Post your proposal stories!!!

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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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Okay, I love all of your stories!

Background:  My FH and I have been together for 3 years and 5 months.  We met in a chat room online.  Our favorite place to go is the Wild Animal Park near our house.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, it's a zoo, but without all of the cages and things, just lots of wide open space for the animals to roam.  We have been discussing getting married for about 2 years, but it's tough to set a date because he's in the Navy and keeps getting sent on deployments. 

Anyways, we are members of the animal park so we go there a few times a month, and one time we saw the remmnants of a wedding, so needless to say, ever since we've talked about getting married there.  On Sunday we went there just to hang out.  Our favorite animals are lions so we were down watching them.  I knew that he had bought the ring, but wasn't really (maybe a little) expecting it.  All of a sudden he spins me around and says, "how much do you love me?"  Of course I answered a lot.  Then he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him.  I loved it!  It was so simple, but so meaningful because that is our place and because we're getting married in the same location.


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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Here is what's up on my wedding site, just a little re-written


The planning for this ever-so-special day began many months before when my FH bought a brick to be placed in the new "walkway to the corkscrew" at the racetrack we would be visiting soon (Laguna Seca Raceway, California). On this gorgeously designed, and hand-crafted brick was engraved the words 'Kassi will you marry me?' Also, FH had purchased a beautiful, diamond engagement ring he had so carefully hand picked while I was in Las Vegas with an outreach team by the name of Soul Purpose Outreach.

Finally, the time came on a family vacation (with both of our families and a couple of good friends.) FH chose the special moment to be on the Friday before the races, so that everyone could be there. After a nice walk around some of the tents at the racetrack with FH's two younger brothers and mom, we began the long trek up the colossal hill to the patio where FH's precious brick sat in wait of being discovered. Upon reaching the crest of the hill, we found that our family was all there, and began glancing at the different bricks in the patio that other people had purchased and engraved with their ever so special saying. As we were looking I expressed to my FH how I had wanted to purchased a special brick for his upcoming birthday, but was unable to. FH then told me that it was ok, and that he had actually purchased a brick for the two of us. Then suddenly he took me over to where one of his brothers had been standing, at the same time, his brother moved away from his carefully picked position. Underneath his foot the special brick had been lying in wait, so joyously hoping to be discovered by the one set of eyes that would know the enormity of it's meaning. Without delay, my eyes landed on the brick that was so carefully, and lovingly created just for me. My heart immediately stopped, and I gasped for a breath. My mind said, and my mouth followed with the words "oh my word" about six to seven times. At the same time, FH moved into 'the proposal position' and he began, "I know that you have been waiting for this for a long time, and from the moment that I met you I knew that I wanted to marry you. So, Kassandra Michelle White, will you marry me?" As soon as I found my words again, I exclaimed with sheer delight "YES!" The next moments were a blur of hugs, pictures, getting the ring on my finger, more hugs, tears, smiles, laughs and so much more. Afterwards, we celebrated with some ice cream from a nearby cart being manned by some boy scouts, who, it must be said, were wonderful salesmen.




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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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Our Story...

Joel and I have been together for... well, it'll be 3 years January 3rd. Anyway, we live together and he and I have been talking about getting engaged for a while (at 6 months, I got a Promise ring) and we had both been searching out rings at the local jewelers.

So, I work for a Cell Phone company who has a car in NASCAR. I work close to the Pocono Raceway and June 8th we had the car here as well as the local radio station. Joel came into the store that afternoon and said to me "I went out and bought a new Transformer!" Of course, I sighed. My guy is so into toys... He says "You'll love it! It's a Mustang!" Which, yes, it's my favorite car. So he tells me to transform it. Tells me to open the grill and take out the plastic that's in it. "It's part of the guy" he says.

I pulled out this black plastic bag and, while I'm standing there, everyone is snickering at me. I look down at my hands and I see this silver glint from the bag. I dropped the car and opened the bag and inside was my ring.

"Is this...?"
"Yeah, it is. Well...?
"It's not official until you ask me on one knee!"

and he got down and asked me.

And OF COURSE I said yes!


