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Wedding on a Budget: How to Save Money on Hair and Makeup


Photo by Bruce Soyez-Bernard/BRIDES

BRIDES magazine is here to help you get more bang for your hard-earned buck. Take a look at our list of five essential do's and don'ts for scheduling your hair and makeup for your wedding day.

DON'T shell out big bucks for a hair accessory you'll wear just once. If you've admired a headpiece or hair accent worn by a friend, ask if she'll lend it to you.

DO stop by a few different department-store makeup counters before the wedding. Schedule a time with a makeup artist whose style you like, and buy only what you love.

DON'T hire a stylist to make a house call—it costs a lot less to go to the salon yourself.

DO ask a talented friend to do your hair and/or makeup, especially if you're low-maintenance. Make sure she understands your wedding-day vision, and have a trial run a few weeks ahead.

DON'T feel obligated to pay to have your stylist take care of your attendants' hair and makeup. The exception: Mom.

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10 Wedding-Day Secrets From Industry Experts


Bruce Soyez-Bernard/BRIDES

BRIDES magazine has rounded up some of our favorite wedding pros and asked them to give our readers their best pointers for the party of a lifetime.

1. To diffuse any makeup stains, blot your dress with white talcum.
Francesca Pitera, Jim Hjelm

2. Bring two pairs of shoes: one for the ceremony, the other to put in the reception site's freezer. When your feet start hurting, slip on the second pair to feel instantly refreshed--trust me!
Nancy Williams, Carolina Herrera

3. On the day of the wedding, apply a skin primer to make sure your makeup stays on all day long.
Trish McEvoy

4. To look instantly refreshed, use an eye cream with caffeine to minimize dark circles.
Dr. Fredric Brandt, Dr. Brandt Skincare

5. To make the most of your cake budget, order a small, custom tiered cake and supplement it with decorated sheet cakes that can be plated behind closed doors.
Ellen Baumwoll, Bijoux Doux Specialty Cakes

6. Make a list of guests' names, assign each a number, then write the corresponding number on the back of each reply card. Guests often forget to put their names on their cards.
Melinda Morris, Lion in the Sun

7. Try to have at least a few photographs shot at sunset, when the light is perfect. That is often the time when I take the most beautiful and intimate images of the day.
Lisa Lefkowitz, Lisa Lefkowitz Fine Arts Photography

8. Wear diamond bracelets or statement cuffs to bring attention to your left hand, which is where everyone is looking.
Paul Tacorian, Tacori

9. Ask one of your bridesmaids to carry travel-size hairspray for you. It will come in handy for touch-ups (even for the groom), especially if you're taking outdoor photographs on a windy day.
Frederic Fekkai

10. If things don't go exactly as planned, go with the flow—if you relax, your guests will, too.
Alison Hotchkiss, Alison Events

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Tips from a Celeb Facialist


Courtesy of Fairchild Archive

When Kerry Washington, Anna Paquin, and Rashida Jones need to perfect their complexions, they call L.A. facialist Kate Somerville. Her Skin Health Experts Clinic offers a roster of transformative prenup treatments. Somerville advises an oxygen treatment with hyaluronic acid one to two days before the wedding for a glow that lasts beyond the big day. She also recommends that you ask your therapist to skip traditional extractions (they can cause inflammation and scarring) and any facial massage: "Stimulating the sebum glands can cause breakouts—not exactly the look you're going for!"

—Lexi Dwyer, BRIDES magazine

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Easy Skin Type Self-Analysis


Photo by: Gail Hadani/BRIDES

New York dermatologist Macrene Alexiades explains how to determine your skin type—once and for all—so you know how to get the right products for your face.

DRY Your face feels dry to the touch, and when you blot, no oil comes off on the paper. Other indicators: Your skin becomes parched after washing, and you observe tiny flakes if you skip moisturizing.

OILY If your skin is moist after washing, feels supple even without moisturizer, and gets shinier as the day progresses, chances are it's oily. When you blot with paper, you may even see the oil.

COMBINATION The outer parts of your face are dry, but throughout the day the T-zone—your forehead, nose, and chin—gets oily.

SENSITIVE Your face may flush easily or get irritated from triggers like heat, hot water, sun, wind, alcohol, spicy food, and skin-care products containing acids or retinols.

—Lexi Dwyer, BRIDES magazine

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4 Tips to Making Lipstick Stay on Longer


Photo by Ted Morrison/BRIDES

Paul Innis, celebrity makeup artist for Avon North America, shared his secrets on how to make lipstick stay put all wedding long.

1. Start with bare lips. (Moisturizer can cause lip liner to smear off.) Line the entire lip with liner, filling in the middle, too. "For the best effect, choose a shade that's as close as possible to your natural lip color," says Innis


Photo by Gail Hadani/BRIDES

2. Cover your lips with a single ply of tissue, and using a fluffy brush, dust face powder over your lips to set the liner. The thin layer of tissue allows just the right amount of powder to cover your lips and form a solid base.


Photo by Gail Hadani/BRIDES

3. Line and fill again. "Be careful not to allow the color to extend past the natural line of your lips—unless you're trying to correct the shape."


