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Revenge of the Bridesmaids


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Just in time for Halloween, traumatized bridesmaids tell all! BRIDES magazine spills the beans on 16 brides and their outrageous demands, worthy of a horror film.

For her wedding, which had a Midsummer Night's Dream theme, the bride hired a costume designer to outfit us. We had to wear wired mesh wings, satin corsets, and fluttery skirts. The final touch: spray glitter all over our bodies.
—Tania S., 31, Boston

A week before the wedding, I was asked to be a bridesmaid. Turned out one of the groomsmen was considered too short to be paired with the girl the bride had originally asked, and they wanted someone his height. I had to pay last-minute prices to fly to California, book a room, rent a car, and buy a dress.
—Camille F., 26, Philadelphia

I had to pay a stylist two hundred dollars to make my stick-straight hair match a photo of Jessica Alba's beachy waves.
—Lauren G., 25, Stockbridge, MA

My friend was so worried that I'd break my leg a few weeks before her wedding, she demanded that I not ski during a trip I'd planned to Colorado. Even though I was miserable and bored, I felt guilty and stayed off the slopes.
—Cheryl K., 32, Miami

Possibly thinking she was doing us a favor, the bride bought lavender fabric, lace, and a pattern and told us to sew our own skirts—with elastic waistbands, no less. Since nobody had a sewing machine, we had to make them by hand. Straight to the rag pile.
—Susan Y., 27, Springfield, OH

I offered to throw the couple a small engagement party, and I was up-front about my budget. The bride disregarded that and invited double the people I could afford. I relented but told her the party would be my wedding present. As she was opening presents in front of the bridal party on the wedding night, she turned to me and asked, 'Where's your gift?' I almost slapped her.
—Stephanie T., 25, San Francisco

The bride sent out engagement-party invites that asked for cash gifts. When people said that was tacky, she said it was my idea!
—Heather F., 29, Aspen, CO

The bride micromanaged every aspect of our outfits, from huge, ugly earrings to hair combs with giant fake flowers. She even insisted on buying us ivory panty hose—control-top!
—Molly B., 33, Carlsbad, CA

My sister told all the bridesmaids that we had to wear our hair in French braids. When I got my hair cut two weeks before the wedding, she burst into tears and told me I'd ruined her big day!
—Jeannie V., 32, Burlington, VT

The bride confused me with Cinderella. After offering to help with last details, I ended up packaging all the favors (while she got her beauty rest) and spending the morning of the wedding at Copy Shack making table numbers and place cards. Then I ironed seven bridesmaids' dresses. I must be the only MOH ever to walk down the aisle with no makeup and her hair in a wet ponytail because she ran out of time!
—Wendy R., 28, Santa Fe, NM

The bride let us choose the color of our dresses. When the consensus was black, she flipped out and said we were trying to upstage her. We ended up wearing a color that I can only describe as 'pickle green.'
—Vicky C., 27, Tampa

My sister made me tell another bridesmaid to change her underwear because she had visible panty lines. The girl got mad and didn't talk to me for the entire wedding.
—Lucy F., 24, Buffalo

She decided to take her wedding pictures outside—during a freezing midwestern winter. We were on street corners in short, strapless dresses and open-toe shoes, posing without coats. In the photos, we've all got red noses and are standing a little too close together.
—Jennifer M., 28, Detroit

The bride gave all her bridesmaids little jobs to do on her wedding day to make them feel important. I was stuck handing out programs in front of the church, in sweltering heat and wearing four-inch heels. Who knew hair gel could melt?
—Jasmine R., 29, Brooklyn

One bride kicked me out of her wedding because I refused to do weekly weigh-ins.
—Crystal B., 31, San Antonio, TX

My friend threw a very lavish backyard wedding in which I was the sole bridesmaid. I lived out of town, so the first time I laid eyes on my dress—handmade by her aunt—was at my fitting a week before the wedding. I am conservative, so when I saw the low-cut floral taffeta dress with a massive crinoline, I almost died. But I wore it without complaint. Midway through the reception, I stepped into the luxurious portable lavatory and, to my horror, discovered that the bride had decorated it with the exact same fabric my dress was made of.
—Emily F., 33, Chattanooga, TN

—Marina Khidekel, BRIDES magazine

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