6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!

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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
Posted: Oct 13, 2008 8:23 AM Go to message in response to: summerjoy578

Were you going to make the cupcakes yourself?  Because actually, cupcakes can end up being more expensive than cake if you have them made professionally. 



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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
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Cupckaes are more than you think. The reason being is because they require individual work. Back when I was planning, I found that Wal-Mart does cakes and sheet cake that served 100 people was only $40 and you have them decorate it however you want. Then have them make a round cake all nice and pretty for $20.  As far as your flowers ... go to MICHAELS! every Sunday they have the 40% off coupon and you can get your boquets there. Doing that many carmel apples will cost $$$$ and not everyone will eat them.  I think maybe cookies or something else etible, something you know for sure that most people would eat. 

You mentioned LIMO is that really nessesary? you could save that money and apply it to the help you are wanting to hire.  Have you even priced how much the "help" would run you?  oh and don't foregt the gratuity... I gave our people $50. each and felt cheap...but that added up, believe me! and went through a venue that did it all for me but the price I paid was for everything including tip.   

Oh and I totally agree with cutting the list just a bit.  And just because you have that many invites doesn't mean everyone will show ... sorry but that is the honest to goodness truth, family or no family.  Things come up.. I didn't believe it..but it happens. 


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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
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I agree about cutting the guest list.  Even if you can only take 50 people off, that will help.

Also, don't overspend on things like your dress.  You don't need to do favours, or elaborate centrepieces.  The little things add up BIG TIME.

Also...I don't know how I feel about asking your family to make the food.  They are guests...they shouldn't have to do ANY work...that's just my opinion.

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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
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Funny, Kelley and Tanis!!

Summerjoy, if I were you, I would do a spread sheet for your expenses. Only you know how much work you are willing or able to put in or how much your family is willing or able to help with food (or to pay for it!)

But, you seem unwilling or unable to cut back from 250 people, and I'm afraid that reality is going to come and bite you at some point. For example, you mention tents. Have you actually priced tents? You might be shocked to find what kind of a bite that will take out of your budget. Have you priced alcohol? Do you think a "couple of kegs" are going to be enough for 250 people to have even one drink apiece? As long as all of the cost estimates are in your head, you will not really know what you have to spend on each item. So, start pricing things in the real world and put down all of the numbes on paper. Don't forget the easily forgettable items (e.g. sales tax, service charges, cake cutting fees, gratuities) when you do your numbers. Only when you do this can you make rational decisions.

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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
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Okay Summer - I'm going to be honest with you. I was a BM in a wedding where the bride expected us to do all the catering work (including buying the food) and when the bridal party got sick of footing the bill it was a very messy situation. It was by far the least fun I have ever had at a wedding. 

I don't think you should plan on others doing the work or paying for the wedding for you. Plan only that which you can afford to do and also have the time, tools, and talent to actually pull off. That way if people volunteer to help then you are in a better position, but I think it is incredibly rude to ask people to do this type of thing for you, especially for 250 people..do you realize how much "sidedish" it takes to serve 250 people. You're asking your family to do a tremendously expensive and time consuming favor and chalking it up as your gift (which they aren't even required to give you one so I think you're being very presumptuous)

IF people are willing to give of their time to do things for you for your wedding, you should at least provide the ingredients.

In terms of everything else, you can do a wedding for that amount of money, and you can do it for that amount of people. However it is a lot of work, and I agree with Myra that you need to sit down and actually go through real world expenses.

You say words like "tent" and "limo" as if those are inexpensive things. They're not! Sit down with a checklist of things that you're going to need for the wedding. You can find it on any bridal website or in any bridal book or magazine. Cross out the things that you do not want at all and then go through and make a budget using real world numbers that you have gathered. It is alright to be disorganized about precise costs when you have a large budget but when every dollar counts then you're going to need to get organized.  

