What makes you love your future husband??

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Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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Wow what i love about my Andrew that is a hard one. Ok I love the way he is watching a dumb show and he cracks up laughing and I am still trying to figure out why it was not that funny. I love his laugh you can hear it thought the house. I love his brain to me it is sexy (Ok I love nerds!!!), when he teaches me about religion or science. There is nothing i don't like about him.


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Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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There are so many reasons that I love my FH ... here are a few.

~ He is charming ... to me only of course ... well and ya know my mom and the people he should be Smile

~ He cannot sleep if I am not at home sleeping next to him; he will sleep on the couch or he won't go to bed until I'm ready just so he can be next to me.

~ His love for the Red Sox; some girls may think it's annoying but it only proves he has passion - and yes he loves me just as much ... even a little bit more!!

~ The way I KNOW that he loves me - he doesn't have to say it all the time (which he does) I just KNOW it

~ How is so protective of me ... not in an obsessive, jealous type ... he just cares and wants me to be happy

~ The things that annoy me - I love ... like when he comes home and throws his sneakers off in the middle of the floor and I almost always trip over them

~ I love the fact that he wants to marry ME --- ME!!  That's amazing to me and that I feel the same way.  To know I'm going to be with him for the rest of my life makes me smile and the happiest girl alive

~ And last but not least, to be thinking of all the many different reasons I love him and to actually have teary eyes!! 

There are so many reason why I love him that I just can't explain ... I'm sure everyone hear knows what I'm saying Sealed

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Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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Gin: I can totally agree with you. My husband is the same way, he has a total of 14 tats, baggy jeans, wife beater t's and piercings as well.  He is also a big guy someone you would be scared of if would just meet in a bar or something but under all that he is the biggest teddy bear I have ever met. He trys to be tough but it last about 10 seconds and then he is laughing to hard to keep it up. I think one of the things I love about him is that he loves my kids just as much as he loves me.  He tries so hard to be a part of my daughters life, which is really quite the work out since she is 18 and never had her father in her life. But no matter how mad she gets at him, he just smiles and tells her he loves her.

I love watching him with my son, sometimes it is hard to figure out which one is older! I love it when he shows his excitment he the things my son does,

I just love everything about my life now with my husband, everything feels complete. We just had the best weekend staying home and doing nothing, we stayed in our pj's all day saturday, had a late breakfast and sent the afternoon, watchin disney with my son and reading books and nothing has ever felt so right!!!



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Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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There are so many things that I love about my FH, where do I start?


I love the way he holds me, even when I try to push him away.  He wraps his arms completely around me and holds me close.  It just feels so right.


I love how he's a big kid.  I tell my friends that I'm dating a 5 year old.  He says that our kids won't have toys, he'll have toys and he'll let them play with them.  He sleeps with stuffed animals, has model trains and k'nex sets, and he's always buying new gadgets.  He likes to pretend to kiss me, but then avoid actually giving me a real kiss.  Or he'll say Ditto in response to me telling him that I love him, because he finds the death look that I give him hysterical. 


I love that he goes to church with me and that he wants to go.


I love how much he loves my animals.  He buys toys for my dog and cat and plays with them.  He hand grazes the horses and gives them treats.  He rides the horses whenever he gets the chance.  He house-sits for me when I'm out of town and I can trust him to make sure everything is fed and the stalls are cleaned.


I love how he can't wait to have lots of kids.


I love how he includes my family.  He can talk to any member of my family and get along with them so well.  He's such a gracious, polite person.  He bought Christmas gifts for all of my family members when we were up there visiting and bought my dad father's day and birthday gifts when he and my mom came to visit.


I love his sense of humor.  He can always make me laugh with his silliness.  And he has that type of laugh that is just contagious.  If he's smiling and laughing, you just can help but laugh along with him.


I love how he's not afraid to get up on the dance floor and dance.


And last but not least, I love the way he loves me.  I love how he waited to tell me that he loved me so that it would be extra special (we were dating over a year before we told each other, I told him first, then he told me a month or two later).  I love how he surprises me with flowers at work for no reason at all.  He just saw them at the store and thought they were pretty.  I love how he walked around downtown Cincinnati in December to find me a cake on my birthday.  I love how he yells at me for opening my own door or when I don't call him to fight my battles for me.  I love how he wants to be my husband and I want to be his wife.  I love how he makes me a better person.


