The Introvert Bride's Guide to Surviving Your Bridal Shower

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introvert bride bridal shower survival guide

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Some brides thrive in the spotlight and others, well, they'd rather crawl in a hole and hide than be the center of attention any day. Introverts, don't fret, we've got you! Although bridal showers can be quite nerve wrecking with all eyes on you and people showering you with praise the entire time, it's also a celebration with the ladies who love you most in the world. Since there's no way of actually getting out of being the guest of honor, you can avoid drawing too much attention to yourself by following these tips at your own wedding shower.

Don't open gifts in front of everyone
Fortunately, this tradition is being kicked to the curb by not just introverted brides but modern brides in general. Let's be honest: boring for your guests and can take a ridiculous amount of time if the shower has a lot of attendees. Give your mom, maid of honor, or future mother-in-law the heads up that you'd prefer to open presents after everyone has gone home. Trust us, everyone will be relieved.

Throw a couples shower
Why not invite the boys too? This inevitably turns the bridal shower into more of a traditional party, which is a win-win for everyone. The best part is you have someone else to share being the center of attention with...your groom!

Choose games that don't force you into the spotlight
If possible, ask your MOH to avoid bridal shower games that put you in the spotlight — like roasting the couple (AKA you) or forcing you to guess which piece of lingerie came from which guest. Speak up and let the hosts know it's not your thing beforehand. For instance, have everyone create a wedding dress out of toilet paper and have the guests vote on each one. You can also have everyone write down marriage advice for you that you read after the party.

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Have a drink
One of the best ways for an introvert to loosen up is to have a glass of champagne or two. Just don't go overboard! The alcohol will help calm some of those nerves and enable you to make small talk with his mom's BFFs who you've met maybe like, once. In fact, a little bit of booze is a must for an afternoon of small talk, as any introverted bride knows.

Keep it short
Instead of just putting a start time on the invites, put an end time too and even consider making it an "open house" event where people can come and go as they please and arrive at a time that's convenient for them. Think a three-hour time span, that way you won't get exhausted from so much socializing and know you'll get to rest soon. The open aspect will also allow you to feel more comfortable and not like all eyes are constantly on you.

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