Can We Bring Leftover Wedding Cake to Our Morning-After Brunch?

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Cake is always a good idea, especially at a wedding. But if you're passing wedding cake during dancing instead of serving slices at the end of dinner, there's a good chance some guests will leave the reception before the cake is available, or won't realize there's dessert to be had. If your caterer opts to slice cake as needed (instead of cutting the entire thing as soon as it's brought into the kitchen), you may wake up the next morning with nearly a full tier waiting to be sliced. So here's the question: Can you wrap it up and bring the cake to your morning-after brunch as an extra sweet treat? Our experts weigh in.

Before you pack up your wedding cake to go, make a plan in advance. Ask your caterers to cut the cake as needed, increasing your chance of having a wedge of a tier left over instead of a pile of slices. See if your baker can provide you with a box you could use to transport the cake, and ask your caterer to wrap up any remaining cake at the end of the evening. Additionally, check in with your brunch venue. Some restaurants and venues may charge a fee to bring in outside food, even if you're buying out the entire space, so familiarize yourself with their policies before showing up with cake in tow.

If everyone is on-board, by all means bring the cake to your brunch! Let guests know that there will be extra dessert available, though it may be on a first come, first serve basis. Ask your brunch venue to slice the cake and set it out for guests to grab as they mingle, or place the cake on the buffet line so guests can serve themselves. Be sure to let your brunch venue know what you'd like them to do if there are still slices left over by the time the last guest has gone home. The cake probably won't be very fresh, so at this point it probably isn't worth saving any longer.

A quick note: Your brunch venue may not be familiar with wedding cakes. If your cake is covered in fondant that hasn't already been removed by your caterer, ask them to peel of the fondant layer before slicing into your cake so guests get cake and frosting without the gummy coating.

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