15 Wedding Traditions for Good Luck

Cement your good fortune with these quirky wedding traditions from around the world

1. Bulgaria: Step into the church right-foot first, and your marriage will be blessed.

2. Cambodia: Bring a sword to the I do's. The blade confers harmony and strength—and helps make your wishes come true.

3. China: Light firecrackers after the ceremony to chase away evil spirits.

4. Egypt: Let the women at your celebration give you a pinch. (What's a little pain for good juju?)

5. England: Carry a beribboned horseshoe during your ceremony, then hang it above your doorway. (Make sure the ends are pointing up!)

6. Germany: Smash dishes the night before you get hitched and nothing will be broken in your haus.

7. Greece: Tuck a (wrapped) lump of sugar into your gown to ensure a sweet life.

8. Holland: Plant lilies of the valley around your home, and your love will renew every spring.

9. India: Have an artist paint your hands and feet with intricate henna designs. The darker the ink, the more luck you'll have.

10. Ireland: Add some lavender, a harbinger of happiness, to your bouquet.

11. Korea: Display wooden ducks at the vows (above). Not only do they represent you and your guy, they also promise a union marked by togetherness.

12. Nigeria: Wash your feet with cold water before crossing your threshold. According to Yoruba custom, you'll start marriage with a clean slate.

13. Poland: Feel free to cry during the ceremony. A few tears now mean none in the years to come.

14. Romania: Share braided bread baked by the bride's godmother. Eat a piece and fortune will smile on you all year long.

15. Thailand: Ask guests to tie a white string, or sai sin, around each of your wrists. Want maximum luck? Wear them for at least three days.

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