Post your proposal stories!!!

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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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One night, my fiancee' and I were at a wedding reception and outside, there was a horse drawn carriage. I told him that was somethiing that I'd always wanted to do. That was back in the fall of 2006.


My story and his story are a little's mine first:

On 7/7/07, he took me out for what he called my "early birthday dinner" (my birthday was a week afater that). So he took me to this beautiful fancy restaurant in Grand Rapids the Cygnus at the top of the Amway. He told me when we pulled up to stay in the car because he had to figure out what this vallet thing was all about. He was acting a little funny, but I just tried to ignore it. We ordered our dinner, and then he said he had to go to the bathroom, so he left for a while. we finished our dinner, and we headed out to get the car (or so i thought).he kept telling me that we had to walk somewhere to get it which didn't make any sense to me since we had the vallet take it when we got there. . So we walked to the corner of the street,crossed it, and there waiting for us was a horse drawn carriage. The driver handed me a dozen red roses at that time too. We we rode in the carriage around the city as the sun was setting. It was beautiful. Then, he moved a cross the carriage and took out a box and started his "speech". I cried of course, and I couldn't bring myself to look at the ring. But eventually I did. It was the one I had wanted. 1.5 carots. Perfect. After that, we drove back home where we celebrated with our friends and family.


His story: When he got out to talk to the vallet people, he actually told them that there was a box in the trunk that had to go to the front desk.  Then, when he said he had to go to the bathroom, he was really running down to the front desk. He asked for the box and they said, that it said Becky on the top, not his name, and he said it was supposed to so he ripped open the box, took out the flowers and told them to bring the flowers out to the carriage at 7:50 because we were supposed to be there by 8. We finished our dinner, and it was about 7:50. I decided I wanted a little desert not knowing we had somewhere to be, so then, he was freaking out about that.

So it turned out to be perfect. I don't think I could have asked for anything more romantic.


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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This is such a fun idea!  Great stories everyone!

Here's mine: July 14, 2007

 My FH and I had been dating for 4 yrs, and each year we celebrate by driving to the Chicago area (we live near Milwaukee, WI), go to Six Flags theme park, out to a nice dinner, shopping, and then stay in a nice hotel.  Well, after dating for so long, I had been hoping to get engaged for awhile, so each big event was "wishful".  And nothing!  We spent the day going on rollercoasters at the park-nothing.  We went in the hot tub at the hotel-nothing.  Out to a VERY nice dinner-nothing.  Shopping-you guessed it, noting.  So at like 10pm we went back to our hotel room.  I got ready for bed, in my pj's, no makeup-and THEN!!!  The way he proposed fits him perfectly...he made up a "Top 10 List" about intimate, inside jokes within our relationship.  For example:  that whenever I clean the house, he would like me to wear a maid's outfit!  and the #1- he would like another big screen TV as beautiful and perfect as the ring he bought me!  At this point, when I looked up, he was kneeling on the bed with the ring, I was crying, and finally got a sobbed "yes" out!  For the rest of the night, we laid in bed, chatted and giddy, and kept the secret between us to cherish the moment that we were the only ones that knew for just one night.  It couldn't have been more perfect-except if I had makeup on:)  I love being engaged!!!



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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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We went on a family vacation (his family) to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We've been on many family vacations so this was nothing out of the ordinary. Nearing the end of our week there, the family made a trip to Dunn's River Falls. For those of you who haven't been there, it's pretty much a waterfall that you climb from the bottom up. It was the most amazing and satisfying experience. Anyway, about half way up, there's a photo spot off to the side where you see the entire waterfall in the background. He helped me up there while 3 people from our group (who mysteriously didn't want to climb with us) got ready to take pictures. I turn around and there he is...on one knee!!! I couldn't believe that this was actually happening to me because I was convinced I was going to die the "cat lady." Apparantly everyone in our group of 24 knew that this was going happen except me...and if that isn't enough, he bought the ring there while we were in Jamaica!!! I had no idea!

One of the vacation buddies had a camcorder on him and he got it on tape...enjoy!!!


