• Mini Bundt Cakes Wedding Favor
  • Himalayan Voarse Salt Wedding Favor
  • Personalized Almonds Wedding Favor
  • Tattoo Cookies Wedding Favor
  • Lemon Suntea Wedding Favor
  • Berry Pie Wedding Favor
  • Wallnuts and Nutcracker Wedding Favor
  • Jalapeño Olive Oil Wedding Favor
  • Barbecue Rub Seasoning Wedding Favor

Unique Edible Wedding Favors

Food is the one favor that everybody loves. Give your guests a bite to remember with these adorably delish parting gifts.

Seasoned Greetings

Ease them on out the door with a bottle of down-home barbecue rub. Fun idea: Color-copy a map of the region, make tags with a craft punch, and "star" your wedding locale.

Cork-top glass spice bottles, $2.99 each, Save-on-Crafts. "Shipping Tag" craft punch, $24, Marvy Uchida.