MOH crisis!! Which to choose?

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MOH crisis!! Which to choose?
Posted: Feb 12, 2008 1:05 PM

Hi ladies!

I'm having a minor crisis when it comes to my MOH. I have no sisters of my own, but my one cousin and I have been as close as sister nearly all of our lives. Trouble is, is that I currently live in Ohio and she lives in North Carolina. My FH and I have planned on an October wedding, and her FH and her have planned on the summer of 2009. Last time she was here, which was around August or September of 2007 (before either of us were engaged by the way) we had a conversation about chosing Maids of Honor. I was under the impression, following that conversation, that we had come to the agreement that since we both lived so far away from each other that we would have our best friends be our Maids of Honor rather than each other.
So time goes by and the day after Christmas FH proposes. About a week later, still being under the impression that my cousin was fine with not being the Maid of Honor, I asked my best friend to be my Maid of Honor. A few days after I did this I recieve an email from my cousin asking me when she can start planning things.
So now I'm in kind of a muddle. I haven't told my cousin yet that I've already asked my other friend, but time is running out. I really was only going off the conversation we had the summer before, so I didn't think i was crossing any boundries. I'm not one for confrontations, and I'm hoping this won't cause one.
Is there any creative way that I could deal with this? Is it totally unheard of to have two Maids of Honor?


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Re: MOH crisis!! Which to choose?
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Did your cousin specifically say that she thought she was the MOH?  Maybe she knows she isn't and still wants to help plan.  I have to MOH' theory...long story there!!  So, I don't see a problem with having two!!


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Re: MOH crisis!! Which to choose?
Posted: Feb 12, 2008 2:45 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

Maybe she was asking when she can start planning things as a friend or as a bridesmaid.  The MOH isnt the sole person thats allowed to plan any parties.  Have her collaborate with your best friend to make her feel included.

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Re: MOH crisis!! Which to choose?
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I'm having two MOHs-my sister and my best friend.

Just talk to your cousin about it, and explain to her that both she and your best friend are very important to you, and you'd really like both of them to have this honor.  


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