How to Avoid Post-Weddding Bloat — While Still Enjoying Your Honeymoon

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Tips to Avoid Bloating on Your Honeymoon

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You've worked hard for your bridal body, and have successfully looked and felt your best for your big day. Don't let your honeymoon indulgences leave you feeling bloated, sluggish, or as though you've undone all your hard work. Indulge, and still feel (and look) great with these tips to avoid post-wedding bloat while happily honeymooning.

Stay Hydrated
When in doubt, drink. Water that is. While guzzling H20 might not sound appealing if you're feeling a bit bloated, it's super important. Being properly hydrated can help flush out toxins and leave you feeling more energized and alert. Add some fresh lemon to a glass of water for a diuretic effect that keeps your vitamins intact, but can help to detox your system. (This is best done in the AM when you wake up, on an empty stomach.)

Indulge Moderately
Anyone who's ever worn stretchy pants to Thanksgiving knows that overindulging and eating too much is a guaranteed way to leave you feeling less than your best. After working diligently to achieve your healthy wedding bod and fitness goals, of course you deserve to indulge on your honeymoon — just do so in moderation. Avoid heaping portions and endless buffets and instead, pick your favorites and avoid seconds. (But please be sure to live a little!)

Sweat it Out
Exercise does wonders for your mood, energy, and general well-being. If you're feeling sluggish or puffy, the easiest solution is to sweat it out. This doesn't mean you have to spend precious honeymoon hours in the gym — just lace up your sneakers and head out to explore your surroundings with your new husband, or go for a long swim in the pool or ocean. Just sneaking in a bit of cardio will leave you feeling at least a little better than if you did nothing at all — so get moving!

Avoid Carbonation
Seltzers, sodas and beer, oh my. As much as you might love these standard bar-beverages, they can leave you feeling gassy and full. By steering clear of anything too bubbly (champagne on a honeymoon is a given, obvs...) you can prevent that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach, and from being a burping, belching new bride.

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Steer Clear of Gassy Foods
Certain foods are infamous for their inflammatory, gas-inducing qualities. Beans, fatty foods, legumes, fructose, and some whole grains can lead to intestinal gas and pressure which can leave you uncomfortable. We're not saying you have to completely avoid these, just be sure to keep an eye out that you're not over consuming gas-producing ingredients to keep your stomach happy.

Drink Smart
Added sugars and frozen drinks can leave you feeling full and sluggish. Of course you're going to enjoy a cocktail (or three) on your honeymoon — but to beat the bloat, just be smart. Avoid super sugary or syrupy drinks and opt for lower sugar (and calorie) options such as clear liquors and mixers, natural juices and garnishes, and those served over ice instead of creamy frozen concoctions.

It's been said that peppermint and peppermint oil can help reduce bloating and can help to calm the digestive system. A cup of peppermint tea before bed can do wonders for de-bloating, and is naturally refreshing yet relaxing, too. (It will also leave you with fresh, minty breath — perfect for all those honeymoon makeout sessions.)

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