• smoked bacon risotto with a quail egg
  • citrus whoopie pie favors
  • mini corn dogs
  • vodka and thyme lemonade cocktail
  • blood-orange margarita
  • guacamole and lime crab croquettes
  • vibrant multi-color wedding tablescape
  • Kraft Paper Scalloped Wedding Menu
  • rainbow ribbon and bloom chair decor
  • heirloom tomatoes and goat cheese
  • Roasted Sirloin, Onion Rings and Fries
  • Bright Orange and Green Corsages

Party in the Kitchen!

It used to be that couples who took food seriously would host restaurant receptions. Today, gourmets are taking the concept one step further, planning wedding feasts at private chef's tables that offer a sneak peek into the culinary action. (Go to zagat.com to find tables in your area.) Hudson Yards Catering, owned by New York City restaurateur Danny Meyer, created this foodie's wedding, starring upscale comfort fare. After all, the best bashes are the ones where everyone ends up in the kitchen.

In preparation for guests' arrival, produce brings a splash of color to the stainless-steel space; an arrangement of flowering quince in a ribbon-trimmed pot acts as a centerpiece. Corn dogs (right), sliders (next to stove), and a pot of bouillabaisse (center) poised to be served up in individual-size Mason jars offer a preview of tastes to come. Food and location, Hudson Yards Catering. Executive chef, Robb Garceau. Floral design, Lindsay Milne Davila.