• rustic fall wedding decor
  • wood wedding cake
  • simple lakeside wedding ceremony decor
  • Sassafras Cocktail with Rum with Fruit Brandy
  • blue and white hydrangea centerpiece with branches
  • cream of cauliflower soup with bacon
  • crostini with baton of tomato
  • bacon and onion tartlets
  • poached pear with maple-pecan ice cream
  • classic smores

Classic Fall Wedding Style

Inject some seasonal splendor into your autumn celebration with a cozy color scheme, a hearty menu (s'mores!), and tons of naturally chic touches straight from the forest.

Tip: Pair an earthy color scheme with a vivid accent hue that brightens but doesn't overpower your palette.

Three-tiered hand-painted mascarpone-and-white-chocolate butternut cake with gum-paste flowers, Marion Cardwell-Ferrer; Sincredible Pastries.