How am I going to come up with this money?!? - VENT

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BritSig64 Posts : 24 Registered: 1/24/07
How am I going to come up with this money?!? - VENT
Posted: Jul 6, 2007 11:35 AM

I began planning my wedding which is now only 3 weeks away last fall - We said from the beginning nothing more than 5K -

Well, we have so far put $2600 into our ceremony and reception site, and will be paying another $2100 the week of  = $4700......almost over!

My dress was only $450, and my wonderful grandparents bought it, so that is a relief.

The DJ is $600, we paid a $200 DP, and will have to pay the other $400 the week of - So far we have to pay $2500 the week of....

We have yet to buy all of our centerpieces, which I am assuming will come out to be around $200 = So far $2700 yet to spend.

We have to book 3 hotel rooms, for ourselves, the wedding party, and the officiant - at least $250 = $2950 so far yet to spend.

Plus all of the week of things that will add on, manicures, pedicures, food and supplies for the rehearsal etc....prob will be no less than another $200 = $3150 yet to spend.

I think it is clear we went well over our budget!!! and I am stressing out a little bit - I don't have a clue how we are going to come up with the 3K to pay for everything, we will be about 1300 short - and my FH hates taking money out of the savings to use on the wedding, we have allready taken out $2,350....

So being rounded up about 2K short, and about 3 weeks out, I am a little stressed out! - None of those expenses includes money we wanted to take with us for spending on our honeymoon - so that is an added amount of stress!

We really don't want to put a lot of these expenses onto the credit card, and FH doesn't want to take more out of savings - So I am just stuck, what should I do?!

Is anyone else out there paying for a wedding with no help and stressing out about it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??! I would love some support :)


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Re: How am I going to come up with this money?!? - VENT
Posted: Jul 6, 2007 11:51 AM Go to message in response to: BritSig64

hmmm. are there parents/grandparents you can ask for a loan? My FH and I set our budget at 2k with a little leaway. I cannot imagine the brides that spend 20k! Yes we are only doing the basics and not having a huge formal wedding, but most of it will be paid for with my tax return!! Although both our parents would help if needed, we haven't asked for a dime. Good luck and don't stress too much over it. Everything will fall into place.

Re: How am I going to come up with this money?!? - VENT
Posted: Jul 6, 2007 12:20 PM Go to message in response to: BritSig64

I don't know if I have any answers, but I can offer support. I feel the same way.

We have $2,600 set aside for the wedding. My parents might pay for our trolley, $1,000 or so, and might pay for half of our dinner (don't know what it will cost, maybe $500 for half). We are not expecting any financial help; this is just something my parents have mentioned along the way.

Even so, crunching numbers this week, I know we are going to come up short, maybe even by HALF! And that does not include our honeymoon.

But, I do feel good in that I know we have been very frugal about things. We made our own invitations and save the dates, got lots of things at discount stores...we even have $125 we earned in hotel certificates we can use toward the honeymoon, and a one night free stay due to rewards points. Every bit helps!

We do have money in savings to probably cover the wedding and dinner (our reception is two weeks later), but that is emergency money/nest egg. I will probably put the dinner on a credit card, pay it off when the statement comes, and continue to put money BACK in savings to replace what we have used.

It is stressful, though.


Do you have to book rooms at a specific hotel (is your reception in a hotel)? If not, you could try something like Priceline and possibly save a lot of money. Or, the hotel might be able to offer you a discount, which could help. Good luck with the finances!

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Re: How am I going to come up with this money?!? - VENT
Posted: Jul 6, 2007 1:00 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

I guess it's like anything else in life that costs money.  You have to make ends meet one way or another.  If a big expensive wedding with all the trimmings is a top priority for you (and your families), and you don't have the money in the bank, then you will of necessity be paying it off for some time to come.  If your wedding was, say, a year away and you crunched numbers and could see that you would not be able to afford more than X amount, then you'd have to scale back your plans accordingly.  With your wedding so close, you're pretty much committed to everything, so I'd say the best thing to do is savor every minute.  You may have to scrimp on expenses for the next year or two as you pay the wedding bills off, but it will get done.  Think of it as a constructive way to build your credit rating!
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Re: How am I going to come up with this money?!? - VENT
Posted: Jul 6, 2007 2:46 PM Go to message in response to: EveT2007

Brit, First take some deep breathes and know that everything will work out. Now are there things that you can cut out or do without? Can you do some extra hours at work to come up with the money? Can parents or grandparents loan you the money? As for hte manicure and pedicure, make-up and hair can you or a friend or family member do these?


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Re: How am I going to come up with this money?!? - VENT
Posted: Jul 7, 2007 9:39 PM Go to message in response to: BritSig64

Ok this is what I would do if I found myself in that situation as like your FH I HATE taking stuff out of savings..

There is nothing you can do about the reception or DJ now so that your stuck with.

The centerpieces you can probably skimp on a bit get something smaller and cheaper and save a bit there since this is one of the few places your still able to cut this close in

See if its possible to book a cheaper hotel for the night.

Be VERY careful on your little stuff the week of the wedding and write down EVERYTHING you will need, then figure out if you REALLY need all that stuff (like can you skip the manicure and pedicure and just clip, file, and paint your nails yourself). Little things tend to blow budgets and yours has already been blown even if you save 3 or 4 hundred now its going to be that much less to take out of savings or pay later. Also watch what you spend on your honeymoon, your going to want souveniors etc but if your budget is hurting this badly you may want to think long and hard on if you really want the stuff.

As for if you should take them from savings or the credit card well since the credit card has interest savings is a better bet. You really don't have any other choice at this point. Even if someone else loans you the money its not much different and the debt isn't going to disappear and I doubt extra money will suddenly appear either.





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