my update here I've lost again... not much but I only have 2 more lbs to go to get to my monthly goal.

2 lbs in 12 days... I'm thinking its totally doable!!



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Re: What got you motivated?
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I NEVER look at the scale since i'm one of those that never loses weight I just lose inches. I go by how my pants fit lol

And motivation? I motivate myself. For one I want to look better and for another i'm so damn tired of men acting like I can't lift (I'm in EMS and we lift A LOT). So i'm one of those who is hard headed and must lift for herself. Although latley i've realised I had been slacking on lifting so if someone offers to help with one side of the cot while going up or down steps with a 200+lb paitent I now let them help lol.

Also it helped that last night while I was laying on the bed my shirt was up and showing my stomach and the FH smiles and said "you look nummy". lol yea sounds like a little kid but thats him and it made me feel awesome.


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Re: What got you motivated?
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Good afternoon, Ladies!! I actually got the day off today, which was really nice.

Tanis- Dont let the lady on the treadmills comment bug you. What she said to you was a complement. You do work hard. Now if you said it to her while she is working out on the treadmill, I probably wouldn't have given you too muc detail either because she was working out. And if she is out of breath, she probably said something short and sweet so she could get back to her workout. I have had a few people approach me mid workout and I am always short with them. I don't necessarily mean to be, but I am tired and in the zone. Maybe that was her deal at the moment?

KPM congrats on losing the 5.5 pounds! That is awesome! Glad to have you back!

Sunshine- That is awesome that you and your FH are going to lose weight together and especially do a marathon togehter! That is so cool. I really want to sign up for a half marathon, but I hate to run!!!

independent- My FH sabbotages me too! He decided that I should gain the weight I have lost back so I don't have to buy new ones. Guys are freaking crazy!!! Way to go on the weight loss! You can totally hit your goal!

As for me girls. I have been good all weekend. I have been eating well and also working out. I went to the gym sat and sun for an hour and then today I went for 40 min. I did the bike for 30 min and then got on the treadmill. After 10 min on the treadmill I realized I forgot my purse at the bike, so I jumped off to go grab it and someone hopped on my treadmill. I was so bummed! So I left. The gym was packed today! Probably because everyone was off. I am going to do an arm workout video today. I discovered over the weekend just how flabby my arms are, so I really need to work those puppies out!

Ashley how did the weigh in go this weekend?




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Re: What got you motivated?
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Hey Ladies!!!

Happy Inauguration Day!!!

FMS and Tanis and Kens- you guys are so funny with Say Yes to the Dress! I have actually never even seen the show. Believe it or not, FH and I don't have a TV. My parents are buying us one for our combined bday presents, but since money has been tight for everyone, it hasn't happened yet (our bdays were in the fall). I don't feel like we need one honestly, but they really want us to have one and I know FH does want one. My parents actually bought us a Wii for xmas, which was SO nice of them, and my godparents gave us the Wii fit...so now we are all set, we just need the TV! My parents are insisting that they buy it for us this month, so although I feel badly taking something pricey as a gift from them, I know it is what they want to do. Honestly though, the idea of having your wedding dress shopping experience filmed sounds HORRIBLE to me!!! Hehehe so don't hold your breath to see me on the show :) Cute idea though!

FMS- don't listen to your FH!!! I have no money for new clothes either girl, and according to my sis this weekend my jeans were "hanging off me", (even my newer smaller ones!) so I washed those bad boys and dried them in the dryer on high and those puppies shrunk about 2 sizes!!! Hehehe....so just do what you can to be creative with what clothes you have until you can afford new ones....also, do you have leftover clothing from before you gained the weight? that's what I have been doing, reusing the older stuff I couldn't fit into for years...it is SUCH a thrill to be able to wear it again! But seriously, don't let ANYTHING dampen your drive girl, because you are doing so great and working so hard!!! Let's go September Brides!!! P.S. Great job with the workouts, way to be on it!

KPM- great job with your loss and being back on track with your motivation!!!