And those are only a few of the reasons.


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Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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can I add something? when i was little, i loved little house on the prairie and i wanted to marry a man like "Pa". fh reminds me of him b/c he has integrity and people look up to him. in fact, i'd say he's the person i look up to most in my life. and he makes me feel really safe.


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Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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I love the way he looks at me and it makes me melt. 

I love his sense of humor, and how he can make me laugh no matter how mad, or upset I am.

I love how he can be like such a kid sometimes.

I love how when he is with my nieces and nephews he turns into a giant kid.

I love how safe he makes me feel.

I love knowing how much he loves and adores me, and how he'd do anything for me.

I love his cooking Smile

I love how he loves pets! 3 dogs, and 3 fish tanks, and he still wants more, we're going to need a farm!

I love how we both agree on how important family is.

I love how gitty, and sweet he acts when he's nervous.


I adore him, love him to pieces, and I couldn't be more happy with him! I'm so excited that this wonderful man is going to be my husband and father of our children. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him, and fufill all of our dreams together!


How did I know I wanted to marry him, I just knew.... Right from the first moment I met him, I knew. Laughing


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Re: What makes you love your future husband??
Posted: Aug 22, 2006 4:03 PM Go to message in response to: NatSeptBride

I just feel the need to add....

        Congratulations and God's blessings to you all.   It sounds like you have truly met your other halves, and that you are blissfully happy.  I wish you every blessing in the future. 

I would like to add, that while Brian is still my boyfriend, he is also my future husband.  We are young (24 and 28) and not in a rush.  These are reasons I love him, and why I know he is my FH.

1. He told me, I am going to marry you and make you blissfully happy.

2.  HE tries to be sooooooooooo serious, but has a little kid streak that he lets out.

3.  He tries to be a macho man, and will never admit to be sappy, but he really is.

4.  He is loyal and steadfast to everyone that means something to him.

5.  He has such high morals and standards that he holds himself to.

ANd one of my favorites...when his dad asked him Why is Liz the one out of the other girls you have dated. (And I was present at this dinner and heard his answer)  My BF answered "She is the first woman I ever loved.  I ground her, and she taught me to dream" 

I melted.

God's richest blessings on your weddings.

never the bride, always a bridemaid...or a groomswoman....and totally thrilled to help my friends.

Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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I love the way my FH changed me from a hardened cynic into one heck of a love-sick, geeky nerd.  I love the way he takes care of me, and always makes sure that I am happy and have everything I need.  I love how he talks about our future children, and can't wait to have them.  I love how smart he is, and how I know that my future is in good hands.


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Re: What makes you love your future husband??
Posted: Aug 22, 2006 4:24 PM Go to message in response to: Guest


I just wanted to say that you're words are beautiful, they seem taken from a poetry book, and your love is so big that can be reached by others.. God Bless you both..

And to all the others a lot of Blessing in your life and remember this when you're going trought a bad day or period in your life or relationship (I know sometimes is hard but we need to try:-) ...this little things that make our heart melt should be present everyday of our life....Is so good to see how big love can be, b/c even reading your posts I feel like everybody describes something about myself, that's how wounderful love can be...I wish all of us could be in love of our FH and DH for all the days that'll come around...Best Wishes..

Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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My fh and I met when I was a freshmen in college and he was a senior in high school. We dated a while and then called it quits when he went away to college. He really wanted to go away to college and was already making plans before he met me. I encourged him to go, I used to tell him, if it is meant to be, it will be and that any real person wouldn't stop someone's dreams.

We went on with our separate lives and spoke sporatically over the many years that he was gone. When he returned home five years later, we kind of picked up where we left off. It seems that we didn't miss a beat.

