These Are the Lamest Excuses Guests Have Ever Given for RSVP'ing 'No' to a Wedding, Hands Down

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Excuses, excuses! When it comes to weddings and guests and RSVP'ing no, we've literally heard it all. But we must say, these lame excuses definitely take the cake for being the worst of the worst!

Pet Problems
"My husband's cousin actually told him he couldn't attend our wedding because he had to watch his dog. Umm, I didn't know dogs need babysitters? And yes, this guest lived within driving distance to our wedding. WTH!?" — Carey

Potential Work Trips
"My mom insisted on inviting her best friend's daughter and offered to pay for several of the guests she wanted to attend so I agreed. Well, this girl never sent in her RSVP so I had to follow up and she told me she probably couldn't come because she 'might' have a work trip at the same time. Social media later proved she really just went on a weekend getaway with her now ex-boyfriend." — Christine

High School Frenemies
"One of my high school friends refused to come because a girl she didn't like (also from high school) was invited. Granted this was a 200+ person wedding so it's not like it would've even been a big issue or one at all! The best part is, the girl she didn't want to run into couldn't come anyway. Oh well, their loss." — Leigh

Broke as a Joke
"My cousin RSVP'd no because she didn't have the money to attend our destination wedding. Over the next year I swear she went on a Euro trip, to Vegas, Miami and Cabo for a bachelorette party. So makes me think money probably wasn't the real issue. Annoying." — Jackie

Weight Issues
"I kid you not, my husband invited a friend of his from college to our wedding and this guy literally told him he couldn't come because Florida is 'too hot' and his wife didn't feel like losing weight either. I died laughing! My husband wasn't quite as amused, but we crack up about it now." — Dana

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Carsick Whoas
"My aunt gave us a long sob story about not being able to attend because her two kids just get too carsick to make it for the two hour drive to our wedding. Yeah, okay!" — Stephanie

Car Shows
"My uncle is really into cars so this excuse didn't really shock me. Anyway, he told us he couldn't come because there was a vintage car show in town that same weekend and he was planning to go." — Marisa

Directionally Challenged
"A guy I worked with actually RSVP'd yes, but then didn't show up. Later, he gave the excuse that he got lost on the way there and wound up in a different state. The funny thing is, he'd been to the venue before and had told me his cousin got married there a couple years ago and how beautiful it was!" — Maipan

Soccer Rules
"My cousin RSVP'd no because her daughter had soccer practice that day. Wow. Just wow." — Karen

No Ride
"One of my relatives took forever to tell us whether or not their family could attend. Ultimately they declined because they didn't have a ride. Um, they own a car. And there's always Uber!" — Jen

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