Tanis- I know what you mean, it can feel discouraging when you are trying so hard and not feeling like you are seeing results, and then someone's comment feels as though it draws attention to that. I agree with FMS that she probably just was distracted and meant nothing by it, so I would just try to put it out of your head and focus instead on how you feel, and what you could be doing differently to achieve your results goals. Since you do work out so hard, maybe you need to reevaluate some food choices or just keep track of calories for a while to see if that helps, write a food journal, etc? I know it is annoying, but for me it really really REALLY helps. And I always eat super well in terms of food choices, but a journal and calorie counting forces you to be honest about portions, snacking, etc. Just a thought. The most important thing though is you are doing awesome for yourself and your body, so just think in terms of what you want to do differently to see more results but don't get down on yourself, because you have more workout drive than any of us and we all admire you!!!

Hi there independent and Tuff Girl!! Independent, I think 2 lbs in 12 days is totally do able....I hear you though, I am shooting for 3 lbs in 11 days, DEFINITELY gonna be hard work, but here is hoping!

Tuff Girl, sounds like you have your priorities straight...keep up with that, it's great that your motivation is in the right place!!! And I agree, sweet compliments from FH are always SUPER motivating! After all, he's the one you wanna look sexy for anyway, right?! ;)

Brighter Than Sunshine- welcome to our group!!! That is great that you have a concrete goal and an FH who is willing to work with you and motivate you! We look forward to doing our part to do the same, come here often! :) One thing, can we call you BTS for Brighter Than Sunshine? These girls on this thread have been calling me Sunshine for months and it's gonna get confusing if there are two Sunshine's being replied to :) I was getting confused reading the replies before...hehe. Is that cool with everyone?

Ok girls, this is already long with my replies to everyone, so I will keep my update pretty short! My weekend was pretty good....we were out of town visiting my parents for my mom's birthday, and we spent the long weekend. The birthday party was fun, and FH and I got to spend a lot of low key time with my parents. My mom and I spent several hours going through my wedding binder of all the things I have pulled out of magazines...dresses of course, bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, etc...we even looked at possible Mother of the Bride outfits for her, which was really fun and exciting for both of us. I worked out Friday before we left and then on Saturday before the party, but not on Sunday or Monday. My current rule with myself is to work out 5 times a week and my weeks are Friday to Thursday, so now I just have to make sure I work out today, Wednesday, and Thursday. I also definitely went over my calories two of the days out there, but not by too too much, I tried to make good food choices all weekend long and I did...but I did let myself have birthday cake with everyone, and some wine, and a few cookies, etc. I know for myself that as long as I am keeping my food journal and tracking my calories that I can always balance it out later in the week. I am doing one of my fruit and vegetable cleanses today, just for one day, to revamp after the weekend. On these days I have to go to the gym early when I have the energy, so I am going to go now right after this...

Now to share some victories! After my weigh in on Friday, I was down one pound and pretty psyched. I then went home for the weekend, and literally everyone we saw this weekend (starting with an old coworker I ran into on the train out there) remarked that I had lost a lot of weight and looked great, and all these comments were independent of each other. My coworker, my god parents, my parents, my sister, my grandfather's widow, my brother in law's best friend, numerous friends of my parents....each one of these comments were at separate times in private and from different people, so it really reinforced the idea to me that I have made a BIG change. I wore a very "slim" outfit to the party....fitted wide leg black pants that I couldn't ever fit into until 2 months ago, and a super slinky black halter-type top with beading that I bought in Ireland when I lived there years ago. I felt great. Also, while home, I tried on a pair of brown and cream cropped sateen pants from Banana Republic that I bought....wait for it......almost 7 YEARS ago that I have NEVER worn because when I bought them, they were just a little bit too small to wear (I was just out of college), and then I gained weight bit by bit over the years...there they sat in the closet, waiting. So they are brand-spankin new, and still just as cute as the day I bought them. They have always been, in my mind, "the" skinny pants since I could never wear them after all this time. Well, I put them on this weekend....fit PERFECTLY! My mom was so psydhed, even she knew about them! So for me that was huuuuuuuge...I put them on again today, just for a kick!

So that's my news...I am off to the gym girls, I hope everyone has a healthy, happy, motivated day!!!


