• Formal Black and Gold Wedding Invitation
  • Formal White and Green Monogrammed Wedding Invitation
  • Classic Navy and White Wedding Invitation with Crystal Details
  • Gilded Gold Engraved Beige Wedding Invitations with Hand-Beveled Edges
  • Gold and Navy Monogrammed Letterpress Wedding Invitation
  • Printable White and Blue Crown Wedding Invitation
  • Navy and White Crown Monogram Wedding Invitation
  • Formal Pale Pink Monogrammed Letterpress Wedding Invitation
  • Classic White Wedding Invitation with Embossed Pearls

Royal Wedding Invitations

Kate and Will's wedding invitation, though appropriately formal, was disappointingly vanilla in terms of design. If you ask us, these regal invitations would have been a better choice and prove that "formal" can be conveyed with lots of flair.

Queen Elizabeth sent out 1,900 invitations to the wedding ceremony of her grandson Prince William and Kate Middleton, to be held on April 29 at Westminster Abbey. The invitations feature St. Edward's crown atop the royal cypher of Queen Elizabeth II, embossed in gold. For the non-Anglophiles out there, the "EIIR" insignia stands for "Elizabeth II Regina" ("regina" means "queen" in Latin).

Photo: John Stillwell/Corbis