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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My fiance and I had been dating only two weeks when we first mentioned marriage.... Actually, it's even more complex than that: I was dating another guy, but it had been a distance relationship for a while and I didn't realize it was falling apart. So FH and I were attracted to each other, but couldn't start dating until I made the decision to break up with my boyfriend. But even before we were officially dating, FH told me that he was already imagining his life and a family with me. Fast forward to two weeks after we were officially dating, and I asked HIM if he would marry me! Not a formal proposal per se, but he responded with an enthusiastic and very cute "yeah."

Two years later, we're living together (not planned, it just sorta fell out that way) and still talk about marriage all the time, but I'm starting to drop not-so-subtle hints that I want to get married sooner rather than later. He's all for it, just concerned about our financial stability. Finally, he asks me to send him my ideas and preferences for a ring. I get very excited, but then quickly realize that, since we have the same job and are together 24/7, he won't have an opportunity to buy the ring on the sly. So after months of nothing, I just resigned myself to the fact that it would be a while before we were engaged. I have to admit, I was pretty bummed.

Late August 2007, we went to the Jersey Shore with his family (whom I adore), and took a few nighttime strolls along the beach. One night, he asked to head down to the beach with him again, and of course I did, thinking nothing of it. We sat on a blanket and he asked me to look at the stars (we fell in love during long talks under the stars while on a study-abroad program in Provence, France - romantic, I know), then made this adorable speech about how beautiful he thinks I am. He kissed me, and I felt his hand slide into his pocket. My heart started pounding so fast, because I KNEW. And sure enough, when I opened my eyes, there was the ring and he said "Will you marry me?"

I wish I had said "yes" before I said "really?" But oh well, it was perfect anyway. Turns out he had a family friend who worked in a jewelry store, so he got a great discount on the ring (that's my man!), and his aunt picked it up and then had to sneakily pass it to him under the table while we were all playing a game. Sorry for the long story, but it's my favorite one to tell!!!

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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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I knew a proposal was coming, but it was killing me because I did not know when!  It was New Year's Eve of 2007, and my fiance and I had plans to go out to dinner before meeting up with some of his friends.  He called me to tell me to hurry up and get dressed, he'll be over in a minute.  Then he called right back and told me not to rush???  I was wondering about his wierd behavior, but thought nothing about it.  When he got to my house, he gave me a big hug, and told me how much he loved me.  He then asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  I knew then, what he was about to do, so I stopped breathing!  He then got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked me to marry him!!!  I said yes, and he stayed down on his knee until I made him get up so I can kiss him over and over again!!!  The wierd behavior from earlier was nerves building up, but it was so cute!


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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every christmas eve we celebrate with my FH's family at his mom's house. the week before christmas he was telling me about this three tiered rotating cookie thing that he had gotten for christmas eve and just how cool it was and all i could think was woopie doo, being the week before christmas i was a little stressed. i know feel badly because i know just what it was for.anyways christmas eve comes around and we are all sitting in the living room opening gifts except him, his mom and his cousin, me not paying attention didnt notice this untill i hear his mother calling me into the kitchen. i walk in and everyone is watching me( strange i thought) my fh says would you like a cookie, and my reponse is priceless "no i dont want a cookie" and just i started to say " if i want one ill get one"... when the cookie tray rotated around and sitting on it was a box open with a ring. i was so excited because i had asked for a promise i had seen for christmas so i assumed that this is what must be in the box. it wasnt untill he got down on is knee that i realized what was going on. his cousin video taping every minute of my attitude and then sheer delight. oh yea and just as he asked grandma pushed through the door and nearly knocked him over. priceless.
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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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Great stories one and all ladies!  I'm a little late in posting an engagement story, since we've been engaged for over 6 months already, but what the hell I want to join in too!  I really love our engagement story because it is so typically us, so please forgive my long-winded story telling in advance.

Background - My FH and I have known each other for 8 years - we met in University and even dated for a short time back then and reconnected in the fall of 2004.  We have been inseparable ever since and have been living together since the spring of 2005 when he moved out to Calgary (Alberta).  We are both originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba and all of our family still lives there, so we’re pretty much by ourselves.  We take trips home every summer to visit our families and enjoy some time at a cabin on a lake (Granite Lake in Lake of the Woods, Ontario) that belongs to friends of my parents that I’ve been going to since I was just a baby.

