• tandoori chicken crisps
  • Cracker blts
  • deviled quail eggs
  • cheesecake strawberries
  • sweet corn arepas
  • mini sea bass tacos
  • mini bacon cheeseburgers
  • risotto balls
  • salad kabobs
  • shepherd's pie puffs

Unique Wedding Hors D'oeuvres

These distinctively delicious hors d'oeuvres and snacks—served on sticks, shaped into balls, or crisped to perfection—will take your wedding's menu to haute new heights.

Pesto 'n' Plantains

Seeing green: Guests will flip for these zesty chips. A flavorful pesto made with cilantro and macadamia nuts replaces ho-hum salsa for a vivid mouthful of Latin-Asian flavors.

Source: Serena Bass for Special Attention.

Pie Balls

For a dessert that delivers all of the fun in a bite-size package, refashion three classic pie varieties (from left: apple, pumpkin, and pecan) into scrumptious spheres.

Source: Pinch Food Design.

Watermelon Wedges

Part cocktail and part snack, sangria-laced slices of this juicy fruit are an easy way to chill out your crowd, literally. Tiny bits of citrus zest add flavor—and the playful look of confetti.

Source: Matt Armendariz.