7 Major Bridesmaid Pet Peeves as Told By Real Bridesmaids

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Think having to buy an expensive dress or getting your hair and makeup done a certain way is the most annoying part of being a bridesmaid? Well some bridesmaids find things that make them roll their eyes even more. Whether it's the amount of money they have to shell out for certain pre-wedding occasions or the fact that they aren't invited with a plus one even though they are part of the bridal party, being a bridesmaid can make you feel equal parts excited and frustrated. Here, seven real bridesmaids share their biggest pet peeves associated with being in a wedding.

1. Spending Money on The Shoes
"People always complain about the dress. In my situation, the dress was a breeze. We all had to wear the same black dress and it was fine and not too expensive. But the shoes — oh wow. That was a whole other nightmare. We had to all buy these purple-sequined shoes. They cost me $195. I have never spent that much money on a pair of shoes in my life. These shoes are so weird looking that I will never wear them again." — Teresa K., 29

2. Spending Too Much on a Poorly-Fitted Bridesmaid Dress

"Buying an expensive and ugly dress I'm only going to wear once is my least favorite thing about being a bridesmaid. I did it twice this year so far and am out $540. If I never say yes to being a bridesmaid again, this is why." — Sandy G., 28

3. Not Getting a Plus One
"I am usually the only single bridesmaid, since everyone in my group of friends is engaged or married. I haven't had a boyfriend in years, but I am actively dating. That being said, it would be kind for brides to give me a thank you gift in the form of a plus one. That way, I wouldn't be the third wheel all night long at the wedding. I was a bridesmaid in March and the other 4 bridesmaids had husbands. I was at their table, alone. I had no one to dance with or talk to." — Hannah E., 31

4. Having to Get Hair Extensions
"My biggest bridesmaid pet peeve is when the bride makes us change our appearance for her wedding. For a wedding in January, the bride told us all we had to grow our hair out 5 inches. Mine wouldn't grow so she made me buy $200 extensions to wear." — Brenda W., 27

5. Being Told Where to Be Throughout the Day
"I was a bridesmaid four times this year so far. The most annoying part of being a bridesmaid was following rules and being told where to be. I felt like my life was on a constant scheduled controlled by wedding babysitters. It was just annoying. If I was three minutes late, all the girls rolled their eyes at me." — Rachel M., 25

6. Learning How to Bustle the Dress

"One thing no one teaches you how to do is bustle a wedding dress. It's so incredibly hard. When I did it in March, I broke three nails and broke out in hives from the pressure and sweat. I ended up having to keep the dress up with duct tape. Seriously, it's my least favorite thing about being a bridesmaid." — Penny S., 26

7. Not Getting Any Cake
"At every wedding I went to this year as a bridesmaid, and I went to three, I didn't get to have any cake. I don't even know why. I think I was busy just making sure the guests were having fun and the bride wasn't mad at me. I just missed the cake all three times. That's why I like being a guest. You can do what you want." — Nina D., 26

Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She's the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

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