Photo by Gail Hadani/BRIDES

4. Apply lipstick using a clean, dry lip brush, which will give you the best control and the most natural look. Begin in the center and work outward.


Photo by Gail Hadani/BRIDES

—Lexi Dwyer, BRIDES magazine

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Wedding-Worthy Nails in 3 Steps


Bruno Gaget/BRIDES

Nail pro Deborah Lippmann, who's worked with celebs Sarah Jessica Parker and Mary J. Blige, shares with BRIDES magazine her top three tips on prepping nails for a killer manicure on your wedding day:

1. GET STRONG Apply hydrating nail hardener (as a base coat) every week to help strengthen nails.

2. SOFTEN UP Exfoliate your hands weekly, moisturize daily, and give your cuticles TLC by using an emollient cream on the nail beds after washing your hands.

3. WATCH YOUR FORM The most popular shape is a rounded square (above). If you're not a fan of this look, mirror the bottom of your nail bed as you file—it follows your natural shape.

—Lexi Dwyer, BRIDES magazine

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BRIDES Editor's Wedding Pics

  • This past May, Michael and I got hitched. We wanted a small, intimate wedding outdoors. We picked our favorite American city to visit (San Francisco) and our favorite hotel to stay at (Hotel Vitale). My sister, Kristy, was the officiant and my brother, Mike, was the photographer. I planned most of the wedding from our home in Brooklyn, and on the day of, family pitched in to put together paper pom-poms, do hair and makeup, and sweep up rose petals. Like most weddings we see at BRIDES, ours was a combination of DIY, expert help, and family gumption. Hope you enjoy the photos, and maybe even get inspired!—Joyce Bautista, BRIDES

    I chose the color of my silk Jenny Yoo dress (Capri blue) and then came up with a color scheme that would complement and not overwhelm it. Amy Burke Designs in San Francisco put together four arrangements used to decorate the terrace where we held the ceremony and, later, the tables at dinner. The paper pom-poms were from Party Poms.

  • The throwing of rice after a wedding ceremony symbolizes prosperity for the new husband and wife. Taking luck any way we can get it, we followed suit. The calligraphed gauze bags were by Bell'occhio in San Francisco.

  • My friend Ema talked me off many an emotional precipice back in New York during the wedding planning. Even the day of, she was there, if only in spirit. She put together an emergency kit with everything I might need last-minute.

  • That's me peeking out from the bathroom, waiting for Michael to arrive at the ceremony. My sister did my hair and makeup after a free consultation at Sephora the day before.

  • My bouquet (also by Amy Burke Designs) included some of my favorite flowers and foliage, such as lilies of the valley, kangaroo paw, and dusty millers. Those shoes are my first-ever pair of Christian Louboutin heels, and I continue to wear them all the time—I'm getting my money's worth, baby!

  • The tie is Liberty for Target and features what I think are supposed to be London taxis, but we bought it because they look like VW Beetles—Michael owns a convertible cream one that we both love. The bout was by Amy Burke Designs.

  • Michael and I wrote our own vows. I forgot about half of mine—I was definitely more nervous than I thought I would be. My engagement ring is from the 19th century and was picked out by Michael all on his own from our friend's Brooklyn shop, Erie Basin.

  • We went with plain gold wedding bands. Both are engraved on the inside with our wedding date, and mine reads, "Michael <3 Joyce," while his reads, "Joyce <3 Michael." We are total cheeseballs!

  • The terrace at Hotel Vitale provided a dramatic city background to the ceremony. That was one of my non-negotiables: I wanted to get married outdoors. It turned out to be a typical but lovely cool, windy San Francisco day.

  • In a blip, it was over. My sister became an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church so she could officiate the ceremony.

  • I went pretty nontraditional for most of the wedding details, but I really wanted to wear a birdcage veil. It is such a cute look, and I think it can look costumey any other time.

  • That's the Bay Bridge in the background. I love San Francisco almost as much as I love Michael.

  • The vanilla-and-orange chiffon cake with salted-caramel filling and vanilla-buttercream frosting was made by my brother's friend Kathy Chong, a pastry chef at Town Hall and Salt House in San Francisco. I was inspired to make the ribbon flags by the beautiful food blog Forty-sixth at Grace. The paper banner, which reads "Mr & Mrs Ferrari," was by Bell'occhio.

  • We didn't have a traditional reception (just dinner downstairs at the yummy Italian restaurant in the hotel), but we did want a first dance. After dinner, Michael and I went back up to the suite and danced to Yaz's "Only You" — I know, total cheesefest!

    Photos Courtesy of Michael Bautista

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10 White Hot Wedding Trends

  • Photo by Adrienne Page

    October is the new "it" month for weddings. The weather is cooler, prices for venues begin to dip, and bright fall foliage provides gorgeous photo ops galore. It's estimated that 31,050 couples were married this Sunday, 10/10/10. That's 10 times more than the typical Sunday! In honor of October's rise to fame, the editors of BRIDES offer up the top 10 trends for weddings that will take you from 10/10/10 and beyond.—Jackie Lebowitz, BRIDES magazine

    Chic, fashion shoots aren't just for the pages of magazines anymore. Stylish couples are having fun propping and dressing up for professional engagement photos that incorporate their fashion style, quirky personalities, hobbies, and favorite activities. It's also a great way to try out a photographer to see if you like his shooting style.

