What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)

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What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 16, 2007 12:07 PM


I thought everyone who is already married could post things that went wrong at their wedding, and how they handled them.  That was, the ladies on here whose weddings are coming up can see how to fix problems that arise, and also see that not everything will go perfect, but that weddings can be fabulous anyway.

I'll start:
I got laryngitis and couldn't talk.  I was really worried about everyone thinking I was an idiot for not speaking up during our vows, so I had the minister make an announcement about it.  He joked around, saying " Don't worry Brenna, whispers are still legal".  And that way,  people know why I couldn't really talk to them at the reception.

Also, it rained a bit during our photos.  I suggest buying a big black umbrella is your picture location is outside, because those big umbrellas can look neat in pictures.

Oh, also...ha ha ha...I was really hot at my house, so my sister was holding a small fan against my face...but then she stopped paying attention, and got the blades caught in my wedding hair.  So...don't do that :P

Anyone else?

Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
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Gosh I'm at work and I just laughed out loud at the hair caught in the fan... I mean, I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time but the image I have is hilarious.  Ok so check... I won't do that!

November 3, 2007 I become Mrs. Vazquez! If this is a dream, please don't wake me up...



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Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
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I love this thread!  I just spent several days being bummed out because of things that went wrong at my wedding and it was the ladies on this site who made me feel all better by telling their own stories!  So this thread is awesome because it will only help everyone who reads it!!!

So on my day...

1) I had custom made jewely done by Everything Angelic ($200) and I lost it.  I had it for the portraits, but by the day before the wedding it had diappeared.  I ended up buying a $4 necklace at a cheap jewelry store to replace it.  It looked cute but it wasn't what I wanted!

2) I did all my flowers myself.  They turnned out beautifully if I do say so!  Unfortunately I left ALL of the refrigerated personal flowers at home.  Every boutonniere and corsage...still in my fridge today!  I discovered this 45 min before the ceremony and was too far from home to get them.  Had to get grocery store flowers and remake them.  Thank god for helpful family!

3) Minister forgot our names, despite the fact that I sent him a pronounciation key a month, and then again a week before the wedding!

4) As the minister pronounced us husband and wife, I cried, we kissed, it was beautiful.  Then my MOH whispers loudly..."what about the rings?"  He had to go back and do the ring ceremony then pronounce us husband and wife...for the 2nd time.

5) Videographer was late and missed the processional.  He did however, capture the embarrasing #6...

6) My new hubby and I are announced for the first time in public as Mr. and Mrs.  Unfortunately as I make my grand entrance down the splendid antique staircase, my  heel caught the carpet and I slipped down 2 stairs.

7) My cake was the wrong color. I ordered champagne buttercream with ivory decoration...and it showed up in brown, decorated with darker brown (i.e. poo).  It would have been ok for a fall wedding, but for a light, airy summer wedding with ivory and tiffany blue color scheme it looked ugly.

As the girls in my "bummed out" thread said, "the worse the wedding the better the marriage".  I REALLY HOPE THAT'S TRUE!!!


Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 16, 2007 3:53 PM Go to message in response to: jedigurl

The A/C was broken at our hall for our July wedding in FLORIDA, my bartender (which I paid extra for) was replaced by a bright red cooler, the server caught a bread basket on fir and dropped it...2 of my male guests had to stomp out the fire, my deserts that I bought from a bakery for my venetian table were all destroyed as they would not let me use their fridge and it was 80 degrees in our room, my servers (who I paid for 2 for the entire night and bought them dinner) were MIA after they cleared dinner, so DH and I and 2 guests had to cut and SERVE the cake, the clean up crew came a bit over and hour BEFORE my reception was over and took my serving set and bride & groom glasses, my DJ had to track down my wedding "coordinator" (again whom I paid and was only there for about 30 mintues of our wedding) to try to get our champage for the toast (again paid for) they only made 2 out of the 4 appetizers I paid for and served them in the bar (where others NOT invited to my wedding were) and there were no napkins or plates so my guests couldn't really eat them, the BM broke the bustle of my dress when he stepped on it....I think that is all I can think of right now, but If I remember anything else I will be sure to add it to the CRAP job that my hall did (By the way they are no longer a wedding hall but a Mexican Fiesta club now...Thankfully for any future brides in my area as they SUCKED at weddings!!)

But, we are married and just celebrated our 1 year aniversary yesterday! All in all my guests all had a blast and so did DH and I...even though I was upset throughtout the day....LOL. Oh well, can't do anything about it now, but laugh!!!


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Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 16, 2007 4:22 PM Go to message in response to: BirdLover

Here are mine wedding oops...The short version of all of courseWink

1) My MOH had to find a seamstress the morming of the wedding as her gown was not properly altered.

