Savannah brides...I'm posting my vedor opinions and prices for you!

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Savannah brides...I'm posting my vedor opinions and prices for you!
Posted: Jul 4, 2008 10:24 AM

I just got back from a Savannah trip where I met every vendor for my wedding and then some...Heres what I am doing, so you can get an idea of prices.

Officiant: Arlene Meyer, Unity Church, $150 for the ceremony, She is very nice, experienced, and has multiple sermons for you to pick from. She charges another $100 for rehearsal but since I have a wedding coordinator I opted to save 100 bucks.

Catering: I met with Creighton-Jones and Cynthia was awsome and so nice. But its too pricey for me. I have the feeling that they are for Really high class weddings, based on their reputation. We are looking for buffet/orderves style and to get peoples stomaches full, it would have been about $26 per head plus $10 pp in taxes, gratuities, dish rentals ect. Cynthia does have variety, she has pages of items to choose from.

I also met with Bunny Ware from New South Cafe Catering and think I will use her. I get the feeling she is a bit high end as well, but her food is phenomenal. She mixes healthy with southern dishes like grits, collared beans ect. She is making a menu for me, so as long as its affordable I will use her. I asked her to stay about $20pp plus taxes gratuities ect andshe said thats do-able.

I also met with Cha Bella and their food is delicious too. They are a bit pricey, with providing me with sparce selection for $25 per head...But I did book them for the rehearsal dinner, because we got a yummy sit down dinner there for $30 (including taxes, gratuities, not alcohal) per head. Their building is beautiful, but they are a bit far away, on the east edge of town before the neighborhood gets run down, so thats something to consider.

: I found a SCAD student by posting on craigslist, she seems reliable, and came out to my hotel for an audition so far so good with her. $150. All the proffessionals I called all charge $200, so I saved $50.

Flowers: AtoZinnias- a bit pricey, boutineres are $8 each, and bouquets depend on the flowers of course but seem to start at about $20 each- but the girls are super friendly and try to be very accomodating. let me tell you the best part of their business. A group of wedding professionals share the same downtown office so when you show up to meet the flower people, there is a photographer and cake baker right there too! I didnt know that but the convience of it is tremendous when you are unfamiliar with the city or on a tight timeline.

Cake baker: Carrie Briscoe with twocakes. She shares the office with AtoZinnias and based on her reputation I get the feeling she is one of the best bakers or high end bakers in town. Her cakes are very very yummy, she offers about 5 different flavors. I think she can do anything, she certaintly had lots of variety to show me. I thought that her cakes are affordable, Im getting the Wcake and G cake for a total of $750 for 60 ppl. Maybe thats expensive, but I think cake is very important so to me, thats affordable.

Hair: I'm using Salon Aqua. The office is kind of tough to find. Its right in downtown, by the squares in one of the old buildings, but there is just a small sign advertising the location. The hairstylists are super nice and friendly. I think they are very pricey. But I called around to find less pricey and couldnt find less pricey. Even the regis in the mall charges about 50 per head. So Salon Aqua is $85 per head plus $55 per face for makeup. I really think thats high, but the salon is beautiful, and I know my party will enjoy the experience because we will have the salon to ourselves and it is in a beautiful building. Great atmosphere.

Reception location: Eliza Thompson house on W Jones Street. We had to rent the entire Inn out for the weekend which I wanted to do because its all out of towners coming in, its very pricey, 12k for the 25 room inn all weekend, but you can make the $ back by charging the guests for their room which I will be charging guests a discounted rate to make some $ back. The inn is BEAUTIFUL, so check it out.

Band- Jeff Beasley is a local jazz/blues musician that joins other bands, or performs with another musician in the city. He can do alot. I couldnt afford a whole band so I hired him and a bassist for 1k, but he sings, harmonica, high kick, and guitar all at the same time! He is very busy, but he has a website, or he performs at some local spot several days a week to hear him play.

Another option was Trea Gurley. He was recommended to me and I listened to his CD, he is a wedding singer and is phemomenal. He sings sinatra, and ect. also kind of jazzy feeling. He charges about $600 but I didnt get details.

Nails- I walked into Sassy Nails on Broughton street and think they are outrageously priced at $13 per set plus $5 for a french manicure, but dont know of any other option. I think we will do nails ourselves.

Thats it. I might be forgetting something. Weddings seem to be a very high $ maker in Savannah, its a very popular destination wedding city. The prices all seem to be VERY HIGH but I called several places recommended to me and the prices all kind of were the same. I was hoping and expecting to be loving River street for food, but the prices are typically high of all other food places in town, but the food is really not so great. I went to 3 diff restraunts on river st or bay street and paid about $15-$20 per meal and was disapointed each time. Its fine, but olive garden tastes just as good for way less money. I guess since its a tourist spot they are less concerned with getting repeat customers, and you are paying for the location/atmosphere. Everyone recommends the same vendors and venues over and over. As an out of town bride, I went with the higer prices because I am paying for reliability and accountability as well. But this wedding now costs more money than my 2008 new car, and its 5k over my max platinum wedding budget. its 8k over my max comfortable budget. I gotta cut back, not sure where yet though.

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cant wait to wear my dress on 11-1-08!


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Re: Savannah brides...I'm posting my vedor opinions and prices for you!
Posted: Jul 29, 2008 9:27 PM Go to message in response to: firstweddinginn...

oh my goodness!  Thank you for all of your information!  I have been also planning my wedding for Savannah.  We are looking at February 2009.


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