  • Photo by Halley Ganges

    Canapé or hors d'oeuvre plates are all the rage. Usually used for small bites, they're a great opportunity to register for tabletop that's bold and maybe a little out there (compared to your formal dinnerware). They are great for casual gatherings and cocktail parties.

  • Photo by Amira Mor

    Is your daily appointment with the treadmill making you feel like a hamster? We hear you. A fun—yes, you heard us—way of keeping that wedding-worthy shape without dreading a trip to the gym is to enroll in a belly-dancing or Zumba class. Not only will the instructor keep you focused and motivated, but once you've mastered the moves, you can even practice at home.

  • Photo by Thomas Iannaconne

    From 3-D glasses to 3-D dresses, the more in your face, the better. This year, it's about big dresses that really pop. Our favorite pattern? Giant floral appliqué skirts.

  • Photo by Matt Lever for Redken

    You can thank the TV show Mad Men for an increased interest in the structured dresses and polished tresses of '60s style. The hottest hairstyle trend right now is the updo. From the pony and the knot to the twist and the bun, and whether it's structured and formal or loose and flirty, the updo is back!

  • Photo by Condé Nast Digital Studio

    Any makeup artist will tell you that foundation really is the key to a flawless complexion. After that, keep it simple. Layer on bright red lips or a bit of bronzer on top and that's all you need.

  • Photo Courtesy of Kirk Kara

    For engagement rings, floral designs with colored gemstones are huge right now, as are black diamonds. On the wedding-band front, rose gold, a warm metal that works on all skin tones, is heating up as an alternative to platinum and gold.

  • Photo Courtesy of A Bryan Photo

    More brides and grooms are totally obsessed with props and games at their receptions. Whether it's fake mustaches to wear in the photo booth, a bangle bar where guests can choose their own favors to wear, or croquet and horseshoes, it's all about having fun and not being stuffy. A wedding reception is just one huge party, after all!

  • Photo Courtesy of Rosanna

    Cupcakes continue their dessert dominance. Whether they're quarter-size morsels from Baked by Melissa or giant-cupcake cakes from Crumbs that can feed an entire table, they're a fun way to end any meal.

  • Photo Courtesy of Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

    There's one way to make the honeymoon last—take two of them! Short weekend trips close to home to places like Newport, Rhode Island, and Miami (for East Coast dwellers) or Scottsdale, Arizona, and San Francisco (for the West Coasters) is the perfect warm-up or "mini-moon" before the blowout honeymoon.

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7 Ways to Help Yourself Fall Asleep


Conde Nast Digital Studio

It's totally understandable if wedding planning is keeping you up at night. But to feel and look their best, your body and mind need sleep. Michael Breus, a specialist in the field and the author of Beauty Sleep offers his top tips to help you enter the land of nod. Sweet dreams!

1. Stop all wedding talk an hour before bedtime.

2. Avoid stimulants (caffeine and exercise) and alcohol for at least three hours before you turn out the lights.

3. Take an aromatherapy bath: Pour some lavender salts into a tub of warm water and soak for 15 to 30 minutes.

4. Invest in a good pillow that doesn't stress your neck.

5. Drink a glass of warm milk (which contains tryptophan, a chemical that some experts believe helps induce sleep) or chamomile tea; both can be part of an overall relaxation ritual before bed.

6. Read a boring book.

7. Try not to watch the clock. It only makes you more anxious and doesn't allow you to relax, so turn it away from you.

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Makeup Tips For Any Weather


Photos by Sherry Hammonds Photography

1. Choose an oil-free foundation, if possible. Sweat combined with a heavy, oily foundation equals a bride who looks like she ran a marathon. For foundation that stays put and looks great in photos, select a high-quality oil-free one that's low in SPF. (Foundations with sunscreens high in titanium dioxide and zinc oxide reflect light and can cause your face to appear lighter than your body in photos.)

2. Use pressed powder and blotting sheets. Apply pressed powder on your T-zone when completing your initial makeup application. It's more concentrated and lasts longer than loose powder. Throughout the day, use oil-blotting sheets to remove shine but not your makeup.

3. Waterproof your weepers. Use a waterproof, smudgeproof mascara. And for safe measure, take a cotton hanky to the altar. If you feel the waterworks coming on, blot—don't rub—your eyes.

4. Enhance your eyeliner. Place eye shadow that's the same color as your eyeliner over it to help it stay put. Bonus: The extra definition will make your eyes pop in photos.

5. Create blush that won't budge. To keep those rosy cheeks from fading, apply cream blush with powder blush over it—a trick used in the theater.

6. Lock in lip color. Minimize mirror time by using lip primer, lip liner, and lipstick. While gloss is gorgeous, lipstick lasts longer and is less likely to smudge during all that smooching.

Deanna Gabelein, Makeup Artist

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