(2) I locked myself out of the house as I was getting ready to go to my parents (I had my hair & make up done...MOH was there w/me & she had the key to my house

 (3) I left the marriage certificate @ home, had to have my sister go to my parents house to find it for me, as it had to be signed that day because the BM was leaving the next day to go home out of state.

(4) The BM 10 minute toast that everyone was getting annoyed at.

(5) I fell on the dance floor!  My shoe slipped on the netting of my gown.

(6) Forgot to talk to my family all night!  I was so busy talking to everyone else. 

I'm so glad that I can laugh now!

Good luck, happy planning & happy wedding day


BirdLover Posts : 2,834 Registered: 3/30/06
Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 16, 2007 5:06 PM Go to message in response to: Mrslinnben

" my bartender (which I paid extra for) was replaced by a bright red cooler"

I'm sorry Gin, but I just started laughing at loud at this...and I can't stop...because guess what is sitting beside me right now?  A bright red cooler!!


BirdLover Posts : 2,834 Registered: 3/30/06
Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 16, 2007 5:07 PM Go to message in response to: Mrslinnben

Let's see if this works...fan caught in the hair:


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Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 16, 2007 5:26 PM Go to message in response to: BirdLover

Birdie, great post. Well I cant beat Gins fiasco LOL. I dont think anyone can ... Overall, my wedding was amazing, but of course, some things didnt go as planned. They never do. So here goes:

1. My photographer was 90minutes late, and since we were supposed to be doing ALL the formal pics before the ceremony, this was a huge problem. She ended up getting on the wrong train and she was over an hour away ... I told her 25 freakin times the correct train, but she was a basketcase in general and didnt listen to anything I said ever. When she finally got there, she kept INSISTING that DH and I stand in this same one place over and over ... she took like 40pics of us standing in the SAME position in the same place. I kept saying "Theres no time, guests will be here soon, we have ot move on" but she wouldnt listen. She was a pain in the ass lol. Anyway, in the end, she never got ANY pictures of me with my brother, and she only got a few of us outside; when I specifically said I wanted LOTS of pics outside.

2. After that fiasco, then our officiant was also late because he was stuck in serious NY traffic. I kept caling his cellphone and leaving messages in which I sounded panicked and Bridezilla-ish. My mom was FLIPPING out because she was our "co-officiant" and she was so scared she was going to have to peeform the whole wedding if he didnt show up. She has no experience at that and was freaking out, poor thing lol. So we were both really bitchy and snapping at everyone. My sister in law whois very sweet and polite..came up to the Bridal Suite and said to me "do you want a glass of wine to calm you down?" just trying to help, and I lost it. I completely flipped out on her. "WINE?? WHY THE HELL DO I WANT WINE??!! I dont want any goddamn wine, I want my minister to be here, and I want people to SHOW UP when they are supposed to show up." I must have apoligized to her 50x since that day, which was 7months ago lol. We had our quick rehearsal of the ceremony RIGHt before the ceremony, not the night before... so none of us knew what to do, what order to walk in, nothing. So the minister ended up arriving in the middle of the rehearsal, about 5min before the ceremony was supposed to start. Talk about panic!!!!

3. We paid $400 for 8 Ballroom Dancing Lessons in whiich welearned a Foxtrot to a Harry Connick Jr Song. We practiced that damn thing almost every night for two months. Well, our stupid DJ who I didnt like very much, had sound issues for the first hour of our reception. The music kept making popping sounds, or skipping, or you couldnt hear it, then it would be randomly loud as hell. So he put on our song and we couldnt hear the damn thing AT ALL. I start yelling "louder! louder!" as Im trying to remember the steps to this song ... all our guests were laughing because our foxtrot turned into a comedy. Its funny now, but at the time I was pretty pissed inside that was totally wasted all that money and then had to wing it with NO music. (we are not dancers so this was no easy task.) It ended up being really funny though, cuiz DH had made signs to give to our wedding party to "score" us like on Dancing With theStars... and all the scores were low as hell, like ---4, 2, and zero. Everyone was cracking up.

4. One of my friends, who enjoys a good drink LOL, got somewhat drunk and spilled his martini or whatever it was all over the dance floor. Two seconds later, my MOH fell ON HER ASS in the middle of the dance floor. I helped her up as we both laughed hysterically. She was pretty embarassed though lol.

5. During the ceremony, when the officiant had me put the ring on DHS finger, I had no idea which finger it went on and said it out loud. "Where does it go?" I think Iasked three times because noone was answering me , they all just laughed at me lol.

6. My mom forgot her shoes and my dad had to drive all the way back to the hotel to go get them. It was about a 25min drive, so not THAT bad but it was also Friday rush hour which sucked.

