parents and money

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Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 9:15 AM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

I, for one, was entertained by reading the word "fightening" over and over again.

Are they fighting you, or are they FRIGHTENing you?  Both might be appropriate. :)



XYZ1 Posts : 367 Registered: 1/7/08
Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 9:16 AM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

I feel so dumb, I didn't suspect this was a troll until I read page 2 of the thread!  It's a sad, sad commentary on humanity that when someone says she's angry because Mommy and Daddy are "only" giving her $20k, we believe she's being serious because we know there are people out there who would, in fact, throw a temper tantrum if their parents didn't finance their extra-special perfect amazing fantasy wedding day down to the last penny.


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Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 9:20 AM Go to message in response to: CaribbeanBride08

Damn why she gotta throw NJ under the bus like that!?

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Beachwed Posts : 782 Registered: 9/19/06
Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 9:22 AM Go to message in response to: Guest

My fear is that she is real. Have you ever watched that show "Sweet 16" (that show drives me nuts). I actually knew a girl who reminded me of that show, she was insane, always yelling at her parents until they gave in and gave her more gifts, more money. I can only imagine what her wedding would be like!

If this is real, good luck to you. I hope that you have kids one day that are just like you, and maybe then you will see how insane this is.  You are 27 years old, put some of your money towards your own wedding and stop running to daddy. He can do whatever he pleases with his money, 20K is a huge contribution. As for not wanting to invite people to a $50 meal, I would be thrilled (if I liked the couple) to come for a $5 meal, or not even a meal. It wouldn't matter, people come to celebrate you and your husband, they don't come just for the food.

Also, good luck planning all this for THIS MONTH as your profile says! 


BoysMissLady Posts : 932 Registered: 1/18/07
Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 9:34 AM Go to message in response to: Beachwed

I'm with you BeachWed.  I don't know if this chick is for real or not...either way she SUCKS!!  If she's for real, she needs to grow the fugg up!  And if she's not for real, she still needs to grow the fugg up!


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Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 9:59 AM Go to message in response to: Guest

I was confused about that word too. 

Kelley thanks for the the tips on Pranking someone I will have to keep this in mind for another time. 

If this is real I feel very sorry for the people who have to live with the person.  I can't imagine anyone being happy with their life if all they base it on is money.  If the people in my life would only come to my wedding to eat that doesn't say to much about them or me. 

I have gone to weddings where the couple spent $50+ for the meals and they sucked.  The food was horrible and everyone ended up going to McDonalds or somewhere for food. 

 I have also been to weddings where the meal was about  $15-$20 per person and it was good food, everyone got full and they all had a good time. 

I attended both weddings because I was a friend of at least one member of the happy couple and I was truly happy for them and honored that they wanted to include me in their day. 

I had family and friends from out of town fly and/or drive here to South Jersey to be a part of my $5k wedding because they loved my husband and myself.  They paid all of their own expenses and gave us very generous gifts.  Why, because they loved us and wanted to wish us well. 

I hope you are lucky enough to have those kind of people in your life.

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08divabride Posts : 831 Registered: 11/17/07
Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 10:07 AM Go to message in response to: kennysoldwife

Just in case this is a real bride, let's have a moment of silence for the groom and hope he realizes what he is getting into before it is too late!  After that, let's pop a bottle of champagne for the parents because they will be getting rid of her ass!

If my parents offered me $20K for my wedding, I might pass out!  Some people need to look up the word humility in the dictionary.  Seriously, you are a grown ass woman who can pay for her own damn wedding.  Take the money and shut the f*ck up!

P.S.  That is the meanest thing I have said since I have been on here, but you deserve it.


MsDenuninani Posts : 3,962 Registered: 3/16/07
Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 10:13 AM Go to message in response to: blissandexcitem...

Without looking at any of the other posts, I pretty much know where this is going to go, so I'm just going to give you advice, straight up, without reading the other responses:

Believe it or not, you can do a lot with 20K.  Not as much as you probably want to do, but more than a lot of people.  I don't know where you live, and the relative costs of venues where you're at, but I do know that you're probably not going to find anything you can afford without lowering your expectations.

