15 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Hot and Sexy

Marriage doesn't have to be where sex and romance go to die. Call on any of these tricks when you want to dial the sizzle up a notch. (Warning: You'll never look at a peach the same way again.)

1) Hand him a mop. Men are logical creatures. (Or so they tell us.) So when you inform him that a Council on Contemporary Families study shows married men who do housework get more than dudes who don't, he'll drop to his knees and...scrub the toilet. (It's science!) Researchers say the uptick in humminah-humminah is most likely because wives feel more cared for when he pitches in, and feelings play a big part in female desire. (Plus, men look really good pushing a vacuum.)

2) Buy him a new scent for the honeymoon, and have him spritz it on throughout the trip. Back home, keep the bottle on your bedside table, and take a whiff to get in the mood—you'll associate the smell with fiery vacation sex. Forgot to tote a fragrance to Cancún? Scientists from Indiana University say any men's cologne can amp up a woman's arousal.

3) Set up a secret signal. Subterfuge is hot, so devise an erotically charged cue you can safely use in public—say, a tug on the left ear or an innocuous phrase like "Honey, did we unplug the iron?" Translation: "Take me to bed now!"

4) Chart your cycle. Time to get passionate about plotting your period: Your libido spikes about two weeks before menstruation, so that's a prime time to reignite just hooked-up heat. Do both of you a favor and schedule a steamy date night or a wicked weekend away.

5) Eat some suggestive snacks. By the end of the workday, you probably feel more fatigued than frisky. Get your blood flowing in all the right places by munching on aphrodisiacs during your commute home. Portable foods reputed to get you in the mood include almonds, peaches, and ginger (try it candied!).

6) Start following a random sport (bowling! cricket!), and select a favorite to root for. Whenever your pick wins, celebrate by hooking up. You might just become one of the few women who can say she gets turned on by SportsCenter.

7) Plan ahead. You can't have a sex life if you don't spend time together—a common problem, given today's 24/7 workforce. Carve out alone time with your huzz by creating a shared Google romance calendar. Be specific with your entries.

Event: Picnic for two.
Location: Lover's Lake.
Time: Saturday at noon.

Set it up so that you each get an e-mail notification whenever the other person adds a to-do. Think of it as seduction via BlackBerry.

8) Have underwear Wednesdays. When you get home on hump day, peel off everything but your skivvies. You probably already knew that guys are visual creatures, but scientists from Indiana and Emory universities say that women are just as into looking at sexy stuff. Which means the sight of your guy in a pair of boxer briefs will get you primed for a night of bow-chicka-wow-wow.

9) Make your boudoir a TV-free zone. Time to rethink where you watch The Daily Show. A survey by Italian sexologist Serenella Salomoni concluded that couples without a television in the bedroom had twice as much sex as those with one—so keep that flatscreen in the living room.

10) Take a deep breath. Researchers from Rice University say that when he's aroused, the scent of a man's sweat lights up areas in the brain that process sexual information. So if he wants to snuggle after a soccer match, don't send him to the showers—cuddle up close and hold him tight. His pheromones will do the rest.

11) Turn it up. Sometimes a tne is all it takes to rais e the temp. Here, 15 faves you can get freaky to.

"Any Time, Any Place" Janet Jackson
"Cream" Prince & the New Power Generation
"Fade Into You" Mazzy Star
"I'm on Fire" Bruce Springsteen
"I Want You Now" Depeche Mode
"Justify My Love" Madonna
"PDA (We Just Don't Care)" John Legend
"Red Light Special" TLC
"Lost Without U" Robin Thicke
"Nobody" Keith Sweat
"Sex on Fire" Kings of Leon
"SexyBack" Justin Timberlake (feat. Timbaland)
"Whole Lotta Love" Led Zeppelin
"Wicked Game" Chris Isaak
"Your Body Is a Wonderland" John Mayer

12) Mark the moment. There's just something about hanky-panky on special occasions. (Hello, birthday sex!) Why not expand on the idea with a game? Every time you have a married first—file a joint tax return, paint the bathroom, order takeout—celebrate by making love. Since you'll keep racking 'em up throughout your union (your first minivan!), you'll be like newlyweds for life.

13) Leave Post-its around your house marking the places you and your guy are planning to christen. Just seeing a yellow tag on your new loveseat or kitchen table will make you want to get busy.

14) Don't have sex. This one may seem crazy, but hear us out. As time goes by, many couples' love lives go on automaticpilot, reducing romance to a simple formula. (P+V=O. The end.) To ensure that this doesn't happen to you, schedule a no-intercourse weekend. Spend the time you usually would having sex doing things that got you all hot and bothered during high school (making out, heavy petting). Not only will the embargo increase intimacy, but you'll have a new appreciation for Monday mornings.

15) Play hooky. Every so often, tell your boss you have a doctor's appointment, and have your husband do the same. Then meet at home for a bit of afternoon delight. The thrill of doing something kinda bad on the DL will up the steam factor big-time.

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