7. Thats all I can think of right now. It was such an awesome wedding, and most of the stuff that went wrong was BEFORE anything even started, which was good.


Kelley Lynn:)


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Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 16, 2007 6:28 PM Go to message in response to: kelleyiskelley

1)  The place where we rented the chocolate fountain from couldn't find the cord to it.  My mom was freaking out and the lady out the counter was in tears!  Luckily, my mothers friend had one we could use.

2)  The flower shop forgot the grooms flowers and the petals for the flower girls to throw.

3)  I forgot to put on my garter.

4)  I forgot to spit out my gum before walking down the aisle. (the more nervous I got the harder I chewed!! lol)

5)  The officiant did the exact opposite of what we asked for.


All in all it was a beautiful day!

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Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 16, 2007 8:08 PM Go to message in response to: BirdLover


So what went wrong at our wedding....

~ All of the flowers arrived at my house for the girls, they were beautiful and lovely - but we were missing a bouquet (luckily I called DH who was at his parents house and the guys bouts were being dropped off right then so I spoke wiht our florist and she had another bouquet made and at our house in 30 min)

~ The flowers at the church were handed out all wrong.  All the male participants (singer, readers, gift givers) were supposed to have yellow gerber daisies, and all the female participants were supposed to have hot pink gerber daisies.  Mostly everyone got yellow, the pink sat in a box and the ladies at church the next morning got them.  How nice.

To the reception we go....

~ no "Congratulations Rena and Joe" sign out front on the sign which should have been

~ I had spend several hours working on getting pictures from all of our parents and grandparents wedding to blow up and put them all in black frames with little personalized cards and poems for a table that everyone could see when they singed the guest book - well they were never put out.  So my wedding party scrambled around inside the reception hall to put them out, which they did a fine job - just at a table up against a wall that wasn't really near anything.

~ Our head table was missing a seat.

~ DJ didn't really go with the song choices I had for the garter and all of those silly things.  And I asked him to play this one song that went back to when DH and I started dating, which was never played.  Of course I didn't notice until after the wedding. 

On to the honeymoon.....

~ my uncle drove us into Logan Airport at 4am in absolute downpour weather.  You couldn't see an inch in front of you.  We were having a good old Nor Easter!   Well doesn't his wipers DIE right when we get onto the masspike!  Holy crap, I have never been so scared in my life.  We drove into Boston, with no wipers, I thought we were going to die and we hadn't even made it to the airport yet, let alone Jamaica!

I think that's it for now.....

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Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 16, 2007 10:13 PM Go to message in response to: BirdLover

We had a DW and got into town a couple of days before the wedding.  Thank goodness I went to the florist the day before because it was COMPLETELY wrong.  Even better, my parents were in town the day before we were and they went to the florist, too, so I wasn't completely caught off guard.  I had sent her pictures of EXACTLY what I wanted which were some dark pink roses and some light pink roses.  For some reason she ordered light pink roses with dark edges (not at all what I wanted) and the all over light pink ones looked more peach.  Ugh.  My dad suggested painting them as it was too late to order new ones and, incredibly, they came out really good, it was great.  To this day I do not know what happened- did she decide that this would look better?  Did the place she ordered them from screw up?  It was too hectic at the time to find out why and it doesn't matter anymore but I still wonder...

The DJ.  Oh my.  Worst DJ EVER.  My mom insists that I was the only one who thought he was SO bad because I used to be a DJ so I was paying closer attention but I'm not convinced.  This man loved the sound of his voice and ground the party to a halt many, many times, to the point that there wasn't that much dancing and we ended things an hour earlier than we had planned (though it was a 4 hour reception as it was, we just thought it would be 5).  He came recommended from our venue and I wrote him and them a letter afterwards telling them how disappointed I was.  I never heard from him but the venue apologized very nicely and said they would no longer recommend him.  Watching our wedding video makes me cringe a bit, though, as it brings the awkwardness back- standing in front of everyone and waiting for him to shut and play the music for our first dance, again for the father/daughter dance, and again for the mother/son dance.  I could go on but I won't. 

The food was really good but the presentation of one thing was so bad I almost asked them to remove it.  We decided to do stations of things- a premium pasta station, chef attended prime rib and Maine lobster tails (we kept our guest list small so we could splurge on food), premium mashed potato bar (served in martini glasses, a big hit!).  For the vegetables we ordered what they called a "Tuscan display" of marinated veggies, cold pasta salad, and Italian meats and cheeses.  Well, it was basically a plate of deli meats.  I have nothing against deli meats but it looked horrible sitting next to the lobster tails and mashed potatoes in martini glasses, so out of place!

