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Man on the Street: Plastic Surgery

Q: What would you think if your fiancée wanted to have plastic surgery for your wedding?


Photo by Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"I wouldn't like it. God made your body the way it is, and it shouldn't be changed!"
—AARON M., 20


Photo by Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"If she was that uncomfortable and we had the money, I wouldn't mind."


Photo by Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"I'd tell her no. I asked her to marry me as she is. I don't want to marry another person."
—GILL F., 20


Photo by Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"I would not be okay with it. Thirty years down the road, it's going to look gross."
—TYLER C., 23


Photo by Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"I'd hope she wouldn't, but ultimately it's her decision."
—MEL B., 21

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Brides DailyMan on the Street

Man on the Street: What would you do if your wife didn't want to have sex on your wedding night?

We hit the pavement of New York City to find out how guys would react if their wife was too tired to partake in wedding-night sex.

Q: What would you do if your wife didn't want to have sex on your wedding night?

BRIDES_Man_on_the_Street_Wesley_250.jpg Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"That's why they make stimulants. I would run out to Starbucks for her."
—WESLEY K., 22


Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"I'd be disappointed, and I'd expect something really nice the next day."


Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"It happened to me. She was wiped out, so I got drinks with my friends."
—JOHN P., 27


Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"Part of being married is to understand, but honestly, that's not a good start."
—DEV P., 30


Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"I don't even know what that means! She has to fulfill her duties! I just gave her my life!"
—ANDREW G., 24

BRIDES magazine

BRIDES magazineBrides DailyMan on the Street

Man on the Street: The Proposal

We hit the streets of New York to get guys to confess how they feel about the bended-knee thing—if they're not doing the bending.

Q: "A woman proposing—you okay with that?"


Photo by Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"It just wouldn't feel good. If you're in a relationship and she's asking, something isn't right."

—Nick N., 26


Photo by Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"Totally! It would take the pressure off of me and save me the five grand on a ring."

—Matt C., 24


Photo by Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"I'd feel kind of awkward. But if I were in love, it would save me the nervousness."

—Angel O., 33


Photo by Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"It would be weird, but I'd get used to it. But I probably wouldn't tell my friends how it went down."

—Gabriel S., 28


Photo by Luigi Menduni/BRIDES

"If I loved her—great! Men always do it; it's about time a woman stepped up."

—Xavier M., 29

—Barrie Gillies, BRIDES magazine

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