Unofficially Engaged

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Unofficially Engaged
Posted: Jan 7, 2009 10:52 PM

Well, I think we're unofficially engaged. Almost thought he was going to propose at Christmas. He gave me a necklace on Christmas Eve and when I woke up early early Christmas morning I saw a few new gifts by the tree including a ring size box. Nope was just a right hand ring, matches the necklace though. White sapphires I think he said

Oddly enough this past weekend I actually found him looking at various websites for possible wedding and ceremony sites. We both live here in Western WA State, not far from Seattle. But we are on a budget. They have some wonderful places over here. Lots of gardens. Mansions. Water views. Even a few small white chapels. Neither of us attends church, although a small non denominational wedding would be okay

Found out last night that I apparently have some of the same interests and ideas as his former ex girlfriend (that he almost married, she called it off. Its been a few years at least). I know he really wants to attend the Night of Joy concert in September, the 11th and 12th. So we started looking at possibly getting married in Orlando. The concert is at Disney/Hollywood Studios. Plus we could do a 4 day DisneyCruise from Sept 6th thru the 10th, with the concert when we get back

But most of our families wouldn't attend. And we know that without asking. Very few would. In fact I would have to most likely pay for my youngest sister's flight and hotel, so I could have her watch my young son (adopted overseas). But found a wonderful deal on a wedding chapel (indoors) that included usage of the facility for the ceremony for a small # of people and pictures with optional extras. Very reasonable price

Then there are several places around there and Disney that could hold a small reception. Man, high prices for the rental and/or the menu per person. So we did some more researching and we could catch an overnight flight from Seattle to Orlando, if we left on Saturday the 5th late. It's a holiday weekend too of course.... But we could get married during the day Saturday and have both our wedding ceremony and reception and catch our flight easily.

Hopefully more family would be able to come too that way. Then came trying to find a reasonable priced place. Thats fairly easy to find and get to. Not a good combination. Lots of places have minimum expenditures for food and beverage that we would meet or exceed. Some very high rental rates too. But better priced menus.

Although I think we may have found something that will work but we would most likely need to book the ceremony site soon as its filling up fast. The idea right now would be to have our ceremony at the Point Defiance Park Rose Garden Saturday the morning of the 5th, with a 2hr rental time from 11am to 1pm. Followed by the reception to be held at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium Banquet Center immediately following for a 4hr block of time

Very nice rates. Only $400 for the Rose Garden 2hr block of time (there's another wedding right after that at 2pm) and $300 for the 4 hr rental of the banquet room, but I need to verify how large of a room this is and how many it will seat in a buffett or banquet setting. The menu is provided by the catering done by those contracted with the zoo. For $11 a person we can get a sandwich and salad buffet that includes ham & turkey meat, pasta salad, fresh tossed salad, potato salad, an assortment of cheeses and all the fixin's for sandwiches and it includes soda drinks, tea and coffee. Bottled water is extra. If we want roast beef added it's also extra.

They have a nice assortment of both hot and cold appetizers. I see a few I wouldnt mind having. but thats extra also. And apparently so is the sparkling cider for the toast. no alcohol at our wedding. Neither the groom or I drink. I also need to find out what is included with the rental fee, is it just for the use of the room. Are there additional fees for the use of silverware, glasses, china, etc. Believe it or not it looks like there is. And possible an additional fee for the set up of the tables and chairs, for the reception at least. The ceremony set up and tear down is included in that fee I believe.

I like the idea of an outdoor wedding especially in the gardens but the thing about that is the weather here in our area. Labor Day weekend. hmmm. Near Seattle.

I have a tendency to think way too far in advance. September is 8 months away. I don't even have a clue who would be my maid of honor or bridesmaids. Or who to have decorate the ceremony site and reception site since it's nearly impossible for me to do it. Or if we have the ceremony in the gardens, how in the world would we handle the procession. At least at some places, you have a bridal room and all that.

It's almost worth paying the extra to have someone do all the decorating and all that for me and to have a place for the bridal suite. The other place I liked, beautiful place, is $2000 more until mid October, which I was willing to wait.



independant2406 Posts : 58 Registered: 12/8/08
Re: Unofficially Engaged
Posted: Jan 11, 2009 7:29 AM Go to message in response to: AlexieNichole

Congrats on the unofficial engagement. :)

By the length of your post I'm guessing your super excited!! I know the feeling. Have fun with planning and plotting.Feel free to vent here or ask for suggestions. I always love seeing / hearing about other people's

Seeya around the boards!


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