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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DH and I are West Virginia University Alumni and we met up and a bunch of our friends at WVU's homecoming October 14, 2005.  WVU was playing Louisville and won in triple overtime.  It was great!!  During the game I was helping out the colorguard.  During half time DH found my parents asked if it was if it was ok to marry me. 

The next day we went to a place called Cooper's Rock, a place I had always said would be a perfect place to get engaged.  He was very nervous the entire weekend, I thought he was mad at me or not happy with our relationship.  We were getting pictures taken with my camera.  DH is the type of guy who pulls out his camera and has it out all the time, plus he spends a lot of time criticizing my camera so I was surprised when he didn't pull it out.  It was windy and cold and poor DH was wearing a t-shirt.  I said "lets go", then he said, "let's get a few with my camera" I looked at him like "what the heck", then he pulled out the ring box. I was surprised, all I could do was smile and hug him.  Then we went to our friend's place where they tackled him.... It was pretty funny.  What sucked was I had to go home right after that.  That was really hard.  But nearly 2 years later, we are happily married and have been for 2 1/2 months!  Laughing


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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  WOW, all of these stories are so wonderful.  I forget how much of a sap I can be.  

   Heres my story...First a little background.My FH and I met online Sept 11, 2006 and we met in person Sept 15, 2006.  I knew from the first moment we talked he was going to be the one for me. We have been going out regularly since the day we first.  That doesn's seem so strange but we live about an hour away from each other as well as I was also in my senior year of college about a 2 1/2 hrs away from each other.  Another strain to put on things is his work gives him crazy hours and not the normal days off in a week. At the beginning or the year he asked me on IM when would I want to get married, and from then on I knew he was going to ask me sometime (I did want to wait until I graduated college, May 2007 Sealed). In the spring there were times when I kinda thought it would be a nice time, but I was still in school.  Once I graduated we started looking at rings and actually bought the rings (my engagement and both of the wedding bands) together.  So I knew he had it to give me.  There were many opportunities that I thought would be perfect but he had something in mind.  On Sept 11 this year we went out, and there was noting out of the ordinary for us going out.  We did our normal things while we were out.  We were planning on finding a mini golf course (a favorite activity), the one he had in mind we couldn't find again, but I knew of one that someone else had taken me to.  So as we were nearing there I pulled in to play.  We normally will play 2 rounds of golf, this is one coming close to closing so the balls and stuff was across the way at the driving range, and the 18th hole kept the ball. In order to get our normal 2 times in we played each hole twice.  I never noticed that he had the ring with him (later he told me he kept switching pockets).  On the 12th hole we played the first round like normal, and the second round he putts first, as normal, and then I go.  Some how I ended up closer to the hole than he was.  As my ball fell into the hole I noticed there was something in there.  He wouldn't let me get it out until he was done, and he was trying to throw me off because he kept saying it was an animal.  I knew it wasn't or it wouldn't have stayed there while the balls fell into the hole.  As I picked up the balls I noticed it was the ring box.  I was shaking as I opened it.  Then I had to give it to him to put it on my finger, LOL...He later told me what he really wanted to do was ask me while we playing a game on the TV every night when he got on the show live.  He never made it on the show so this was how he asked me. 

    Our wedding is going to be Next year Sept 13, 2008 and I can't wait.



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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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Oh, how fun.

Well, to give you some background, my guy is in a band. And he's a bit of a goofball. And by "a bit," I mean "a lot." To give you an idea, he was doing this while we were grocery shopping one day:
He's a crazy nut and I love him.

Anyway. Said band used to play at the local bar every Tuesday night. I usually didn't go, because I hate bars for every reason in the world: I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't belong. But this night, he was running a particulalry powerful guilt trip on me, "I'm the only one whose girlfriend doesn't come," so I gave in and went with him.

I'm sitting at one of the tables with the other band girlfriends, and the band is playing awesome and everyone's loving it. They play classic rock covers and between Austin and his bassist, they put on quite a show (if you ask me, the drummer's boring.) So everyone's cheering, and it's gettng time to wrap up, so Austin grabs the mic and says "okay, I have one last song I'd like to play for you guys tonight." He's looking around comically to build up everyone's anticipation and his crew steps off the stage as he tells everyone, "There's a very special woman in the audience tonight - my girlfriend Sarah - and I'd like for her to come up and give me a hand on it."

