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The Dress

Love it or hate it, Kate's dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen was a fabulous example of the power of a perfect fit. Even if the dress's style bored or disappointed you, you had to admit it was flawlessly executed. Personally, I loved it. I'm pleased to see the return to simple, classic gowns on the bridal fashion runways, but the magic here was not just the design, it was the impeccable tailoring. Brides today have a huge number of gown options from designers who understand a modern woman—not the case 15 years ago. Now you lucky women can find any style you love and should spend your valuable time and money to get a perfectly tailored fit. No hiking up the sliding strapless gown, puckering seams, and fallen straps. Hire a seamstress or tailor to get it right on your body and no matter who made it or where you bought it, it will look equally flawless.

Unwanted guests

We've all got them. The parents' college friends you've never met. Business associates you've never even heard of. Not to mention the list of must-invites that you know well and worry will make you, or someone else, uncomfortable. They're the ones who drink too much, can't keep their opinions to themselves for a few hours, or are likely to cause the police to show up at the reception site. Kate and Will had a number of them including the ambassador of a violent dictator who was uninvited at the last minute. They did not invite Will's aunt, Sarah Ferguson since she has a tendency to make a scene (and sell access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew), but her daughters made up for the slight, directing all eyes on themselves by wearing truly obnoxious hats (Beatrice) or clothing (Eugenie).

Kate and Will's invite list was a good lesson in seeing past your own concerns with the confidence that no one has the power to ruin your wedding day—except you. Sometimes "well, it's important to the family, we just have to do it" is actually the right way to look at the situation. Because a wedding is not just for you to get married, that's what the marriage bit is for. A wedding is for your family and friends—weirdos and all—to celebrate the union.

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