I think I don't like my wedding

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I think I don't like my wedding
Posted: Jan 21, 2008 1:49 PM

I have been having this horrible stressed feeling about my wedding recently and I think it's because I don't love half of the things we already have booked. I don't really like my bouquet, the bridesmaid dress, the centerpieces... maybe not even my colours. I know that I second guessed my dress a bit at first, is this the same thing? Has anyone else felt like this?

I'm planning the wedding from far away.. it is in my hometown where my parents live, so whenever I go home to visit we NEED to get things booked and done. It doesn't give me a lot of time to think about things, and now that I am thinking more about them  and finding out that maybe it's not what I really wanted.

I don't want to tell my parents because they are paying for the wedding, and if we were to change things they would lose the deposits.

I know I'm just rambling now... I just wanted to know if anyone has gone through this? 

Re: I think I don't like my wedding
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I've second guessed every thing but the Groom!  I am an indecisive person by nature though.  Do you normally do this?  Like you go buy a pair of shoes, get home and then wonder if you couldn't have found a better pair of shoes? 

It could be just prewedding jitters, the stress of planning from far away and feeling rushed into your decision or you really did make bad choices.

I'm willing to bet it's the first one or the second one.  Just remember, the wedding is just one day.  The marriage is what's important!




Re: I think I don't like my wedding
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I agree with OBX i have second guess everything but the groom. I told my MOH that the easiest part was me is deciding i wanted to marry him. dont know if that was a good thing or not.

I think that most brides feel this way about something or other. im not too crazy about my dress now, and ive heard comments like this from people that have already had there wedding


ChucksGrl0215 Posts : 407 Registered: 8/27/07
Re: I think I don't like my wedding
Posted: Jan 21, 2008 2:50 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

I think you may just be second guessing yourself. Like you said, you are planning from far away and maybe you just don't remember things the way you saw them. I wouldn't worry too much about it. In the end nobody is really going to remember what your bms were wearing and what colors you are using. Also I would just try to remember that you probably aren't going to love everything that has to do with your wedding, but in the end you will end up loving it all because it's your wedding day and going to be one of the happiest days of your life. BTW what exactly don't you like about the bm dresses, flowers and color?



Fitzer Posts : 643 Registered: 8/7/07
Re: I think I don't like my wedding
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I'm not sure what all you have booked and what all you're second guessing, but from the list you've given, not everything you've picked needs to stay the same.  Unless your florist is way different than mine, you don't need to have the exact bouquets and flowers picked out yet.  Are you're centerpieces already made?  If not, no reason you can't change them.  Same with the cake if you're not liking that anymore.  These kind of things aren't done until really close to your wedding (which your profile says isn't until June, so you have lots of time!).

Bridesmaid dresses, if they're already ordered, probably can't be changed.  Depending on what you can and can't change, you might be able to switch your colors, swap one for another.  If say the dresses are blue and you WERE planning on blue and purple flowers, maybe if you can change the flowers you switch to blue and a different color?

I haven't really gone through this, but my colors have kind of evolved/changed through the planning.  I started out saying pink and green with some silver accents.  But, as I picked things out and the wedding started taking shape, the silver became more of a focus and the green got lost.  So now I have a pink and silver wedding, and I couldn't be happier!  Maybe your colors can evolve kind of like this?

Really though, relax, I'll bet there is more you can change than you think.  And if not, you liked what you pciked at one point, you'll probably like it again when you see it all done for the wedding.  And of course, remember what's important.  Even if the flowers are dead and brown, the dresses are ugly, and the colors clash, you will be marrying the love of your life! 


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Re: I think I don't like my wedding
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I think we all kind of go through that.  I have questioned a couple of things.  Thats why we have not settled on a centerpiece yet or should I say florist.  Because I am not in love with it yet.  I need to be in love before I do it other wise I will sit there wondering.  Something so simple like the place cards.  I have bought 2 different kinds and I am still not happy with the ones we have.  One thing is I am so happy with my groom!


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Re: I think I don't like my wedding
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I go through this 24/7!!...I think I've even second guessed the groom!!...lol...(I'm sure that feeling is more than mutual!!...fh puts up with a lot from me!!)

Our colors are peach..so everything clashes because there are a gazillion shades of peach.  I'm convinced my dress looks like a prom dress..Our location is beautiful...but not in March!!...blah, blah, blah....I could go on and on!!

Just remember everyone is going to be there for you and your fh...that is going to be more special than location, cake, flowers...I'm sure that planning from such far away isn't making things easier either!! No matter where the reception is, people are going to be having a good time...and like others have said, you can change your flowers and cake...I have about 4 times....

Don't forget to focus on the "us factor"...little things that you and fh can do that makes your wedding all about the two of you!! 


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Re: I think I don't like my wedding
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"I have the right to change my mind... at least a couple hundred times."

That has to be one of my favorite lyrics.

Let me tell you, I have changed my mind on EVERYTHING about twenty. Thousand. Times. The colors, the flowers, the LOCATION, the food, the favors, the time of day, the formality. I think my poor groom is about to carry me off to the courthouse and say HERE. THIS IS HOW WE'RE DOING IT. I DO. KISS Laughing

As OBX said, it's probably a mixture of jitters and second-guessing. When you get there, you'll probably love every minute and detail of it. I'm sure nearly all of us brides feel this way at one time or another - we spend so much time planning that we second-guess everything. It's just like a big final exam - if you spend too much time thinking about your answers, they start to look wrong even when they're not!


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Re: I think I don't like my wedding
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I've had the same problem with "committing" to my wedding details. I honestly believe that the wedding retail industry offers modern brides SOO many options that I think we all become overwhelmed by ideas and options. 

I'm a perfectionist and its so easy to want my "day" to be perfect perfect perfect.


My FH and I actually decided that we want to have a a vow renewel and 5 or 10 years and pretty much go all out again, because i'm having so many decisions problems...

best of luck!  


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Re: I think I don't like my wedding
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I agree with RosalieB, they give us so many options it makes it harder to decide on something cause it's so much that you like.

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Re: I think I don't like my wedding
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Hi Leela,


I agree with everyone above.  I think we have all had moments where we though 'Was that the right chocie?'.  There are SO many choices out there it can be overwhelming.  I am sure everything will be fine.  Where in Canada are you from /getting married?  I am a June 14th bride so I understand the closer it gets the pressure is on so you can second-guess yourself!




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Re: I think I don't like my wedding
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I agree with OBX.

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