April 07 Brides?

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Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Mar 27, 2007 4:04 PM Go to message in response to: spring07bride

Thanks.  I am not very happy about it right now.  I just had to move my family in the middle of a wedding, now this.  Ugh!


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Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Mar 27, 2007 10:51 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

aw man Jocelyn, that really stinks.  Gosh - first the house thing and now the job thing.  Like you need any more stress right before you two get hitched, let alone life changes happening!!  As if you don't have enough to deal with already.  Do you have any ideas of what type of work you're going to look for?  You said you just had to move your family in the middle of a wedding, do you have kids?  I never even thought to ask that of anyone on here.  I don't think I did anyways, my mind is so frazzeled that I'm lucky I know my own name (o:

What to do:

100 programs DONE - 50 more to go (whoever was asking, I am not printing programs out for every single person)

final head count - caterer, hall, cake

finalize details with limo

wrap GM gifts

finish up bathroom baskets

seating arrangement (mostly done, just gotta review)

day before/day of arrangments

still shopping around for luggage

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Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Mar 28, 2007 12:25 PM Go to message in response to: RMB0414

No, no kids.  I have custody of my nephew but he is going to stay living with my sister.  I had to move my parents (dad, my mom is in a nursing home) my sister, my nephew and my brother.  The house we were all living in the plumbing went bad, so we got a 30 day notice.  We just get settled in, now this.  I don't know what the time line is for this, but it looks like I won't have a job after July or August.  I could just cry, as I have spent all my cash on the wedding, so I don't have any money in any accounts. 


I did my hair trial yesterday.  I love it.  I can't wait until the wedding. 


1 month.......  Do we count days now????  LOL!  That would be 17 days for you Rena......


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Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Mar 29, 2007 9:15 AM Go to message in response to: Guest

Just try to stay positive throughout all this...I know that's hard but sometimes it's what can help get people through things.  I'm glad you loved your hair trial..I can't wait until next Saturday for mine!


According to your ticker we count days now..haha.  And I can't believe Rena has less than 20!

Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Mar 29, 2007 12:30 PM Go to message in response to: spring07bride

Oh my!!!  I am going out of town on Saturday, so when I get to work on Monday, it will be moved along.  I can't wait until the 18th so I can see what the forcast is!


I have a lot to do this week!  Whis me luck!


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Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Mar 29, 2007 7:41 PM Go to message in response to: RMB0414

I'm not a April bride but my B-Day is in April SO ROCK ON LADIES!!!!!!


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Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Mar 29, 2007 10:12 PM Go to message in response to: deirdre28227

Jocelyn - I get ya now about the house thing and who lives where.  I was a little confused, which doesn't take much lately (o:  I am so happy you loved your hair trial too!!  Weren't you not liking it the first couple of times?  How did you end up doing it? 

I just got my hair highlighted with copper - it looks nice.  It will be good for the wedding (o:

Good luck with that job situation, I wish we could help you!

I have my bachelorette this Saturday night, I have to go shopping for a new pair of black capris tomorrow after work. 

I cannot believe I am almost down to 2 weeks.  Holy moly.  Holy something else is what I'm really thinking.

I just finalized seating, for real this time.  I have to re-count, but I do know it is just at 250, give or take some.  Tomorrow I am calling the cake people and giving them that count.  Whew.

I just finished printing out the placecard things, I have to buy one more sheet because I messed up a couple of them.  Boo who.  Lol. 

My tanning has been going so great, I keep getting tons of compliments.  Everyone at work is like "have you been going tanning, you look great" I was like "gee what the heck did I look like before this, was is that bad?" HAHA!

The people I work with threw me a small shower yesterday after work.  It was so sweet.  They had cake, some dips, and a couple of appetizers.  They pulled together 300 for a Home Depot gift card, so we can get a grill.  So awesome and so unexpected, I almost died when I saw how much.  I mean I haven't even worked there for 2 months yet, but I love it there (o:

Well have a nice weekend everyone, I'll be back with bachelorette pics.  Hopefully (o:!

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Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Mar 30, 2007 11:24 AM Go to message in response to: RMB0414

Wow, Rena!  Your co-workers did great!  Mine threw a lingerie shower that was so much fun.  Of crouse... I work with a bunch of crazy girls, so I didn't know what to expect!  I have a shower coming up.. Sunday afternoon.  Went and bought a really cute dress to wear.  It is a family shower that my FH's aunt is doing.  It should be really nice and I'm sure we will get some awesome stuff! 

As for my planning... I jotted down a few things yesterday... this is on my list for the weekend... or at least next week!

Book the rehearsal dinner (We are doing it on a River boat.. dinner and a 2 hour cruise... a little pricey, but FH's mom didn't seem to care.. it was her idea.  I think its a fun one!)

Figure out all of my music and give it to my uncle who is playing the piano

Go purchase the alcohol.  Sis bought the wine for me @ Sam's..  it was cheaper there than a liquor store!! (Gotta cut cost somewhere, right?!)

Finish tying ribbon on bubbles

Light a fire under FMIL to get the programs started!!

Book my hotel for the night of the wedding. 

Finalize my rentals

Finalize design for groom's table

Not really anything that will be too difficult!!  I hope you ladies have a great weekend and OMG.. all of us have LESS THAN A MONTH!!! WHEW!!

PS... Am I the only whose brain has turned to complete MUSH!?!

Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Mar 30, 2007 12:48 PM Go to message in response to: RMB0414

Oh my. I see two weeks I get so excited for you!  I can't wait until the 1st though!   I want to see that we are in the same month!  :) 


I made my highlight appt for the 14th at 7am!  Ugh!  :)  But I am excited.  I am hating the color right now.  I did a trial before on my hair, but it was very perfect.  This is more loose with hair hanging down.  Much softer, and you can see I have hair from the front.  LOL!!!  If I figure out the camera thing this weekend, I will post some pics. 


Well it looks like the soonest I will be out of a job is 7/1, but my boss is talking 9/1.  And then I get 16 weeks severence, so I will be in good shape.  It is just a bummer to look for a new job.


I know that tanning is doing a lot for me!  LOL!  I am so much happier.  But people don't seem to be noticing.


My work normally does a gift thing, but who knows with the merge.  Everyone is depressed and upset about having to find a new job.  :(


OK, weekend list:

Order bachelor/bachelorette tickets

Get paper and print program

Buy 3 grooms gifts

Make nail appt

Buy paper and print directions from church to reception

Put 25 favors together

Buy cameras

Buy cake stuff

Confirm vows with Pastor

Meet with reception coordinatior for reception set up

Buy something custom  (I was going to do napkins, but the color is wrong)  Any ideas????

Order Hor's derves

Shop for honeymoon


And I am going out of town to a concert.  LOL!  Last minute thing.  With my sister and nephew.  I think I need it after this last week.


Lo917 - How fun about the shower!  Mine was a few weeks ago!  It was so fun!  Have fun this weekend!

THe riverboat sounds fun.  I wanted to do a mystery dinner for my bachelor party, and they had one on a boat out here, but it was too much money.  I did not want to do something too expensive, as everyone has paid so much already.  Mark promised to take me for the weekend soon. :)

29 Days!!!!  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Apr 2, 2007 1:33 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

Hello!  I did not do much for the wedding this weekend.  I went out of town.  It was fun and got to go to a concert and spend time with some friends I have not seen in a long time.  Lots of fun! 


26 days!  Wow Rena!!!!  That is so close!  You have 12 days.... No pressure!  LOL!


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Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Apr 2, 2007 4:20 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

Reachnup - I hate to hear you are going such a rough time.  The bank I work for just merged with one from Louisiana.. and it has been a big headache for the company.   Glad to hear that you had a relaxing weekend!! 

The shower yesterday was great! The food was absolutley fabulous.. which makes me feel good because the same ladies that did the food for the shower are doing it for the reception.  I'm extremely confident in the food being wonderful.  FH actually came to the shower and stayed the whole time.  It was a lot of fun to unwrap presents with him!!  

I am doing (very) last minute bridal portraits this Saturday morning.  My seamstress has had my dress for ever a month and I was beginning to think I wouldn't get to take bridals.  Good news is my FFIL is a photographer.. so its no big deal and he can rush them to the developer.  Anyway... we ran our engagement annoucements in the papers yesterday and one of them left our picture out... I was miffed about that and have called them today to tell them they need to re-run it this coming Sunday. 

Girls... we are all DOWN TO THE WIRE!! Personally.. I am glad I still have 25 days! I'm not ready yet!! I still have SO much to do!! :)


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Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Apr 2, 2007 5:42 PM Go to message in response to: Lo917

Hey girls!! You've been so busy since I was on here last!  Lo your shower sounded like so much fun, you're lucky you had your FH there to help.  You guys sound like you're doing so good...I'm getting stressed...  We closed on our house Friday so I took off work Friday afternoon and today so we had a hellish weekend working our butts off trying to get our house in order.  We still have a lot to do before move in day on Saturday.  The wedding has taken a slight back seat for the moment but I'll write my list out..maybe that'll make me feel better:/


Meet w/photographer and DJ

hair trial

final dress try on

gm gifts

parent gifts

baskets for bm gifts

work on/finish/finalize seating chart

drop off marriage lic. and vows to priest

pay off a few vendors.


That's all I think of for now but I'm sure there's A LOT more on the list!  I can't belive we're less than a month!


Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Apr 3, 2007 12:39 PM Go to message in response to: Lo917

LO917 - The shower sounds great!  That is so awesome!  That is cool that you FH came to the shower.  Mine wanted too, but I told him it was for women only!  Good thing because I got all lingere. 


I have a job that I want, and the company is starting to post jobs, so that is good.  My boss told me he would talk with them also, to  help me get the job.  He really just wants me to adjust his claims.  LOL!  I told him no.  I know what a pain he is.  LOL!

Spring - Congrats on the house!  Good luck on moving!  It can be a pain, but worth it!


Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Apr 4, 2007 1:19 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

OK 10 days Rena!  So what is the weather going to be like for you????  How was the bachelorette party???


Where is our 4/7 bride?????  I know we had one!  Hope everything is going well!  :)


I have a question.  I got a final count on the invites we sent out, and I have room to ask some people that we just met that we are getting to know.  It is 9 people.  I put together invites, and I am handing them to them tonight.  Is that wrong?  It is still 3 1/2 weeks before the wedding.  One person has been telling us how she got us a gift, and we were feeling really bad about her not being invited.  So I sent that invite yesterday.  Just wondering if it is OK to just hand it to them, and to invite them so late.


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Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Apr 5, 2007 8:37 AM Go to message in response to: Guest

I'm jealous you have a final count!  We still  have people who havent responded..that makes me so annoyed!  To answer your question..or try anyway...I think since you're just getting to know them that it's okay to invite them sorta late.  They understand you were probably just trying to feel out the situation.  It's hard..it's like you don't want to invite them if you think they might be uncomfortable and you don't want to not invite them because they might be offended.  So trust me I understand!  But I think the important thing here is to go with your gut..and if your gut is saying to invite them then by all means go for it!


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