i really need

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britnicarlisi Posts : 43 Registered: 9/21/06
i really need
Posted: Apr 14, 2008 4:21 PM

i need help loosing wieght. I dont have any time to workout so i need a regimen that is based on food only. I ALWAYS crave food...you can say im addicted. I hate it! i weigh 160lbs and im 5'4. I would like to loose at least 20lbs by October for my wedding in April 2009 (need to fit for dress in october. ) PLEASE HELP ME!


FinallyMrsS Posts : 1,035 Registered: 3/29/08
Re: i really need
Posted: Apr 14, 2008 5:12 PM Go to message in response to: britnicarlisi

I am game!!! I need to lose weight too. I am 5'4 and 175!!! Im not engaged yet, but it is coming soon. And I am going to Hawaii this summer so I need to buckle down at least for that! How do you want to do this? Email? Phone? Let me know!

Re: i really need
Posted: Apr 14, 2008 8:18 PM Go to message in response to: britnicarlisi

me too. my wedding is only 7 weeks away and i really need to tone up and drop a few lbs.... cassalydia@yahoo.com.... whoever wants to talk about dieting.


MrsWilliams2008 Posts : 1,431 Registered: 7/19/07
Re: i really need
Posted: Apr 14, 2008 9:10 PM Go to message in response to: britnicarlisi

OH OH OH... I can give you tips. We are almost identical. At my heaviest (6 months ago) I weighed 159 pounds. I am 5'3".  I felt like I was WAY heavier than that. I was tired all the time and my biggest fault, I loooooove food, but I loved the thought of feeling good about myself more. What I did was simple: I did not allow myself to have anything to drink but good cold water for the first 3 weeks. I lost 6 pounds... and didn't exercise one bit. I still ate what I wanted to but much slower and smaller portions. Afterwards I allowed myself to have only one soda (12oz) a week but to continue to drink mostly water. I also now walk for 15 minutes  and do 50 crunches mon-thurs. Total loss so far is 11 pounds in a total time of about 3 months. I'm sure anybody boosting the exercise could lose at least 2 or 3 times that much. I'm just totally lazy when it comes to that though. I'm really happy @ 148 pounds, Im just now working on toning my belly for the beach a little.

I wish you more than luck for the body you want!!

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jackson132 Posts : 1,623 Registered: 9/13/12
Re: i really need
Posted: Sep 14, 2012 6:13 PM Go to message in response to: britnicarlisi

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