Wedding Dress Patterns

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Wedding Dress Patterns
Posted: Mar 10, 2008 11:40 AM

My husband and I are doing a vow renewal in August. My MIL, God bless her, has offered to make my dress since I never had a real wedding dress. Does anyone know where I can go online to browse patterns?


myra Posts : 5,550 Registered: 3/28/06
Re: Wedding Dress Patterns
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Vogue patterns (they also own McCalls and Butterick). Just Google them and you can see the whole catalogue. Or, go to your local fabric store, since these are standard pattern books.

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savex389 Posts : 506 Registered: 8/10/07
Re: Wedding Dress Patterns
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you might have a hard time finding some. my MIL and her sister were going to sew mine. there were like maybe 2 out of like a grand total of 6 that looked modern and not from the 1950's but still not my taste. i even tried to google up some patterns, i guess they just don't make wedding dress patterns that often. My MIL was just going to make a pattern from what dresses i liked. this never happened, i just bought mine. 


Pamlin Posts : 958 Registered: 10/26/06
Re: Wedding Dress Patterns
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depending on what you're looking for, an excellent resource is the  Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild and their Great Pattern Review.  All the patterns are reviewed, and there are usually pictures to show what the finished product looks like.  Granted, they're all period -style clothes, but for things like ballgowns and such, you really can't go wrong with what they use.


The wedding will be lovely, but it's the next day and every day after that makes me truly excited.


RockChalkChick Posts : 48 Registered: 12/27/06
Re: Wedding Dress Patterns
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The pattern brands you're likely to find at your local fabric stores are Butterick, McCalls, Simplicity, and Vogue. Each has a website where you can browse their current patterns - a quick google should get you to each site. 

One major factor to keep in mind: the pattern for a wedding dress doesn't have to be a "wedding dress" pattern. As someone already pointed out, some of the patterns in the "wedding" section are incredibly dated, but you just need a basic ability to visualize X pattern in Y fabric to see that the options are wide open. Most seamstresses are able to easily modify hemlines or simple details without too much problem - once you get an idea of what you have in mind, ask your MIL how comfortable she is with altering the pattern.

Look through the "wedding" section, but also look through the "formal occasion" and "dress" sections of the patterns - depending on your vision, your wedding dress may look nothing like th picture on the pattern but may be gorgeous nonetheless.

Example: my dress is going to be based on this pattern:


It may not look like much of a "wedding dress," but the sleeveless version made in a layered white chiffon, extended to floor length, and with an embroidered inset in the middle (instead of the sash), it's exactly what I had in mind!

Good luck! I'm excited about my unique dress, and I hope you will be about yours! 


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