Exactly What to Do If You Drink Too Much at Your Own Wedding

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Can't stop, won't stop! Err, but sometimes you have to, especially when it comes to boozing on your big day. Because too much of a good thing can, in some cases, be a very, very bad thing, trust us. So as much as you know not to overdo it on alcohol the day-of, we understand that accidents happen and sometimes a girl (or groom) just has to sober up. If you find yourself headed for drunksville too soon, try these tips to help you get back on your feet and feeling better stat. (Oh, and we've also included a few precautionary measures to follow so you aren't falling over in the first place.)

Take a cold shower
Okay, this might be a little hard to do once your glammed and gussied up, but for tipsy grooms this is a great way to go. If your man gets too shwasted before the ceremony starts, have his boys tell him to take a cold shower, suggests wedding planner Cate Tenopir of Tenopir Events. At the very least, it'll wake him up, keep him away from the booze for a bit and refresh him so he doesn't look worse for wear during the ceremony starts.

Slow your roll
And if you're well on your way to drunk early on, please stop drinking altogether. Once you begin to feel even slightly tipsy, you want to cut out the alcohol stat, says Greg Jenkins, founder of Bravo Productions. "Depending on your height, weight, how much alcohol has been consumed, etc., that will determine how inebriated one will be." Thus, it's important to know beforehand how much alcohol one can consume without getting too buzzed, and then avoid drinking (other than a glass of champagne) pre-ceremony and moderate one's drinking during the reception. "Think about the big day as performing in a one-act stage play. There's only one chance to make a long-term impression. There are no retakes! To this end, give your best performance on your wedding day."

Pound water (or coconut water!)
We know it sounds like a no brainer, but even if you don't feel good and can't keep it down, keep pounding the water, advises Shafonne Myers, founder of Pretty Pear Bride. "It will for sure help. Pedialyte or Powerade work wonders too, as they both have essential vitamins that will help to hydrate you." And don't forget coconut water! Living in the Caribbean, destination wedding planner Michelle Fage of Paradise Planning has easy access to getting this for brides/bridesmaids and has saved the day more than a few times by providing the hydrating drink during hair and makeup time with the bridal party! And she's definitely forced grooms to drink it too. As a rule of thumb, for every alcoholic beverage you consume, you should also consume a glass of water too.

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Eat a bunch of carbs
Literally, stuff your face with them. Something hearty to absorb the alcohol, such as breads, pasta, potatoes, etc. are always good, says Jenkins. And sorry, no salads! "While the idea may not be ideal for someone who is watching their weight, it beats the alternative of appearing intoxicated on one's wedding day."

Sleep it off
San Francisco-based destination wedding planner Ashley Smith, founder of BuzzWorthy Events, says to take a power nap. Granted you have time, that is. Obviously this one only works pre-ceremony, and is another great one for grooms who tend to have less busy schedules the day-of and thus more time on their hands to take a quick snooze.

Just say "no" to shots
Peer pressure is a bitch! But let the bartender and your BFF know that shots are off the table, as they only lead to shenanigans (and not the kind you want on your big day). For grooms, wedding planner Marilisa Schachinger of Martel Event recommends sticking to beer before the ceremony and saving liquor for later. Or heck, just do beer throughout.

Avoid darker alcohols
Wedding planner Kelli Corn of Kelli Corn Weddings & Events best advice? "Remember to avoid darker alcohols like red wine or whiskey that contain substance produced during fermentation and instead try white wine or vodka. This can make the buzz not as buzzy."

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