The 6 Things That Bridal Shower Guests Kinda Hate

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things bridal shower guests hate

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It's your bridal shower and you can do what you want to! Although most of the time, you won't be the one actually planning out the theme or the activities for it. However, if you want your party to go off without a hitch and keep your guests and happy and into it at the same time, we suggest sending this article to your mom, mother-in-law or whoever is hosting your bridal shower. Just as, you know, a subtle little hint, hint!

1. Too many games
A couple of cutesy games are to be expected and are even fun for many of your bridal shower guests. But once it gets past two or three, your friends and family will secretly be thinking, "OMG, no not another one, please!"

2. The endless opening of gifts
Thank goodness more and more brides are opting to skip the whole opening their gifts in front of everyone else tradition. Because, let's be honest, it's a huge snooze fest for your guests after about the fifth kitchen accessory gets unwrapped. The only present anyone really cares about seeing you open up is theirs. And even then, a thank you note afterward expressing your excitement is good enough.

3. Money showers
Doing the whole Honeyfund thing is more than acceptable these days, but truth be told, when it comes to your shower (NOT wedding gifts), your guests don't want to be forced to give you cold hard cash, unless they personally choose to do so themselves. So don't be surprised if you get some whispers behind your back about how tacky this idea is. People will oblige, they just might not be thrilled about it.

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4. Not enough food
Nowadays, modern bridal showers are becoming full on luncheons or brunches with an entire meal and dessert served too. Of course, we're not saying you have to feed your guests brunch or lunch, but do make sure you have enough food and drink so that everyone isn't coming up with an excuse to peace out early just so they can grab some grub.

5. Never-ending showers
You've totally been to one of those before. The party literally lasts for hours and hours and all the guests keep checking their watches wondering when the next important activity will finally get underway so that they can head home. Our suggestion? Keep your shower to a few hours max. That's the perfect amount of time for you as the bride and your friends and family as well.

6. Being put on the spot
Your introverted guests will literally cringe at this! Whether it's during a bridal shower game or everyone being asked to stand up and explain how they know the bride or whatever, putting your guests on the spot can be some peeps' worst nightmare. So yeah, keep that in mind.

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