This man is so good to me and for me. I feel like those five years apart were necessary for us to grow, experience life, and date other people. It helped us to realize that we were a great match and that the grass is not greener ANYWHERE else. True unconditional love is such a wonderful thing.Embarassed

Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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What makes me love my future husbad. I dont exactly what it was that made me fall in love with him, its so many things. everything from his smile to his dedication to me and whatever he does from work to family. I love his patiance with me, and last but not least he's sexy Laughing

Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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There are about a million things I love about Paxton, but it would take all night to type them all here! So, I will sum it up into a few short things:

1.) This to me is the most important...I am completely and totally myself with him. This may not seem like such a big deal, but I am so comfortable with him, and so loved by him even when I act stupid, that it has made me learn more about myself and made me the most confident person I know! That is huge!

2.) I trust him more than anyone else in the world.

3.) I always dated wonderful men in my teens, but Paxton was the first man my parents ever met, where the next day my mom called and said, "Your father and I love this one." That was a big deal to me, because they had never said that before, even though in my dad's words they, "never had to worry about who I was going out with."

4.) After 3 1/2 years of being a couple, I still come home to a card and flowers for absolutely no reason. Just the other day, when I came home after a hard day at work, there were 2 giftbags on the table, one from "the cat" and one from him!Laughing When I went to kiss and thank him, he said, "don't look at me, it was Harley's idea." ( Harley is the cat! )

5.) When I call him and he is out with friends, he talks to me exactly the same way he would talk to me if it were just the 2 of us. For example, he could be in a car with 4 other guys and he would still say, "whatever you want, you're the boss." or "I love you the most!" Not many guys would do that!

6.) He's always on my side.

7.) I have never, ever in 3 1/2 years really gotten in trouble with him, and even when we have argued, he has never, ever stayed upset with me for longer than 10 minutes, totally serious. And in 3 1/2 years, he has only raised his voice 2 times that I can think of, and I deserved much more both of those times!

8.) Bonnie reminded me of this one...he absolutely cannot wait to have kids! And he wants 3...(we are only having 2, but I think it was sweet that he wanted so many!)

9.) He is a truely good person, he is charming charming charming, and women LOVE him, but he is truely a really good guy!

10.) He loves God. He says his prayers every night. He has good, Christian morals.

11.) He works hard and plays hard! He is passionate about his work, and he is passionate about golf, and volleyball, and poker...but more than any of that, he is passionate about me. And he puts his family first. He isn't one of those workaholics that would miss his daughter's dance recital because of a business meeting.

Okay I am getting to the point of trying to list everything, so I will just say one more thing...
Last, but definately not least, HE IS SOOOO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD TO ME. PERIOD.

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Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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Aww I love these types of posts!  Well there are lots of reasons I love my FH..but to name a few:

- He has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. 

- He's extremely understanding and comforting. 

- He's protective of me.

- Even on my worst days, he trys so hard to brighten my day and make me happy.  He's unscathed by my moods and I love that.

- He's good to my family, friends, and pets.

- I know that for the rest of my life he'll take the best care of me and (someday) our children. 

- He can hold a deep conversation.

- We can talk and talk and talk about whatever whenever.

- He is extremely funny and we share the same type of sense of humor.

- And I love that I can see my future in his eyes.


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Re: What makes you love your future husband??
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I love these things.  They are fun and I enjoy reading all of them.  I love my Mark because of the way that he has looked me in the eyes with tears in his eyes and said " I love you soooo much more than anyone could ever love anyone else".  Needless to say this makes me tear up also.  He is so considerate of me.  He will jump to do the dishes before I even have a chance.  He is very spontaneous and loves to go places and do things with me.  We think alike.  Say things that the other was getting ready to say.  I have some great girlfriends who are my best friends, but Mark is my best friend.  The greatest friend.  I am so looking forward to being with him for the rest of my life.  Good luck to all of you.  Let us all be this happy with our men forever.

Re: What makes you love your future husband??
Posted: Aug 23, 2006 2:53 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

I love that he makes me want to be a better person and I am when I'm around him, I love how good of a heart that he has and that he can never be mean, I love that he wants to take care of me and always worried about my feelings and always wants my advice, I love that we have never been with anyone and we have both waited for each other, I love that no matter how serious life can get we can get really silly, I love that he is truely my best friend and I have never felt closer to anyone before, I love knowing that we are in it forever, and I could on and on all day, he's changed my life in so many ways and I thank God everyday for giving me an angel! null


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