So I'm thinking "oh, fantastic, Austin. THAT'S why you dragged me here this time." I get up and make my way to the stage and he says, "There's an extra mic in that case on the amp." I hop over to the case and I hear him telling the crowd "you're about to hear one of the most beautiful things ever."

...except that when I open the case, there is no microphone. I turn to give him an "oh, you have to be kidding" look and say "there's nothing in here." He looks genuinely confused and says "Sure there is. I put it in there before we left."

I rolled my eyes at him, but when I looked again, I finally saw exactly what "it" was. Mr. There's-An-Extra-Microphone had snuck an engagement ring into the case. I apparently made a HUGE gasp, because he told everyone "don't worry, her singing is a lot better than that." I stood up and he said, "so what do you say? ...gonna give me a hand?"

So I hopped my little self right on up on that stage, gave him a huge hug and he said "....I think that means yes!" And everyone jumped up and was hollering and whooping for us.

I told him I'm not falling for any more "it's in the case" tricks after that one.

Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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I actually hyperventalated when he proposed. Like, stopped breathing, turned red and had to sit down.

We were walking up the sidewalk to his apartment. Suddenly, he spun around, looking like he was going to cry, and he goes. "Marry me." I froze, gawked at him, and couldn't talk. He proceeded to tell me, while shaking like a leaf, that he wanted to do this when he had a fancy ring, but he doesn't have the money to get one yet. I couldn't speak. He then started telling me that he would tie a piece of his shirt around my finger if I said yes and he actually started TEARING the hem of his shirt. Then...I couldn't breathe. I got lightheaded and I was wheezing and I sat down hard on the wall ledge beside us. He freaked out, started to call 911, then got upset, thinking that I was gonna say no. Needless to say, it was a yes!


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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Ok Ladies, this is not my proposal story. It is the slide show of the most breathtaking proposal I've ever seen. I havent seen a lot, but this is by far more than I (and Im sure the this bride) could ever have imagined. It went around on the net for about a month recently. For you who havent seen it, get your kleenex it's a tear jerker....

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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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I am a huge disney fan and try to go to Disney World at least once a year.  My FH has never been to Disney World and is a huge fan of Star Wars so we planned a trip to go down for Star Wars weekends.  I was excited about Disney but also excited that he would finally get to spend time with my sister and her family since they were going to join us for the trip.  The trip finally came and we had a great time.  On the second to the last night after dinner we headed to Magic Kingdom just in time to watch my favorite night time parade (Spectro Magic).  After the parade was over we headed over to the castle to watch the fireworks.  We got a great spot in front of the castle and as Wishes was going on my FH whispered in my ear that he had to talk to me for a minute.  I didn't cooperate at first because I was watching the fireworks but when he started talking and I realized what was going on he had my full attention.  He said some very sweet things and then asked me to marry him.  After I said yes we watched the rest of the show.  After the show was over we announced to my sister and her family that we were getting married and everyone around us that heard the announcement started clapping and asking to see the ring.  It was dark during the fireworks so the first thing we did afterwards was head to a bathroom so I could check out my ring!  He wasn't able to get on his knee because of the crowd around us but later that night we got some great pictures in front of the castle and they made him get down on one knee.  It was the perfect proposal, he couldn't have done it any better :)


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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My fh proposed to me at a pizza parlor while we were waiting for our pizza. It was some damn-good pizza too.