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Re: What got you motivated?
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Sunshine- That is so awesome about your Banana Republic pants!!! I would be so excited too if I was you! As for clothes pre weight gain... I threw them all out. I have literally moved 8 (yes EIGHT!) times in the last 4 years and every time I move my closet kept getting smaller and smaller. So About a year and a half ago I got rid of all of my clothes except for the designer stuff I had because those were too expensive to throw away. I have weekend clothes because I had quite a few pairs of the designer jeans, but it is work clothes that I really need! Right before started my job a year ago, my mom took me shopping and I only have 1 pair of pants that still fit. And that is because I accidentally grabbed a smaller size and then lost the receipt! I could make do with the pants, but could use some shirts. I am always on the look out for some cheap tops. Oh well, maybe I should call my mom! =)

Well I hope everyone is doing good. It has been dead in here the last few days. I woke up this morning and did my pilates video! My abs are killing me right now! I think I am taking tomorrow morning off from the video because you are supposed to rest your muscles the day after working them out. Sunshine do you do the same pilates video every day? Or do you switch it up? I am going to try to go to the gym tomorrow night though. It will be tough, but I really need to continue to workout as much as possible. I need to be down 5 pounds by the 31st. So that is my story. I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!




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Re: What got you motivated?
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Just a quick check in, I'm on my way out the door for a much needed little mini-vacation. I'm weighing in today at 167.8 down 2 lbs from last week.....I think, I don't remember the exact number, but I know it was 169 something. Still haven't gotten back on that damned treadmill, tho. Not happy about that.....yes, Ashley, I know it's laughing at me!!

I'll be back on Sunday. Have a great rest of the week!!!


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Re: What got you motivated?
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So I am new to this post, and there is no way I would be able to go back and read them all, but I just wanted to say, that my wedding is just over 10 months away, and I just bought my dress- its beautiful and I love it, but [b][i]THAT[/i][/b] is my motivation to get my a$$ on the treadmill and get movin!
wedding countdown


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Re: What got you motivated?
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Hey Girls!

Just stopping in to say hello. This week has been a weird one....I can't say I've been as "on target" as I would have hoped for the second to last week before my goal, but it has been a stressful week for us. Right now our biggest stress is money, but it has been an all consuming stress lately because we are at that point of almost not being able to pay our bills and I am now looking for a second job. I don't want to work two jobs, especially because another job will take me away from focusing on my career as an independent self employed person, but we just need the money. So, I am doing what I can. One thing that I will have to give up, unfortunately, is my gym membership. At least temporarily. I joined a snazzy expensive gym last year when I had money, and paid for a year up front (smartest move ever), so I have had the membership until now even though we would have had to give it up a while ago if I were paying month by month. Well, the membership is up on January 27th. 4 days! And I am away on Saturday and Sunday for business, so I essentially have today, tomorrow, and Monday to work out, and then that's it. Which makes me sad. It is a weird coincidence that it almost matches up perfectly with my goal time, though, so I just have to be grateful that I have had the luxury of a gym when I really needed it. I may be able to start up at the less expensive gym in a few months time, the gym I used to belong to before this one...problem there is that they will probably make me pay the initiation fee, etc. Oh well; I have pilates DVDs and I will do my best to work out outside on the days that aren't too brutally cold (which many of them are right now). I know it will all work out. I just have to be extra careful and motivated to stay fit now!

I don't have much else girls....I am not weighing in this week on Friday; I feel that since it is the week before my goal time I don't want to put myself under that kind of pressure, especially since I know this week with all the stress and with being away with the family has been a little more indulgent than usual. Instead I am going to just do my best right up until next Friday, which is my goal weigh in, and hope that I made my goal. I feel that I can and I am really going to put forth a big effort to make it happen!!! My overall goal was to lose 22 pounds by my dress shopping weekend (which is next weekend), and as of last week I had lost 19. 3 pounds to go. Now you can see why I don't want to weigh in this week :) I am just gonna push on through and can't wait to see that 3 pounds down next Friday!! Wish me luck girls!!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Oh yeah, I got myself one of those tickers that you all have for some motivation...and nearly fell over when it said my wedding is just under 8 months away!!! Where has the time gone?!
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