April 07 Brides?

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Re: April 07 Brides?
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Thanks, Mark gave me the idea of a shirt for one and a tie for the other.  He said they would love it.  My nephew we are getting a gift card to the game shop & the other two I am doing gift cards.  So I am done.  Yeah!  It was stressing me out.

Re: April 07 Brides?
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Good morning!  How is everyone today??  I did not do anything with the wedding last night.  :)  But I am getting back to the gym.  Yeah!  Tonight I am going to go tan.  Yeah!  It actually makes me feel better!


How is everyone???  We are almost at the 1 month mark!!!!!!


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Re: April 07 Brides?
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Hey girls.  I don't get to stop by very often, but I'm glad to hear everyone is coming along with stuff!  I have a few goals this week I have to get done.  I have to write thank you notes for a lingerie shower I had 2 weeks ago... they probably should have gone out already, but I've had a lot going on lately.  My FH and I closed on our new house last Friday and we have been painting, stripping wallpaper, laying ceramic tile.. etc NONSTOP since then!  I'm so excited and can't wait to get done so  we can move in!  I also need to meet with my DJ and finalize my rentals this week.  Neither will take much time or effort.. thank goodness!  Is it just me.. or is anyone else feeling like they just wish all of this was over??  I hate that I feel like this about my wedding.. but its just taken OVER my whole life!!  I'm ready for the honeymoon!! Going to Mexico.. never been, so I'm excited! Another question... are all of you girls doing wedding gifts for you FH's??  I am really stumped on what to get!  I'm so excited to give Ryan his wedding ring... I had it made for him with some of his grandfather's diamonds.  He has no idea!  They were very close, so it will mean a lot to him.  Anyway... I know I am rambling.. just nice to have a place to come voice some of my thoughts!!  Hope you girls have a good weekend!! 

Re: April 07 Brides?
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Hi!  Great to see you are getting things done!  :) The new house sounds great.  But a lot of work.  We just painted one room and it is taking forever. 


I agree. I wish this was all over and we were in Mexico.  BTW:  What part of Mexico are you going to?  We are staying in Puerta Vallarta. 


I am buyin my FH a bible and a hanky with something embroidered on it.  I can't find the hankey on line, I saw it at Valentines, then it went away.  UGh!  But he uses them, so he would like it. 


Awww, that is so cool about the ring.  It is so nice to be able to bring history into the wedding. 


This weekend Goals:

Take my nephew to get measured.

Put together 25 favors - 7 are done for this week so far.  :)

Get a final count for Bachelorette/Bachelor party & order tickets

Tan - Got an unlimited membership for one month

Buy a new slip

Take shoes to be dyed.

Not too bad!  :)  Easy weekend!  Laughing


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Re: April 07 Brides?
Posted: Mar 23, 2007 10:21 AM Go to message in response to: Lo917

I'm kinda stuck on my programs..they are taking WAY more time than I anticipated!  Other than that I'm still waiting on a few guests to respond so I can start thinking about a seating chart.


Lo917 we are doing the same exact thing!  We are closing on our new house Friday March 30th and we have tons of painting to do and we are going to lay tile in the bathroom..I'm nervous but excited.  Everyone thinks we're insane for buying a house so close to the wedding..but I think we'll be fine.  I can't wait to move in...it's so exciting to have our own home:)  And yeah don't feel bad I feel the EXACT same way about the wedding..sooo ready for it to be over.   I just keep reminding FH that at the end of all this we'll be married and relaxing on a beach:)


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Re: April 07 Brides?
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Oh wow... programs... my FMIL is supposed to be working on those for me... and I don't think she has even started!!  She is wanting to do a powerpoint slide show and all kinds of random stuff and most of it needs to be put behind programs on the priority list!  Anyway.. good luck with getting them done! 

What is everyone doing for bachelorette party?  What about for wedding favors?  We are having our cake place do gourmet cookies for us and we are putting them in little cellophane bags and tying with either navy or hot pink ribbon.  I think it will go over really well.  Our baker is fabulous and so I am sure the cookies will be great too!!

