two maids/matrons of honor?

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willhaveĐ Posts : 1 Registered: 2/6/08
two maids/matrons of honor?
Posted: Mar 6, 2008 2:50 PM

Hi! I still have more than a year to settle this dilemma but I have two younger sisters and as tres marias, I all want us three to be deeply involved in the ceremony. I have previously planned to have just my 2nd sister to be my maid of honor but I've recently reconnected to our youngest sister these past few months. And so now, I want both of them to be my maids/matrons! Is this possible? And should my fiance have two bestmen too? By the way, the youngest sister is a parent already but yet to be married at the time of my wedding. If ever, will she be called a maid or a matron of honor? Thanks!

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kelleyiskelley Posts : 11,590 Registered: 7/2/06
Re: two maids/matrons of honor?
Posted: Mar 8, 2008 6:26 PM Go to message in response to: willhaveĐ

If your younger sister remains unmarried at the time of your wedding, she would be called a Maid of Honor. A matron of honor is a married woman; thats the only difference in the title name.

So to answer your question.. YES! Absolutely you can have both of your sisters as your MOHs. It may even make things easier on them in doing so; since they can plan things like your bridal shower etc together and share responsibility. There is no one set way anymore to have a wedding party. People do all kinds of different things,and they are all fine. And no; your fiance does not need to have two Best Men. Things do not need to be even.

So tell your sisters that you love them both very much and couldnt imagine deciding between the two.. so you want BOTH of them wqually involved with the honor of being your MOH.

Good luck.

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Ariana2858 Posts : 14 Registered: 1/21/08
Re: two maids/matrons of honor?
Posted: Apr 10, 2008 1:07 PM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

I have two maids of honor. I'm an only child and so is my FH so neither are related to me, but I have 2 best friends and I refuse to choose between them so I'm just having two! Neither of them are married so neither is a Matron of Honor, just 2 Maids of Honor! It's your wedding day, do whatever YOU want!


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