ChucksGrl0215 Posts : 407 Registered: 8/27/07
Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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I love everything about my proposal story. FH had mentioned the day before that he wanted to go walking in this park his mother had suggested since we are both trying to get into shape. I said fine but didn't think anything of it because usually when he suggests something like that he usually never follows through on it. When we woke up for work the next morning he asked me if I wanted him to get hoagies to eat for dinner at the park. I said fine but thought this was a little weird since we were going to workout. Why would you eat a fattening hoagie right after but I forgot about it. My day had started out terrible because I broke a nail when I had just gotten them done. I called FH to say that I was stopping to get the nail fixed after work and if we didn't get to the park that day it was no bog deal. He started to act really weird then. He kept calling me all day to ask what time did I think I was going to be getting home. Asking me what park I would like to go to and even what time was I taking lunch which usually means he's going to stop up and see me. I eventually said something to him that he was acting realy weird and was he going to propose to me that night. He started saying that no he wasn't and he's not planning on doing that anytime soon so please don't mention it. At that point I dropped it and went about my day. When I finally got home he wanted to rush to the park. So I changed into sweatpants and a teeshirt to walk. I wanted to take my car since I had a movie in it that needed to be returned but he insisted we take his car. When we got to the park we started walking and stopped right infront of the WWII memorial they have there that is right infront of the lake. I started saying how both of my grandparents served in the war since my grandmother had just past away 2 weeks before. I started back up walking again but he walked over to me and stopped me. He got down on one knee and took out a ring box. I honestly don't remember anything after that. I can't tell you anything he said. It was like an out of body experience. I just remember saying yes and him getting up and hugging and kissing me. One of us put the ring on me (I don't remember who) and we sat on a bench talking. I found out too that he had called my dad the night before to ask for his permisson. I was very happy about that because that was always something I wanted my FH to do but had never mentioned it.

"I am someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love."


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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Yay!  Being engaged is so awesome!

My FH and I took a trip to Rome in May, and we spent an entire week there, exploring the city and ruins and the amazing nigthlife...we took day trips to Venice and Florence, and just had the absolute best time.  On our last night there, he had made dinner reservations at the rooftop restaurant in the Hassler Hotel (the fancy hotel where TomKat's wedding guests stayed) at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome.  We had a delicious meal and, right before our dessert came, he got down on one knee and asked me to amrry him!!!  We were both so emotional and excited, and I'm still just thrilled to be marrying him!

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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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My fiance (who was still my bf at the time) told me in October 06 that he wanted to take me on vacation to anywhere I wanted to go. We live in Chicago so it was freezing by this time so of course I wanted to go somewhere hot and tropical. We decided on Cancun and planned to leave on November 17th.

My fiance planned the best trip. We swam with dolphins, rode ATVs, took speedboat tours, snorkled in the ocean, laid on the beach, everything I wanted. One night we took a walk down the beach and eventually I sat on a beach chair. My fiance was standing by the water and he bent down. He called me over to him & he had written Will you Marry Me in the sand. He got down on one knee and held up my ring and of course, I said yes!

I was so shocked that i actually started laughing & i think I bruised his ego a little. We still joke about it every once in awhile! :)


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Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
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How did I miss this?? All of your stories are so sweet!!! I quoted bksummer for a reason though:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 My FH asked me to go to church for bible class. Nothing out of the ordinary there... we do that quite often. We had a good bible class and he casually asked if I was hungry. I really wasn't but wanted to hang out for a while so we went to one of our favorite restaurants... still nothing odd about that. We were seated at our table when I excused myself to wash my hands. I came out of the bathroom to find our waitress at our table, I sat and we made our order. The waitress quickly snatched up FH menu and left in a hurry, leaving my menu behind. I just couldn't  quite put my finger on it but my FH was fidgeting really bad and has this beyond elated expression on his face... like a 5 year old on Christmas day. I just brushed it off. Our waitress came back and she placed a saucer in front of me that had a coffee mug turned over on top of it. I don't drink coffee, neither did I order any so I just picked up the cup to move it out of my way. Lo and behold there was my diamond solitaire sitting in the ring box on the saucer. I was in complete shock--mouth open and all. He got down on one knee to ask and all I could do was LAUGH (how weird is that??). I quickly accepted because I didn't want him to think I was laughing AT him and was about to turn him down. The people in the kitchen banged their pots and pans and the customers at the restaurant applauded. I CERTAINLY couldn't eat then, my nerves had gotten the best of me lol.

Come to find out, he slipped the waitress my ring inside his menu and explained the whole situation while I was in the bathroom  which is why she left so quickly AND left my menu behind.

Re: Post your proposal stories!!!
Posted: Oct 21, 2007 9:21 PM Go to message in response to: MrsWilliams2008



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