Spring07:  We really didn't have much of a choice.. our lease at our apartment was up and we didn't want to get stuck in another lease.. so we were kind of forced to choose between buying or continuing to rent... and of course.. buying makes much more sense!!  We bought a really cute, small house that was well within our price range and are re-doing EVERYTHING, with the excpetion of the carpet... and we have to be moved in and have all of our stuff out of storage next weekend! EEK!  Good luck with painting and tiling.  Its fun @ first.. but has the tendency to get old FAST! Especially when you get to painting baseboards and trim!! 

Well... so FH's aunt is throwing us a huge family shower next weekend.. and I am very excited about that.  We should get lots of cool stuff and get to see some people we haven't seen in a while! 

We are going on a cruise out of New Orleans to Cozumel.  We are excited because we LOVE N.O. and haven't gotten to go back since the hurricane.  So, we are going to N.O. to hang out before the cruise and a day or so after the cruise!  And... we decided it would be a blast to take friends with us, so we have like 6 other couples going with us.  I know that sounds weird.. but FH and I have been together for 3 years and have gone on a TON of trips to cool places and just thought it would be more fun to share it with friends!

Re: April 07 Brides?
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I have not done my programs yet too.  :) That is on the list for next week. 


We are doing both together and going to a comedy club.


We are flying into Puerta Vallarta.  We are staying for 1 week!  Yeah!  I can't wait!  5 weeks!  :)  I can feel the sun now. :)


That is so cool about the shower!  They are so fun!


When is your wedding?


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Re: April 07 Brides?
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Puerta Vallarta will be great!  I have been quite a few places in the caribbean, but never Mexico, so I'm very excited to see it. 

Our wedding date is April 28th.  In some ways, its not coming fast enough and in others... its coming WAY too fast!!  I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way! 

I am still waiting to get my dress back from alterations and get bridal portraits done! AHHH!!  Good thing my FFIL is a photographer and I can pretty much do them anytime I want!!

Re: April 07 Brides?
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Yeah, I can't wait for vacation!


Yeah!  Another April 28th Wedding!  :)

Re: April 07 Brides?
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why I try and make things difficult I don't know.  my bagpiper had to cancel on me because of  eye surgery. Not too big of a deal, he said he is in a society club thing of irish musicians and could set us up with another, but now I'm kind of changing my mind.  Bagpipes seem kind of mournful and sad for a wedding.  I kind of am inspired now since I already have to find a new musician to look for an irish flutist.  It's much happier and light, kind of goes more with my wedding.  My former bagpiper probably knows of one in the area.  I just can't decide if thats too much trouble this late?  I do have to find someone, it may as well be exactly what I want.  what does everyone think? i can't decide.


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Re: April 07 Brides?
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Hello everyone, you've all been pretty chatty these past couple of days I see (o:  Gremlin, I would just ask your old bagpiper what he thinks and if he knows anyone who is a flutist.  I personally am having a bagpiper and we are both very excited for him.  I have never been to a funeral with one, only weddings so I guess I just don't associate them the same way (o:  But I'm sure that all those musician type people know of each other and can help you out.  Just ask him and then go from there. 

Everyones coming along great huh?!  All of you ladies are buying houses, that is awesome.  Not us, not now.  We've been looking around - but nothing serious.  Right now we rent a duplex from my grandmother who charges barely nothing so we're happy.  But I bet you're all exhausted from doing all that work!!  I'm sure it will look beautiful in the end.

So my crazy things to do has gotten a lot better.  I am SO excited, I was going to sign up for a month unlimited tanning at this place in town - it was $60 for the month.  I was a little iffy about it, seeing as we're getting married in 3 weeks and could use the money elsewhere but I didn't want to look like Casper in my dress (Jocelyn knows what I'm talking about).  But then yesterday I was driving home from work, and I passed a salon in town that has a special going right now - unlimited month for $25 - I was SOOOO pumped.  It's not gross, nasty, dirty or anything.  The salon is only about 5-10 years old so everything is pretty new compared to other places.  Just a nice deal they're doing.  So I started that tonight. 

I picked up my dress Wed night, and it looks great.  I love the bustle, it is SOOOO pretty.  All of the prom girls were in Davids Bridal, so it was funny. 