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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
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Congratulations on your engagement! I have a budget of about 5,000 that I gave myself and I am getting married in 5/16/2009- yeah 7 months to go and I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the best way to cut costs is do your homework... ask frienda and family if they know anyone that DJ's-cooks-bakes- and of course make your own floral arrangements! I was lucky enought to find a venue where i can provide my own food and they provid tables and chairs! I just need to purchase linen and plates, I am doing a buffet style dinner and the alcohol which is a must in my family will probably kept to beer (kegs!). You should check out Michaels, they have beautiful invitations that you can purchase and print out on your computer or even go to a printing shop and depending on the ink can get about 100 invitations printed for about 50-80 bucks. I am not doing save the dates or favors, half the time people forget the favors at the table and the save the dates, are not that necessary... I just let all of my out of town guest know that I am getting married in May 09, and thats it, they'll get an invitation soon enough. I laos have a guest list of 200... I am thinking about cutting it down because that is a whole lot of people to feed! Good Luck.

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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
Posted: Oct 13, 2008 4:23 PM Go to message in response to: summerjoy578

Summerjoy, I was asking about the venue because if you have everything at the same place, you can eliminate transportation costs. If you already have a nice car, you can just decorate that and go to the hotel, airport, or whatever location you will go after your wedding. Tents tend to be expensive, so you might not be able to afford it, especially with 250+ guests. If they have a nice lawn, you might not need to do much decorating. As a backup plan, you should see if you will be able to use another room if it starts to rain. Or you might be able to use another room inside the banquet hall for the cermony.

As far as favors go, most people do not expect them. For my wedding, besides doing the hor d'oeuvres buffet, I am also doing a big dessert table instead of the traditional wedding cake. It will include a variety of desserts, including cupcakes, candy, cookies, etc. I will have organza bags, or some other type of favor bags/tins/boxes for my guests to put many items from the dessert table in. Many of my family members and friends love junk food, so my dessert table will serve two purposes. If you decide to do this instead as well, be sure you research your options. I am doing a lot of the prep work myself, and I had to look into several places before I was able to make it fit within my budget.

I agree with the PP that you should look into Michaels for your flowers. And since you want a Fall themed wedding, most stores will have big sells on Fall items when the season starts to change. You should take advantage of all sales. With a smaller budget and 250+ guests, it will definitely take ALOT of work and patience.

Before I forget, you should really consider doing an A list and B list as far as who to invite to your wedding. If you do end up with 250+ guests, it might be too difficult and stressful for your family. I know you said music is important, but if you are not able to cut your guest list you migh need to do what a PP suggested and look into using an iPod or CDs instead of a DJ. Eventhough anything is possible with LOTS of dedication and hard work, all of the little things, including hidden costs of items will add up big time in the end. 


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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
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My FH gave me a budget of $5,000 and 50-100 guests and our date is for 12/12/09. This is because when we get married I will be 18 and he will be 20 so really dont have a lot of money. He is really concerned about price but me not so much. We haven't even decided on colors, theme, style, none of that (because details doesn't concern him) so I don't even know what direction to go in. As far as flowers, videographer, and photographer those things aren't really thta important. i just want good food, good music, nad a beautiful cermony......any ideas???


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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
Posted: Oct 20, 2008 9:38 PM Go to message in response to: Uzuri

Thanks everyone for the info and advice....Well we have cut the list down to 100 each (200) and we know they won't all show up.  My hall is booked :) I booked the DJ I wanted ( that was my splurge) and found a photographer for 300.  HIs sister is doing our centerpieces and I am buying the stuff on clearance at michaels.  The Cupcakes I got a quote on at Sams Club for 11.99 for 30 cupcakes which is'nt too bad and I found a caterer that I think I want to use that is gonna charge 10.95 a plate and that includes the appetizers (cheese,crackers, frruit and veggie trays) and 1 meat ( which will probably be baked chicken) 4 sides plus a pasta side she's throwing in and rolls/butter and lemonaid and pitchers of water at each table PLUS she will give me her wholesale price on the plates,cups etc.... ( I think that sounds pretty good compared to what I have been pricing.)  I just found my dress at a bridal consignment shop Brand new with tags for under $400 and it won't need much alterations because it is almost a perfect fit. And I found my daughters flower girl dress for $49 with tag compared to at a bridal store.  I am still undecided about colors so any ideas????????  I am thinking chocolate brown and burnt orange and my other issue is I have 4 girls i want to stand up and he only wants 3 guys so I think i will leave it and just have the last guy walk with two girls.  I thought of holding the ceremony at the hall but FH said NO, he wants to be married in our church.