Proposal Story - So, it’s August 2007 and we’re driving from Calgary to Winnipeg (approximately a 16 hour drive, if you don’t stop, across nothing but prairie – not the most exciting drive if you ask me but very pretty in its own way) and we arrive in Winnipeg at about 8am on my 30th birthday after driving through the night.  We take a nap for a couple of hours, clean our selves up and head out to a celebratory dinner with my parents, older sister (her birthday is only 3 days before mine, well and 3 years to be exact) and her husband.  The next day we pack up the cars and head out to the lake at the crack of dawn to beat most of the traffic (the first weekend in August is a 3-day long weekend up here in Canada, so it’s very common for about half the city to empty and head for the cabin).  We immediately start the typical cabin behaviour once we arrive – which consists of pouring some drinks/beers, pulling out a book, swimming in the lake, lounging on the deck or rocks in the sunshine, eating whenever we feel like it and going to bed when your eyes get too tired from reading or playing cards by lantern light.  I must say that I had no idea of what he had planned – at all!  On the afternoon of our second day there we decide to go for a swim in the lake, but this time my FH and I decide to grab a couple of foam pool noodles and swim all the way down to the end of the lake bay on which the cabin is located by ourselves (about a 30 minute swim each way and to anyone back at the cabin we’re nothing but two little dots floating on the water).  We get to the end of the bay and he decides he wants to float around there for a bit with me, but me being me, I decide that I’m too cold and want to start swimming back (the water in the lake is pretty cold even on a hot sunny day, and it was a bit windy and overcast that day).  So, off I go swimming back at a leisurely pace despite him pleading with me to stay with him at the end of the bay for just a few minutes.  I should mention that I’m always cold, it can be 30 degC (86 degF) and unless I’m fully in the sun with no wind, I’m chilly (not a good thing when you live in Canada!), but I burn like a lobster without SPF45 on, go figure.  He keeps asking me to come back to where he is and I keep replying that if he wants me to come back he’ll have to come catch me.  Thankfully he catches me before I’m able to swim too far away and pulls me into a big warm hug.

So there we are in the lake, floating on 2 pool noodles, and I give him a big kiss and ask him to marry me, in the same way we’ve both been doing for the past year and a half – mostly in a joking manner but knowing that we really love each other and will get married eventually.  He replies with a big grin and a “Sure, will you marry me?” to which I reply with the same “Sure” I always do.  Then he hits me with “No, seriously, will you marry me?” and lifts a ring out of the water - where it’s been tied into the pocket of his bathing suit with a long piece of dental floss the whole time!  At this point I’m stunned and can’t say anything, not to mention that I do not have my contact lenses in and can’t really see what he has in his hand at all.  After about 30 seconds my brain starts to process what has just happened and I manage to blurt out a “yes” before starting to cry.  He then puts the ring on my finger (it’s still tied to his bathing suit mind you), we share a great kiss and then I’m able to get it close enough to my face to actually see how beautiful it is.  We spent at least the next 15 minutes just floating there, laughing at how the whole situation played out (he claims he had spent days trying to figure out how to get me to lead him into the big question and then I unwittingly managed to do it better than he ever could have planned), and kissing.  Once we finally swam back to the cabin, everyone else was in the water or on the dock/rocks, and we managed to have someone take a picture of us in the water together.  I absolutely love that picture of us, engaged only about 30-45 minutes at the time.

We decided not to tell my family right away while we were at the lake, but to wait until we got back to the city and tell both families at the same time, so we spent the next two days exchanging little looks and smiling like idiots all the time.  But it was killing me not to be able to wear my ring and tell everyone, I wasn’t even able to wear it at night in our sleeping bag because my sister was in the same room (her husband couldn’t get time off work so she was solo).  When we finally left the cabin I was so excited to be in the car and finally able to wear my ring that I could hardly contain myself!

So there you have it.  Our wedding date is set for November 8, 2008 and I couldn't be happier.  Keep the great stories coming everyone!


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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Okay, mine is super long so I am copy-pasting it from our wedding website! LOL! Is that cheating??? So just know that Paul is my FH, obviously! Okay, here it goes!

Paul knows that my deepest, darkest obsession is with historical romance novels. With the proposal, he had the amazing idea of giving me my own historical romance.

First, Paul took me to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque. It was amazing! We had the best time! The exhibits were unbelievable and completely interactive!

