How 5 Brides Nearly Lost Their Sh*t Thanks to Their Moms

mother of the bride drove daughter crazy

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No matter how much you love your mother, she's bound to get on your nerves — even on your wedding day. That was certainly true for these five brides, who are here to share how their moms drove them completely crazy during the wedding planning process.

"My mom and I fought incessantly about the guest list. She insisted I invite family members I hadn't seen or spoken to years. Then, two of the guests cancelled just three days prior to our wedding date, and they didn't even have decency to tell me directly. They told my mother, who did not tell me. Instead, she let the seats go empty and paid for rather than letting me know so I could let a few people join last minute. I am still mad about it eight years later. She should be embarrassed to have fought so hard for these people who clearly did not care about us, never sent a gift, never apologized for cancelling last minute — all so that I could have fewer of my friends attending the wedding as a result." — Michele

"As if it wasn't bad enough that my mother completely overtook the planning process, she also overtook the wedding day. I'm pretty sure all my vendors wanted to kill her. She argued with my hairstylist about the best way to pin my updo. She told my photographer how to arrange us in posed photos. She told the limo driver which route to take us to the church. I felt so embarrassed the whole day." — Tara

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"On my wedding day, my mother persuaded everyone to convince me to not wear my glasses while walking down the aisle. It was hard for me to see, and I nearly fell. My groom rescued me as we walked up the steps." — Ruth

"My mother was one-of-a-kind. Nothing made her happier than when her two girls got married. The problem is she wanted to invite 1,000 people — 700 of whom we did not know. For my wedding, we had to create an A List and a B List. Only after the A List RSVPs came in did we plan to send the B List their invitations. But my mother took the B List and mailed it before the A List responded. We got lucky because many of our A List guests responded that they couldn't come, so we were able to accommodate the B List guests." — Lisa

"It sounds sweet, but my mom couldn't stop crying on our wedding day. Like, she sobbed nonstop. It started long before I even had my dress on and continued to the end of the reception. I was so worried about trying to comfort and calm her down that I had trouble focusing on how I was feeling — other than stressed, of course." — Abigail

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