Does that suck? Sure.  But, bottom line, it's what you gotta do.  Unless you want to put off the wedding and start saving up so that you can increase your budget and pay for the limo, a large guest list at $125 a plate, and all the bells and whistles that go into those weddings you're probably looking at in the magazines.

Look at your guest list.  Narrow it.  Look outside the box when it comes to venues.  Believe me, people get married every weekend without spending $125 a plate.  Hell, I had a larger budget than 20K, and even my venue was only $75 a plate.  My guess is that you've got your mind set on what a wedding is "supposed" to look like, and you're being stubborn about it.  You're going to have to get creative.  Have it outdoors.  Have it in a family home.  Talk to an experienced wedding planner for an hour or so (many wedding planners will talk to you for a bit at a reasonable fee for an hour of their time) and see if she has suggestions for non-hotel type places that will cost less. 

Again, you're just going to have to expand your thinking here and quit dwelling on the negative.

One other thing:  Parents or no, they can do whatever the hell they want with their money.  It would be great, for you, if they decided that your wedding was the most important thing going on and that's where  they wanted to spend their money.  But that's not what they've decided.  They've decided that they want a boat.  It's their money; they get to spend it as they like.  You're not entitled to one cent of it.  You were entitled to love and support up to 18; after that you're pretty much on your own.

Also, I know it doesn't seem like it at this moment, but 20K is A LOT of money.  It's more money than plenty of people have to plan their weddings with.  Lots of people get nada. . .zip. . .zero.  And you got 20K! 

And I'd be remiss not to add one more thing.  My parents gave me 20K for my wedding as well.  My total budget was well over that.  The reason why?  I had savings.  I worked more hours and saved more money.  My parents did what they could, and I am extremely grateful for what they did.  But the rest? Was up to me.

Good luck. 

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MrsMcCain Posts : 580 Registered: 10/24/07
Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 11:39 AM Go to message in response to: blissandexcitem...

Sorry but you seem a little spoiled. 20k for a wedding is a lot more than what we are paying for ours so I have a hard time sympathizing with you.


MrsWhtrse04 Posts : 116 Registered: 3/1/07
Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 12:00 PM Go to message in response to: blissandexcitem...

wow it's so good to know that my wedding wasn't decent because it was only 11k. Thanks so much for informing that my wedding must have sucked


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Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 12:53 PM Go to message in response to: MrsWhtrse04

It's so nice to know people go to weddings to share your special day with you not the free meal.
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Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 1:46 PM Go to message in response to: blissandexcitem...

Wow. It is people like you that make this whole wedding business so difficult and overpriced. My fi and I are paying for our wedding ourselves -- we are about your age and are therefore grownups -- and we are doing it on a budget about 1/5 of yours. Maybe if you start using your imagination instead of just trying to imitate the weddings you see on tv you'll have a better chance of having a wonderful wedding on such a "tiny" budget. Much luck to you. 
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Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 1:53 PM Go to message in response to: Beachwed

quoteHave you ever watched that show "Sweet 16" quote

I hate that fu*kin' show... it's ridiculous. Stafford&RobertWilliams, Jr

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Re: parents and money
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I kinda hope the little brat is for real and everything goes wrong...and dh smashes cake all over her face and her pretty little dress!!  ha ha ha!!

Wait!!...somone needs to let her know...this is!!....she needs to go over to can help her...she'll fit right in!!


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Re: parents and money
Posted: Apr 4, 2008 2:39 PM Go to message in response to: marty08

My god parents flew 2 thousand miles to see me "get married". Not to see my wedding get married! On top of that they paid for my mass (which was $500) they didnt have to but they offered since they were my godparents AND their meal was NO MORE than $15!! and they LOVED IT! NO COMPLAINTS! I'm sorry i couldnt afford more! But before i made the decision to get married  I KNEW how much money i had before i picked the its on you now!


On the other hand i do feel sorry, 20k is about what i make in a year! (im part time). If you can afford it thats great but i dont understand y you would feel entitled to it. It seems like 1 of those cases that daddy and mommy spoiled her and when she grew up they expected her to be on her own now but she still can give it up!!

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