Next, Paul said it was time to go. He drove over to Albuquerque's historic Old Town. We walked around and looked at some of the shops. Then we headed over to the plaza in the center of Old Town. We walked around the plaza and then sat down on one of the benches, facing the convent connected to the old Catholic church. Then Paul started talking about how he knows that I love history and romance and how he wanted today to be historically romantic. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw our friend Kristine Calderon, who had been in Teen Court with us in high school among other things, running over with a camera. Then Paul was done on one knee asking me to marry him. Of course I said yes!!! With my beautiful ring on my finger, we kissed and hugged. Then I hugged Kristine and we took another picture. After we said goodbye to Kristine, we walked a little more around Old Town and Paul told me that the adventure still wasn't over.

Next, Paul took me to the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. They were having a special exhibit called Temples and Tombs with Egyptian art on loan from the British museum. We saw art and old circus banners and so much more! It was so much fun!

Finally, Paul took me to the Route 66 Casino, on historic Route 66, for a very nice dinner at the Main Street restaurant. It was delicious and so romantic! This day will easily go down in our history as one of the most romantic and memorable ever! It was more of a proposal than I ever could have dreamed of!


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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Ok .. so technically, my engagment just happened. I know for several months that it was coming. And i signed up for this website a few weeks ago cause we actually picked a date BEFORE the actual engagment. (lol).

so anyway, sometime last week FH wanted to go to the movies with some friends of his. That's not to out of the ordinary. We had just found this really nice theater in center city Philadelphia the week before. He told me that he told his friend about it and that they wanted to go so he made the plans. I agreed. so all last week he was like, let me talk to your mom about watching Gabe (he's my son) so we could go to an earlier show. alright. Friday comes and i'm still kinda clueless. FH was going to sleep at my house friday night cause we had tickets for the baseball game on saturday and i wanted to get to the game early to get autographs. when FH came over i noticed that instead of his laptop he had his camera. That didnt really hit me cause i told him to bring his camera for the game. Then he wanted to go to the store to get some nicer cloths cause we were going to go to AC after the movie saturday night. so we went shopping.

Saturday came. we had a lot of fun at the game. I noticed that he was really quite. but it felt like 20 degrees that day. so i just thought he was really really cold. during the game my mom had called me saying that my aunt and uncle wanted to take my son to chuckie cheese. i was like wow ... well ... sure. and FH was like, "well i guess i dont have to talk to her now." when we got home from the game, all i wanted to do was tuck into some warm blankets and take a nap. FH was like ... well get a shower lets go get dressed, blah blah. so i get up get dressed. My mom leaves to take Gabe over to my aunts. once we're dressed we go to the theater. We got there early so we waited around the lobby for about 15 mins. FH is pacing up and down. I just took it for his normal pacing because he just cant stand still. We finally get to go in and he picks one of the last rows in the theater. i thought it was strange but he just said that it was a better view. some more people come in. he calls his "friend" shawn who we were suppose to meet aswell. about a min later the lights dim a bit so i just thought o the movie's starting.

1st thing i see is a pretty picture of a flower. next came a place that we had gone camping a year earlier. I turned to him and was like "look we were there" he said to me "Look at the screen" then a picture of disney world came up. "we were there too" "look at the screen". then there was a picture of me and my son. at that point i think i was like "wtf?!?!?" that was when i notice there was words on the screen with the pictures. then there was some more pictures of us and places we had gone. and i just started to get all teary eyed i could barly see. one of the last frames was a picture of my ring and the words "will you marry me". FH gets on his knee and takes out the ring. i was so speachless. i just kinda nodded and said "yes". the lights came back on and the people in the theater clapped and congratulated us. when the previews for the movie started we slipped out to go to dinner. He had made reservations at this beautiful resturant. (we saw the movie the week before while he was checking out the theater). When we left he asked me if i could read the words on the screen. i had to tell him no because i cant read things far away and i didnt bring my glasses. Thankfully he has a copy of it and is going to youtube it tonight. lol. it was perfect Laughing


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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Ok so... I had been planning the wedding since December but I still hadnt officially been proposed to because he had a "SPECIAL DAY" that he wanted to wait until.  So on Feb. 29 (Leap day) he came home from work and handed me a card.  It said all sorts of sweet things and something about "someone felt they had to add an extra day to this month and thats how you make me feel.. you make me want extra days to each and every year so that we can spend more time together"  At the end of the card there was a quarter attached to it. So Im like whats the quarter for and he pulls out this candy machine and gets me to insert the quarter and out comes a bunch of m&ms.  Some said "BECCA I LUV U" and others said "WILL YOU MARRY ME" It was so sweet... I busted out in tears.  Info: our daughter is addicted to M&Ms and came running up behind me and ate all the ones I had in my hand... shes too funny!