Overall, though, it was wonderful.  My favorite part of the weekend was actually the night before.  We organized a pub crawl for after the RD and it was so much fun.  The first time that my whole family- parents, aunts, uncles, cousins- and close family friends went out drinking together and it was a BLAST.  I had more fun there than at the actual wedding because it was much less stressful, so glad we did it!  :)


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Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 17, 2007 12:20 AM Go to message in response to: newsjunkie

Well, I haven't had my wedding yet, but Newsie, your DJ liking to hear his own voice comment reminded me of a wedding I went to last summer where the DJ was TERRIBLE. She was in some sort of band and thought it would be nice to basically karaoke for like eight songs throughout the night. I found out later she was a friend of the groom's mother (and was free of charge I gather) and she had asked to sing a special song for the couple... and they had agreed even though they didn't want to do it. And apparently she didn't have any of the music they requested and what not... oh I really hope that doesn't happen at my wedding.


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Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 17, 2007 10:16 AM Go to message in response to: BirdLover

With all the things that went wrong for me during planning, I knew that things were going to go wrong for the wedding.  Here is my list of events.


1.) The lady that did my makeup made me look like a cheap hooker..  It took 3 babywipes to get it all off my face.


2.) My florist didn't have any of our flowers ready..  NONE....  As a result the wedding ended up being over an hour late because my mil was waiting for our flowers without her cell phone, so we couldn't get ahold of her to tell her just to forget it.   All our bouts were wrong, they didn't make the corsages we had ordered for mothers, grandmothers, and readers.  My bouquet pretty much consisted of brown flowers... Yep they were pretty much all dying or dead.  I was suppose to have stems and didn't, the flowers were completely wrong.   My Jr BM bouquets were wrong to. 


3.)  The florist showed up late to my reception hall (was supose to be there for 9 am, and didn't show up till 12pm)  12 pm was the start of my reception, and I was told after by a few guests that they were asked to wait outside while the florist finished setting up....  Which apparently didn't take long, but still pissed me off...  Luckily our flowers were right for the reception.


4.) My dress wasn't hemmed enough apparently because when I went to walk, I tripped..... So when I walked down the aisle I had to drag my feet so I didn't fall on my face. 


5.)  The sole fell off my youngest nephews shoe(RB).


6.) My oldest nephew got car sick on the way to the church because the guys didn't give him his motion sickness meds enough in advance.


7.)  Someone let our dog out, and all the groomsmen were chasing her around the neighborhood in their tuxes, thinking that they were gonna have to tell me that my dog got killed.


8.)  My cake was wrong on the outside.. The inside was right.  But it was suppose to be White, with red ribbon, red rose petals, and red roses on top.   It was a mocha color, so the red ribbon we had sent looked almost brown.  So the red roses on top looked grosse in contrast, and they didn't put the rose petals on the cake.


9.)  Due to the florist causing our wedding to be so delayed, we missed out on ALOT of pictures we wanted to have done with the photographer that we paid $4000 for.  We also had to pay more for our party bus.   We didn't get any of the hors d'oerves that we had paid for, for the cocktail hour.  Because we were late we had to be introduced right away.


10.)  When they were doing the intro's they sent my parents in before the DJ had actually announced them.. So by the time they were announced they were already seated..


HOWEVER   I wouldn't change a single thing about any of it.. To be completely honest the flower thing didn't piss me off until afterward when I saw the pictures and saw how ugly my bouquet was, and how wrong everything else was.  Other than that I'm completely satisfied with my reception facility they did the most amazing job... The ceremony was amazing.... Infact we were just told that our reception hall has used our wedding pictures in their wedding brochure. 


I wouldn't change a damn thing about my wedding...   If everything had gone wrong, I'd still be happy because the most important thing is that I married the man I adore. 


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Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 17, 2007 10:51 AM Go to message in response to: NatSeptBride

You have a fantastic attitude NatSeptBride!  Since I am still dealing with a lot of the frustrations from things having gone wrong (it was only a week ago) it is really great to see someone with similar problems feeling so satisfied and happy.  Thank you for sharing that!


NatSeptBride Posts : 888 Registered: 3/28/06
Re: What Went Wrong at Your Wedding (a good post to read)
Posted: Jul 17, 2007 1:04 PM Go to message in response to: jedigurl

Thank you Jedigurl.. The reality of it is that yes it does suck.. We all spend months, and months planning our weddings and investing lots of money into it.  You can't predict if it's going to go off problem free, so that's why you sometimes just have to take the bad with the good, and leave it at that.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that although we all have a right to be angry or upset when things go wrong at our wedding... Is it worth it?   You can't change any of it now.  What's done is done.  Personally I think remembering the good things is what's important....  Because if you dwell on all the bad.  Eventually the only memories will be bad ones, and that's not how you should remember your wedding. 


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