It's already been established: Colorful center stones are the engagement ring look of the moment. And while engaged girls are rocking everything from pink and red to green and blue on their all-important left finger, canary yellow diamonds make for some of the most vibrant engagement ring designs.

It's easy to see why the sunny-hued stone is a favorite among brides-to-be. It's similar to the traditional white diamond, and it looks great in any type of setting — whether it's yellow, white, rose gold, or platinum. Plus, yellow center stones are a celeb favorite, with Carrie Underwood toting a yellow diamond and newlywed Jenny McCarthy sporting a yellow sapphire.

Yellow stones also work with an array of ring styles, from Christopher Designs and Simon G's multi-stone, vintage-inspired styles to more contemporary creations like Ritani's pavé-studded halo and Van Cleef and Arpels baguette-anchored trio. A pop of this canary color also looks great in a classic solitaire setting, like Tiffany's antique square ring.

This saturated stone comes in a variety of shades, too. For those a bit faint of heart, there's much more subdued options, with just at tinge of yellow to the stone. Bolder brides, though, will enjoy the richer, marigold and sunflower-shaded sparklers.

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At left: Style 17745CY, two-carat cushion-cut yellow diamond engagement ring set in platinum, price upon request, Kwiat

Photo: Courtesy of Kwiat