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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2 weeks ago was my birthday and I was having a birthday party the night before at my house. The theme was Las Vegas, so the guys were dressed up as high rollers and the girls were in cocktail dresses. Around midnight(on my actual birthday), my roommate wanted me to open presents and she handed me which ones she wanted me to open in what order. So my FH's gift is last and all my friends have their cameras out and I just think they're overly enthusiastic about me opening presents. I open FH's present and it's an iPod(I love music)! He tells me he got my name engraved on it, so I flip it over to see that engraved on it it says Nicole, Will you Marry Me? He then gets down on one knee pulls out the ring and proposes.

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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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I love reading these! Here's mine 

FH and I have been together since I was 14 and he was 16. He really was (and still is!) my knight in shining armor, I was in a really bad abusive relationship and he finally gave me the courage to get out, he had confessed that he liked me and I had always liked him, just never said anything to anyone else. So, we started dating a few days later and I knew the second he kissed me for the first time that he was the one! I was young, but I really thought we could make it, and he did too.

Anyway, a little over 4 years into our relationship, just after my 19th birthday, (August of 2007) I suddenly got the I wanted more. we had just moved in together in June, but had lived together for the entire school year and spent almost everyday together before that. and I guess I just realized I was finally ready. I've always wanted more with him, but it just like hit me at that time. So we talked, and we agreed to get engaged.

Fast forward until December. After all this time, I was driving him crazy, but he promised he would propose by the end of the year. We picked out my engagement ring together and it was perfect. Finally New Years Eve came. He was going to propose on Christmas Day, but he felt guilty because we were surrounded by his family at his moms house and I told him I wanted us to be alone, no matter how much longer I had to wait, so he waited until New Years Eve. He was sooo cute. He kept offering to get me drinks and I put on some nice clothes because I knew it was the night...

So, I had made jello for parfaits, and he made them. he MADE me stay in the living room and he came out and I knew. He had put my ring in my parfait (right on top). I like immediately starting crying. So he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was crying so hard at this point, but I managed to say yes. It was perfect. Everything I had expected and so much more!


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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  Kelly, I'm with you, Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year and FH knew it. Well, on Christmas Eve we always go to my church service at 7 then his at 11. So we always have time to kill. Well this particular Christmas my family was in the middle of moving so things were crazy. We spent the whole day cleaning out my room and packing stuff up. He had my dad hang Christmas lights on the front porch (we didn't hang any cause we were moving) and I thought my dad was just trying to make our last Christmas special.

   So that night, after my Christmas Eve service we head back to my house to kill time and pulled up to the front of my house. I notice the lights and was going on how nice they were when he mentioned it looked like there was a package on my porch. Totally oblivious to what was going on and thinking a friend dropped off a gift I ran up to the front door to see what it was. It had a note on it that said "To Brooke-Look inside now" so I of course did!!

   I unwrapped this figurine for a Christmas village ( I love Christmas villages and have one of my own!) and I actually dropped the figurine on the porch floor! Yikes!! Thankfully it didn't break. But when I picked it up, I noticed it was of a man proposing to a woman! When it hit me what was happening I turned around and found him down on one knee! My mind was a blur! I don't remember hardly anything he said, but I remember hearing "happy" "man" and "will you marry me?" So I of course said "yeah!" and after some kisses and hugs we headed inside for a toast with my parents, his parents, my brother and his girlfriend. It couldn't have been any better!  Needless to say, getting through the next Christmas Eve service was extremely difficult!!Smile


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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My fiance proposed on Easter. He gave me a basket which had a hollow egg in it and inside the egg was a clue that led me to somewhere else in our house. I went to that spot and found another egg with another clue inside which led me to the next egg.  After 15 hidden eggs, I opened one and the clue inside said "Turn around" and he was behind me on one knee with a GORGEOUS two carat diamond!

Matty and Lauren

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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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My FH took me out to his back yard to propose to me. At the time, I didn't know whether he was going to propose to me or shoot me.


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