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Inside Our Royal Wedding Sleepover

While discussing plans for the Royal Wedding, our editors realized that to watch the ceremony live as a group, we would have to get together on April 29th at around 4 a.m. Um, no. But a sleepover the night before? That we could do.

Perhaps you think a group of professionals—some with husbands and/or children—may be too mature for such an event. But you'd be wrong. We plan to make a night of it with a staff sleepover at the Soho House in New York City. Chances are there won't be much sleeping—more likely lots of gossip, fashion critiquing, and general trash-talk. In other words, it will be a lot like the sleepovers we remember. And chances are someone's bra will end up in the fridge.

Our sleepover will involve hats to wear with our pajamas, some cool décor from event designer Sandra Downie, a customized British-themed menu, and goofy activities to keep ourselves occupied through the prattle of on-the-scene broadcasters. Yes, it's a school night, but we're not going to work on April 29th and we hereby grant you the day off to watch the Royal Wedding.

So as we're planning our Brides Royal Sleepover, we're sharing the ideas we come up with, in case you want to do the same. And if you do decide to throw your own Royal Sleepover, you can download our step-by-step Royal Sleepover How-To Kit here.

Take the Day Off

Kate and Will's wedding day has been declared an official holiday over in England, so Brits get to spend a work-free April 29th watching the Royal Wedding festivities. (Well, most of them, anyway.) But we're not as lucky over here in America. And if you're going to be staying up all night to catch the Royal Wedding when it airs live in the wee hours of the morning, then you're not going to want to head into work Friday morning.

Here at, our boss understands the staff's need to take the day off—but we're thinking your boss probably won't be as sympathetic. So we've drawn up an "official" excuse note that you can hand to your boss. (Hey, it's worth a try!) Download your excuse note here.

The Venue

We realized that this process of planning a Royal Sleepover is not unlike planning a wedding. Especially when it comes to a critical planning step: Finding a venue that's available, within your budget, and that has an aesthetic that suits your theme or style. And, of course, you want the folks who work there to seem just as excited about your event as you are. So for our Royal Sleepover, we were looking for a venue in New York City that fit our budget, could host a staff of 12 overnight, and was available the night of April 28. And since our "theme" was, obviously, all things British, we ideally wanted a venue that had some kind of connection to London. The Soho House, a private members' club and hotel in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, immediately came to mind. Not only do they have some roomy, incredibly chic penthouse suites for our all-nighter, they also have several event areas and bars that we thought would be perfect for our pre-viewing editors' cocktail party. Plus, the Soho House's original location is in London's Soho neighborhood—there's our British connection! Luckily, the Soho House was available, and they loved the idea of hosting our Royal Sleepover (after we promised to keep it classy). FYI: If you're in the New York City area and want to host your own viewing party at the Soho House, they still have rooms available that night (no membership required). Call 646-253-6122 for reservations.

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