The Best Hangover Cures for the Morning After Your Wedding

best hangover cures

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You know it was one hell of a wedding when you wake up with a pounding headache and fuzzy memories of dancing the night away with all your loved ones. But now you're full of regret because you feel like a piece of crap! Join the club, girlfriend. Whether you've got a fancy morning after brunch to attend and look presentable at or not, we've got a few tried and true tricks up our sleeves to help you sober up and snap out of that wedding hangover stat.

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Drink some coconut water.
Time to replenish those electrolytes, ladies! Not to mention all the salt and potassium you've probably (okay, definitely) lost. Annie Lawless, creator & founder of, advises brides to ditch the sports drinks, which pack unnecessary sugar, and stick to chugging coconut water instead. If coconut water doesn't exactly do it for you, you can always try lemon water with apple cider vinegar to flush your liver right out.

Eat liver-supporting foods (not greasy shiz!).
Okay, we get it. Vegetables like broccoli, brussels, cauliflower and kale are probably the last thing you want to eat with a horrible hangover. However, according to Lawless, they are chocked full of enzymes that promote liver detoxification, and that's just what you need to feel better/recover quicker, not a greasy cheeseburger. In fact, greasy foods will slow down digestion making the alcohol and hangover stick around longer. Yikes!

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Sleep in for as long as possible.
Rest is your best friend! So unless you have an early morning-after brunch the next day or are jetting off to your honeymoon bright and early, let your head hit the pillow and sleep in with your honey for as long as possible. No one will blame you for staying in bed all day.

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Get some exercise.
We know what you're thinking: "Yeah, right!" However, while you can't exactly sweat out the alcohol the next day (news flash: it's already gone!), exercise can boost those endorphins, in turn, making you feel much more alive and less like a lifeless zombie. Be warned though: cardio with a hangover isn't for everyone. Some peeps swear by it though. Hey, to each their own.

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Try a little hair of the dog.
Having a morning after brunch? Lift your spirits with a little hair of the dog that bit you. Usually a Bloody Mary or just a can of V8 tomato juice should do the trick, says wedding planner Cate Tenopir of Tenopir Events.

Set up an oxygen bar at brunch.
Trust us, your hungover guests will thank you too! No access to an oxygen tank? No problem. Celebrity wedding planner Donnie Brown of Donnie Brown Weddings and Events tells us breathing room air deeply will also work. "Not your normal breaths. This means deeply like you do when the doctor is listening to your lungs. Think 30 minutes. It helps a lot."

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Hire a hangover cure company
Bet you didn't know they exist, oh but they do! Wedding planner Tracie Domino, founder of Tracie Domino Events, has actually had clients book mobile hangover cure companies for their guests as part of their wedding weekend. "These companies send nurse practitioners or doctors who administer a IV bags of saline and vitamins that help reduce the effects of the hangover for the couple and their guests," she explains. As you can guess, everyone is extremely appreciative, and you will be too.

Take a prenatal multivitamin
Who knows? You might have already made a honeymoon baby! Kidding...kind of. But on a serious note, alcohol depletes essential hangover reducing B vitamins, magnesium and Vitamin C as well, says Lawless. "Replenish your stores by popping a prenatal multi-vitamin, since they're typically packed with higher doses of these critical nutrients."

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