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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
Posted: Oct 20, 2008 9:44 PM Go to message in response to: Soon2baMrs

Congrats on your engagement also....I just responding to everyones post in general but wanted to add that I will also be making my own invitations and programs to save $$$ and if it gets too hectic for me then my backup plan is my boss's daughter who makes cards and such.  The hall we found also has tables and chairs so all we have to get is the linens which I will probably by it by the roll at a party supply store ( disposable).  The caterer I think I will use said she can get all the plates,cups etc...at wholesale, And since the Hall is right near our house and about 5-10 minutes from a Hotel we probably won't rent a Limo. 


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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
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check these out girls... for ideas and if you like them let me know! I also had a budget so I understand.


http://recycler.com/details.aspx?adid=31709975 http://losangeles.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=designer%20gowns

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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
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i just got engaged on Halloween and my fiancee and I are trying to spend no more than $5,000. We are looking at about 100 guests or less and we have decided not to do a video and to do the flowers ourselves in bulk. But the whole problem is the reception site --- any suggestions????Money mouth


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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
Posted: Nov 14, 2008 9:58 PM Go to message in response to: summerjoy578

I am right there with you about a small budget with large amount of guests. We have kept our budget relatively close to the $7,000 mark that we set. We cut costs by finding our DJ on craiglist (he is just starting out from an outdoor home lighting company) Found a caterer that allowes us to mix n match finger foods for their regular price of snack trays, found a cake that is easy to do but looks awesome (also target makes really nice wedding cakes and very cheap), looked around for a really long time to find a photographer that was a decent price, and a friend of ours is doing the videography. Those were the big costs to us, although we havent even started on the small things!! Yikes!! Good luck!!




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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
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uhmm, well I hate to say this but 6000$ for a wedding of 250 people?! I cant imagine that being even close to easy... my budget is 10,000$ and my guest list is 100+/- and my mom is worried that we will be pushing it for that. I'm not sure but like others ahve said... I suppose everything is possible. You are just gonna have to cut a lot out darlin'. If you perhaps have your wedding outside maybe in a friends back yard do you have a large back yard? You then just have to pay a priest, you can make your own runner... and your own chairs and such. Make your own flower boquets... and then like you said have family make all the food. I'm telling you photographers ... you are looking at 1000$ just right there as well as a videographer? do you really need to pay someone to tape the wedding?? Set up your own camera and have it record or ask "Great Uncle Joe" to tape it ha ha. And what else can you do to cut cost uhmmm... know any friends that are DJs cause they are quite expensive too!!! Just think about what I said... I'm not sure what other cuts you can take!! =) GOOD LUCK!
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Re: 6,000 or less budget!!!!!!!
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I can't remember if you said you had booked a photographer, but if you look at community colleges and universities in the area, you may find an art student willing to work with you for very little money in order to increase his/her portfolio.

Your dress doesn't have to be a "wedding" dress. White prom/quinceanara dresses are just as pretty and often available MUCH cheaper. If you want a veil, try ebay. You can get just about any veil cheaply.

You might want to look around, as well, for anyone that does pork roasts in your area--sometimes buying a whole pig to barbecue can be incredibly cheap!

If you want a wide variety of flowers, try 2 G Roses. They're really good about answering questions (like where/when to get forget-me-nots, which was important enough to me that I'm actually setting my wedding date based on the forget-me-not growing season) and many "do it yourself" brides swear by them.

Try simple candles for centrepieces. I'm going to buy a bunch of either small fish bowls or large glasses, put those little glass "gems" you can buy for the bottom of betta bowls in them, fill them halfway with water and put a floating candle in for my centrepiece. I estimate they'll be about a buck per centrepiece. Maybe as high as three bucks.

Instead of a classic "favour" you could print up recipe cards with a favourite recipe on them and give them out. I'm planning on doing this with a square or a cookie and then giving an example with the card.

Skip the limo. Tents are also ridiculously priced. Consider Amazon.com for your wedding rings. They have some GORGEOUS jewellery at ridiculously low prices.

Skip whatever you can. That's gonna be your secret.

Best of luck!





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