Alternative Music

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Alternative Music
Posted: Jul 14, 2007 10:18 PM

Does anyone know of some good alternative music to play at our reception.  My FH and I do not like country or pop music.

Re: Alternative Music
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This is not promoting my business, since I don't even know if we live in the same state! So if you check my website, you'll find lots of ideas for music plus many sound files. Good luck! Laughing See Organist on the Roof

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Re: Alternative Music
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Postal Service has great music, Such Great Heights is my favorite right now.  Death Cab For Cutie has a lot of cute love songs.  Upward of the Mountain by Iron & Wine is cool mother/son dance music (what my FH and his mother are dancing to). Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.  Joss Stone, Dido, Natasha Bedingfeild, ingrid michaelson, Michelle Featherstone Man and Wife is also great.  If you scan through myspace's music they have a huge selection of alternative artist.  I hope some of these help.  Good luck!



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Re: Alternative Music
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I think the key is to mix in some pop type stuff in with alternative stuff. You want your guests to dance and have a good time, which they might not do if they don't 'get' or like the tunes.

I think Modest Mouse and The White Stripes have some songs that people can dance around to. I'm also a fan of LCD Soundsystem- they've got a dance-y kinda sound. Electric Six is good for PARTY! kind of music. Getting away from contemporary stuff - you can't go wrong with The Ramones IMO. :D

Are you having a DJ or are you doing the music yourself? A good DJ should be able to recommend a nice mix. It's tough to say without knowing your guestlist - I know my extended cousins would enjoy alternative music, but my aunts would be very confused/bored (especially if we played music by my latest obsession: Gogol Bordello) 

Going through my iPod I would suggest (warning: weird mix of music ahead): CSS, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Interpol, The Kinks, Ladytron, Pixies, Queens of The Stone Age, She Wants Revenge, Silverspun Pickups and Weezer.

I mean, within each band you have to pick and choose the more upbeat and non-offensive tunes for a reception... But that's a little sampling of music I enjoy. ;)


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