We met with the photographer last night to go over locations and all of that and times.  We also found out our pics will be online with a special password, so after the wedding I'll def share that with all of you (o:

I just finished the seating plan, I still have count.  I have 2 "maybe" tables from people that I work with that I just invited today.  They are all letting me know on Monday.  So after they get back to me, it will be FINALIZED for good.  That feels fantastic.  I believe we are at 255??  I have to double check. 

I cannot believe that my bachelorette is next weekend.  WAHOO!!  Sooooo crazy!!!! 

I just finished copying, printing, and framing all of these pictures we're doing.  Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but FH and I got all of our parents and grandparents wedding pics and are doing a table next to the guest book/seating card table with them all framed and something along the lines of "where it all began" - not sure exactly.  They look really nice, and then we're goig to give them to them to keep. 

Sooo what I have left to do:

finish programs (they ARE taking forever, I agree!)

one more hair trial - plus a cut and highlight

print out seating cards - give the plan to hall and caterer

florist tomorrow morning - remaining balance and changes

priest - drop off money and marriage liscence

get honeymoon everything together

confirm night of wedding hotel

confirm honeymoon

confirm limo

confirm cake - headcount and design

Has anyone thought of what they are doing for thank you's yet?  My brother and his wife did something really cool, that I've been thinking I may want to do as well.  They hold a sign that says "thank you" and it's a nice pic of them - really cute - you may have all seen something like that. 


Yes I want it to be OVER - FH and I are at each others throats right now, it really sucks.  I am constantly nagging him to do stuff for this he is barking back, it's crazy. 

Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica

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Re: April 07 Brides?
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Gremlin - I would go with the recommendation of the musician.  But I love bagpipes and I think it would be great at a wedding. 


I just found out that our company 100% sold and that I was offered a job in another state.  So it is 50% that I might be able to do my job at home.  Lovely!  :)  Happy monday.  :)


I pick up my dress on 4/7.  I saved money in one place this weekend. I went to buy a slip, and when I went to my dress shop, she said I could rent it for $20 or buy it for $70.  Hmmmm, what do you think my response was??? LOL!  So I am renting for $20!  Yeah!


Final count for bachelorette/ bachelor party & order tickets

Follow up with non-responders

Program -

Buy 3 groomsment gift

Make nail appt

Print Directions from church to reception

Put 25 favors together (I am almost done!)

Buy cameras for tables

Buy cake server & knife

Hair trial - Tomorrow

Confirm vows with Pastor

Tan this week

Meeting with reception place regarding seat arrangments

Shop for honeymoon

Buy something custom - I was going to do napkins but the colors don't match.

Order hor's derves.


That is all.  LOL!  I have a lot to do.  And I am doing a quick trip again this weekend to get out of town.  I need to get busy.

With that long list, I don't have ticker envy right now Rena.  This is the first time ever!  LOL!


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Re: April 07 Brides?
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Wow I would love to do my job from home..that'd be great!  Would you consider moving to another state for the job offered? 


I can't believe we're at 1 month....well and 1 day from our wedding!  I feel like I have sooo much to do, but I suppose in the scheme of things it's not a huge amount.  Just need to finish these programs...I swear I'm never buying ribbon again in my life...haha.  But other than that I need to confirm everything with my vendors and meet with the DJ and photographer but that won't be for a few weeks.  My hair/makeup trial is April 7...and I think that's about it.  Oh and the guy's gifts and I need to buy baskets for the girl's gifts...and the parent's gifts...need to buy them.  Okay so I have a decent amount to do but I'm trying SO hard to not get stressed.


Rena I know what you mean..it's so easy to get frustrated/stressed and start nagging on FH..things get a little crazy for us sometimes too....I can't wait for all this planning stuff to be over with!

Re: April 07 Brides?
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No.  I would not.  I look at it as a new job in another state or here.  I would rather stay here.  And Mark said no.  He makes more money, so I don't have to work, but we don't get to play if I don't work.  :)


What is has done is take the joy from the wedding and the honeymoon because this work thing will be looming over my head.  :(  It is not supposed to happen until July/Aug but I am going to start looking now, as I was just told this morning there is no option of working from home.


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Re: April 07 Brides?
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I'm sorry you have to deal with this so close to the wedding...it must be stressful.  I hope everything works out for you and you don't have any problem finding a job.


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